Drake Mallard

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Age: 37
Species: Peking Duck
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: A disaster
Marital Status: It's complicated
With: Can anybody find me somebody to love?
Occupation: Crimefighter

From the case files...


Name: Darkwing Duck
Alias: Drake Mallard

"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"


If you're reading this (and if you are you're in trouble when I find out!) you should who I am. If not shame on you! I am the one and only Darkwing Duck! I am the hero of St. Canard and I fight the never ending crime that threatens my city!

When not fighting crime, I can be found spending time with and raising my daughter, Gosalyn. She's quite the hand full! If you're a villain who's managed to get into these files be warned. You threaten my family and I'll destroy you...I mean haul you straight to prison!

Name: Darkwarrior Duck
Alias: Drake Mallard

"I am the terror that hunts in the night!"


As much as I hate to admit it, but this devil of a duck is from a very dark possible future and is a twisted version of me. Armed with high tech and robots at his beck and call, this demented dictator now called Darkwarrior Duck rules St. Canard with an iron fist. He will resort to any method of punishment including lethal ones in his war on crime.

I hope this future never comes to pass and that I never experience the loss that caused his heart to turn cold.

Name: Darkwing Doubloon
Alias: Jack D. Mallard, Seaman Drake

"I am the terror the sails the seas!" 


An ancestor from three centuries ago, this unusual flamboyant drake has made quite the reputation for himself. Formally known as Captain Jack D. Mallard (he has many aliases such as Seaman Drake), this morally ambiguous duck became the one known as the Darkwing Doubloon after turning to piracy.

I've come to find out that the title 'Scourge of the Seven Seas' is given to the worst of notorious pirates. While he often was a hero in his own right, it seems that his questionable actions on the high seas has lead to a rather large criminal record. I guess I'm not surprised given that his twin brother is another known pirate. I can't believe I'm related to them!

((OOC: I play Darkwing and a few of his Alt-Wing counterparts from this account! Not all of the info is canon and contains rp story bits!))



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    • Drake Mallard
      Drake Mallard

      "He has not! I have taken care of plenty of evildoers myself, thank you very much!" DW glared at James.

      Just that no one has recognized him for it.

      He sighed deeply and grumbled. "You just proved my statement. You are an English arse."

      • James Wolfe
        James Wolfe

        "Ah, St Canard's famous layabout. How's the crimefighting been going? Right... Quiverwing Duck's been doing all of it for the past month. Now please, move along."

        • Red Nova
          Red Nova

          "Hey! Wait a second-- take me away WHERE?! Aren't we going to have a stupid stand-off where you monologue at me for five minutes about how amazing you are?!" She stepped away from the robots, holding up a hand.

          "What poor sap did you get to build you those ugly hunks of metal? If you wanted hideous looking weapons, all you had to do was ask me."

          • Drake Mallard
            Drake Mallard

            "Ha!" Darkwarrior laughed. "Like I would give you a warning!"

            He snapped his fingers and two robots in the shape of duck heads appeared.

            "Take her away!"

            • Red Nova
              Red Nova

              "A warning, huh?" She clearly still didn't take him seriously...yet, anyway. Part of that reason being that she had no idea what THIS Darkwing was capable of and how button-pushing was farthest from what she should be doing.

              But in her defense, what was left of her brain was scrambled eggs anyway.

              "So what do I get, a timeout? Do I have to promise not to blow anything up for a week or something?"

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