Mother Goose

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Age: early 30s
Species: Goose
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Villainess (current), Librarian (former)

Once Upon a Time, there was a happy little librarian- until that HORRID GIRL came along and RUINED EVERYTHING…

Or to put it another way, Gosalyn’s usual brand of high-energy antics in the library-doing everything possible to avoid doing her homework- drove the poor librarian insane. Building forts out of the books, climbing the shelves, snacking in the story circle, playing sports indoors- Briar S. Grimm could deal with- until one unlucky puck-shot buried Briar in fairy tales and she finally snapped. Reinventing herself as Mother Goose, she decided that from now on, she would make the world act more like her favorite stories and create her own Happily Ever After.

Mother Goose is a fairytale-and-fantasy-book themed witch. Stay on her sweet side~

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    • Mother Goose
      Mother Goose


      No way.

      No, No, Nanette!

      "GLADSTONE!!" Hope he liked get kicked in the face because that was just NO. MG snatched her skirts away, poofing away in a cloud of glitter (so he'd fall on his abused face) to better glare down at him on the collapsed couch. "We aren't that kind of close!"

      Her face was beet-red.

      "I order you to go back to normal, you Chowderheaded Clover!" Today was just not working out.

      • Gladstone Gander
        Gladstone Gander

        This was an increasingly uncomfortable position. The couch leg breaking caused a bit of billowing of skirts that perhaps was even more uncomfortable for some parties than others. Not that Gladstone had any brain to think those thoughts, or feeling in his elbowed, crushed little brittle body to register it. Although if there just so happened to be a random person passing through Mr. Gander's living quarters and if said person was in possession of a pearl necklace, you best believe that necklace would be clutched at such a scandalous display.

        I mean really, big floofy skirts were not meant to be used as tents you terrible sparkling, bloodied, awful vested, little goblin man.

        But there was no such person so Gladstone welcomed his tulle babushka as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Perhaps this was his thinking cap. It was worth a shot.

        "Hmm. Wull, nit everythin then. Jus' affer her birfday, which was baaad. Oh nit dis bad-" he motioned to the world at large. "-but still bad times. I thought t' m'self 'M'self? Why yoo still here when ever'tin is tryin' t' kill yoo?' 'Well ish a'cuz I lob hur.' issad dis t' m'self yoo see I'm tawkin' t' m'self. An' I think, wull woah. Bettur lock dis down right? Lobin' peeble who lub yoo back? Lock-" he punched the air. "-it-" he swung again, accidentally punching himself in the face. "-dOWn. So I got da ring an' I figgure... if she dussn't run away affer today? Baby.. we kin hannel anytin."

        He blinked and slowly pulled the skirt down over his face.

        "Dis smells good, yoo use fabbic softn'r?"

        • Mother Goose
          Mother Goose

          Hopefully the collision of bodies didn't break all of the gander's weak little bones- not that he'd feel it right now, but full-body casts didn't exactly come in formal wedding tux colours.

          She tried to adjust so Gladstone wasn't quite so smooshed- accidentally elbowing him in the gut- but the other couch leg broke, sending her right back into crunch position.

          "...Maybe not everything-everything." Alas, it would take forever to get to the really juicy bits in this state. "Can you sober up some?"

          • Gladstone Gander
            Gladstone Gander

            Falling onto the couch with all the grace of an airborne slug about to make reentry. the witch handled gander blinked at her with a big stupid grin on his face.

            Even when the leg of the couch gave out and it turned into a sort of slide so that she crashed into him, nearly laying ontop of him the smile remained. He patted her head... or her hair. Mission accomplished. Sooooft.


            "Ah.. yeup. Everytin. Uh... whull.. is fer Lill...Lilll... fer gurlfrin. Too many 'L's fer my mouf right nao-"He pointed at his face. "But... Everythin?" He inquired weakly as if asked to recite War and Peace from memory. "Okay. A luttul unner a year ago... I came t' St. Can...bard onna boat." He informed her carefully as if relating very sensitive information. "Ann I foun' a spoon. F-fancy spoon. Ahhh laaa... ladul. It was... hauuuunnnted." He made spooky jazz hands... or would that be SPIRIT fingers. (hah). "Ohh spoilerss... but I wen' inta a ship. Uh shop. An' it wus Lull..Lill... my gurlfrien' a'fore she wus my gurlfrien' and she's like... 'pip pip cherrioooos 'ave som' free coffee ya 'andsome bloke?' and I mean... obviously she wuz gun' fall in lob wif me..." He paused. " 'Everythin?'"

            • Mother Goose
              Mother Goose

              All thoughts of leaving, gone.

              Briar crammed her fist into her mouth, so her resulting shriek of pure delight wouldn't bring all of St Canard to the door.


              It was still pretty loud. You'd think it was her who got proposed to, the way she was reacting. Briar pulled the glassy-eyed goose into a tight hug that was more of a light strangling. "Oh, GLADSTONE!"

              "She's going to LOVE IT- I- you-" A, E, O, and sometimes Y.

              Too excited for words.

              Need a minute to process.

              Nope, still too excited. She planted a big kiss on his cheek. Very approved! very, very approved!

              "It's perfect!!!" she said tearfully. "Just right!"

              She had better put the ring back for him, since he was more liable to swallow it in this dazed state, but it was just so pretty she had to keep admiring it.

              "Tell me everything!" she demanded, pushing him onto the couch so he could dish comfortably.


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                          Nuh-uh. No way. No, No, Nanette! "GLADSTONE!!" Hope he liked get kicked in the face because that was just NO. MG snatched her skirts away, poofing away in a cloud of glitter (so he'd fall on his abused face) to better glare down at him on...
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                              Hmpf! What was with the skeleton crew and just assuming that she didn't have practical clothing. Her clothes were very practical! Those sparkles were weaponized!!! And the excessive floofiness was- well, ok, maybe Death had a teensy-tiny point...


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