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Ariana McCawber:

 Ariana 2018

A twenty-two-year-old from Transylvania, Ariana first lived in Duckburg for a couple of years before moving to St. Canard.  So far her two years in the city have been eventful.  Still, she struggles to feel like she fits in and has a hard time opening up to others because of her shyness and her deep-seated fear that she isn't worth anyone's time or care.  While she has potent magical abilities (some of which she has only barely tapped in to), she doesn't use them often for fear of being shunned, which has happened in the past.

Her trusting and kind nature make her easy prey to villains, especially those with a tendency to manipulate and feign interest in her, since she so desperately wants to feel connected to others.  She's a beautiful singer and enjoys figure skating with all her heart.  Beneath the layers of timidity, Ariana is also very adventurous and very curious, which often lead her into trouble.  She's not without flaws, and will sometimes react impulsively when someone breaks through her patience and touches a nerve, which usually ends up with herself or others getting hurt.  She harbors a secret about her true nature, one that even she is not yet aware of.

Currently she is dating Quiverwing Duck, and along with his adopted daughter NegaGosalyn, she is learning to navigate the nuances of what it means to be a Normal.



Jacob Mallard:

Jacob 2018

A fifty-five-year-old SHUSH agent, Jacob was reinstated to his position after a mysterious fifteen year absence.  During that time, SHUSH declared him MIA and everyone in the city believed him to be deceased.  This caused a great rift in the family he left behind, and now he is trying to navigate the consequences.  This is made more difficult since he cannot forget why he had to leave in the first place.

Since his return, he has been able to reunite with the son he was forced to abandon as well as meet others who have remarkably eased some of his internal angst.  Even so, his drive for revenge against the mallard responsible for his disappearance has never wavered.

A schmoozer, Jacob has an affinity for the fairer sex as well as a good bourbon, and in his prime he was a very well-renowned and well-regarded agent and spy.  This is evident in his legendary status at SHUSH as well as the portrait of him that hangs in the Old Haunt in the Bad Part of Town.  Not much else is known about this intelligent and sophisticated mallard, as he keeps most personal information up his sleeve.  But don't for a second believe that he is afraid to cross lines as a means to an end.



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      "When did you last speak with her?" Jacob questioned. "I can have a team sent to her apartment ASAP to collect clues."

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        A proud, self-satisfied smile crossed Jacob's long bill, then faded when Sans asked what had happened to the others.

        "Picked off one by one...I believe I was only kept alive because I was...in the wind. There was no way for me to be traced."

        • Crimson Cowl
          Crimson Cowl

          "I'm staying with her for the summer, my parents are on a buisness trip somewhere. I called her phone and it went off in the apartment"

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            Jacob couldn't help but smirk at the young man's sarcastic attitude. "And how do you know that's where she left it? How do you know she hasn't been back home? Do you have a key to her apartment?"

            • Sans the Skeleduck
              Sans the Skeleduck

              Sans would always make an effort to listen to you. It was at this point where he would determine whether the conversation was worth listening to or if he'd rather sleep.

              It was with Jacob he became very intrigued. "cool. and you've still gone ahead and made a name for yourself. i'd be too lazy for that but wow, you probably have the craziest resume in the world. so... the others... they're actully dead? what happened?"


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                  He stepped inside and took off his overcoat, then hung it on the wall.  "Ah, hello Papyrus," he said with an amicable smile. The agent did not seem to be in the mood for jokes and ignored Sans' as he looked back at Gemini.  "Yes,...
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                    She nodded, knowing all about Duckburg's stance on magic or oddities.  "Where...where else have you been?" she asked curiously, her eyes wandering over the tent city again.  Then she blushed a little self-consciously as she added, "Would...
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                      @Crimson "When did you last speak with her?" Jacob questioned. "I can have a team sent to her apartment ASAP to collect clues."
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                        "Oh, um...s-sure..." she said slowly, feeling a little nervous about people she hardly knew seeing her in a swimsuit.  But she felt indebted to them, and they didn't seem malicious at all...and she didn't really feel that she could go home...
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                          Jacob blinked and stared, then turned his flabbergasted look on the professor.  "What in blazes have you done?" Well...maybe this was a good thing.  Maaaaybe they'd at least keep one another occupied.  The city'd enjoy less...
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                            Ariana blushed at Quiverwing's suggestion and ducked her head shyly.  To Gosalyn, she explained how Frankenthread worked and that even with magic it'd take days for the stitches to heal over. Once everything was set out, Ariana gladly took the...
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                              Gently Ariana put her hand on the man's trembling knuckles.  "It's no wonder what...?" She paled at his insistence that he take them home - wherever that was - and said as calmly as she could, "But we can't go...you need to let us go...


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