Drake Mallard

"You really need to beef up your security if a prankster can easily hack it. We have at larger hacker group that would do worse damage to you than the prankster could."


Age: 37
Species: Peking Duck
Gender: Male
Occupation: Crimefighter



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    • Drake Mallard
      Drake Mallard

      Temporal? As in time travel?

      Is that why I got sick?

      Drake didn't like the sound of it.

      Thank you for the photo. I'll keep my copy in a safe place.

      -Drake ;(

      • Quiverwing Duck
        Quiverwing Duck

        I had a temporal incident. I don't really want to go into detail about it because, frankly, it was horrifying. I fixed the issue. Seriously, please don't ask. While I was there, I was able to get a copy of this photograph. I scanned it and put it in a safe place.
        - Drake

        • Drake Mallard
          Drake Mallard

          Drake had been checking his emails while having his morning cup of coffee. He nearly dropped the mug after opening the attachment in shock when it finally had loaded.

          "Mom?" He felt his heart sink and his eyes becoming misty from tears as painful memories came to mind.

          His twin would get a reply back that may or may not have had some spelling errors since the duck was shaking when he typed it out.

          Where did you get this?


          • Quiverwing Duck
            Quiverwing Duck

            Sent via e-mail:

            Hey. I thought you might like a copy of this.
            - Drake

            Attached: A high DPI scan of a photograph depicting a young duck woman smiling and looking radiantly beautiful. It is a portrait of Gail Mallard, or perhaps just before she became Gail Mallard, judging by her age in the image.

            • Drake Mallard
              Drake Mallard

              "I don't want to mess up your father's suit." Drake said quietly.

              "We could watch something if you want. You pick."

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