Agent Gemini

Faustina: Life Hack- Carry a fork with you. If someone tries to rob you, pull the fork out of your pocket and say “Thank you, Lord for this meal I’m about to have” and charge at them with the fork


Age: 25
Species: Duckish
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: I do what I want
Marital Status: Less Single
Occupation: S.H.U.S.H. Agent: Paranormal Division

Full Name: While Agent Gemini doesn't have a part of her real name she goes by Gemma to friends. Unfortunately because of her unusually line of work she hasn't used her real name since she was a child. Since certain bad spirits could use it against her.

Birthday: August 13th

Birthplace: It’s a long story

Current Residence: Eastside Apartment near the Railway

Current Occupation: S.H.U.S.H. Agent that handles extreme paranormal, metaphysical, and false reality situations.

Languages Spoken: She knows a wide range of languages to be able to read ancient books and relics. Not everything is in Latin.

Religious Beliefs: Every religion is existing at the same time and there is a lot of drama going on.

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: When she is working as a SHUSH Agent it is all about defense, defense, defense! She has a wide range of knowledge of protective relics and rituals. She rather capture targets than permanently get rid of them. She has a rather smooth fighting style but dodges more than she gives hits back. She is a problem solver and has a wide ranging knowledge of the occult and languages. Often her job is more detective work than combat though she is still a good fighter.

She also has another ability she is highly trained in but only uses it for emergencies.

Physical Appearance: She is a short duck a.k.a Daisy Duck style femme. She has light blue eyes and white feathers with short black hair.

Usual Attire: No matter what outfit she is always wearing a necklace that looks like an upside down tree and two silver narrow cuff bracelets on both wrists.

S.H.U.S.H. AGENT: Easy to move in black tactical gear. It has a old school style utility belt carrying whatever is needed on the field.

CASUAL: Usual sassy phrase t-shirts and a color matching headband in her hair.

Weapons: Main weapon is a large gun that has an old Victorian style to it. Mainly a brass color, it fires 'spells' of sort with different cartridges loaded into it. Pretty much some form of gun-wand. She has various other artifacts that she uses on a case by case basis depending on the mission given.

Full SHUSH File:



Name: Faustina, Fausta or Faust for short

Age: 25
Species: Duckish Sanctified Consumption Demon ™
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Once every two years usually outside
Marital Status: YES PLEASE
Occupation: Blood Witch

Full Name: Faustina Pollux Esposito

Birthday: August 13th

Birthplace: In the veil

Current Residence: Tiny terrible apartment

Current Occupation: Emotional Support Negaverser

Languages Spoken: English, Bad English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Latin. Can speak/understand  little Japanese but cannot read it.

Religious Beliefs: Would punch a god right in the face

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Inherited a consumption demon curse that was partly cured by her father sacrificing himself to save her. She still has all the abilities of a consumption demon but does not have the hunger and cannot be tracked and controlled by higher ranking demons. She is also a trained  blood witch. Technically a healer, blood witches are not seen as healers by fellow magic healer types. They're seen as manipulators of the flesh and more closely related to necromancers.

She also has another ability she is highly trained in but only uses it for emergencies.

Physical Appearance: She is a short duck a.k.a Daisy Duck style femme. She has light blue eyes and white feathers with long blonde hair.

Usual Attire: Never caught not wearing a dress or a skirt. Bohemian to almost Ren Faire style depending on her mood. Bodices often included. She also wears a very tiny circle of silver pendant and two silver narrow cuff bracelets on her right wrist

Weapons: Her magic and her witchy flying utensil. Which is a snow shovel. Snow shovel MIGHT turn into a large hammer when needed.


Current icon by Emily L'Orange


  • Agent Gemini's SHUSH File

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    ((This is a file that IC  upper mid level and higher SHUSH have access to.)) Agent Gemini’s files start out with many high recommendations from other agencies around the world that she did positive work for.   All her cases are...
  • Headcannon for Humanoid Bird Scarring

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    Just my ideas how scars would effect feathers. Small cuts heal over time no problem and no disruption to feathers. Medium cuts that go untreated and just allowed to heal on their own may cause a ‘disruption’ in feathers. Like,...



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    • Agent Gemini
      Agent Gemini


      Faustina made a coughing sputtering noise as the wet snow hit her in the face. She flew blindly moment as she wiped the muck from her face. She kept going up, roughly still going in the same direction Negaduck was going in.

      Her shoulder clipped against the building's fire escape. The blonde let out a snarl and tried to get her eyes back on where Negaduck went.

      • Negaduck


        Is what Negaduck would've said, had he been a total coward.

        Ah. Aha hah. He totally was.

        Being a coward meant he survived, however, and in this case meant he took off like a shot around a building.

        "Well you know, I'm such a little angel!"

        Catching a window awning and yanking back to release the water and potentially snow build up right at her like a catapult.

        That'd knock her off her high horse/shovel!

        • Agent Gemini
          Agent Gemini

          “Ichor, venire!” the blonde duck shouted before a silver bladed snow shovel appeared in her hand. In a swift movement she was on it like how a witch would ride a broom. Faustina was quick to rise up to pursue the nega-cherub. Her glare had a vacancy to it, like she was looking beyond Negaduck and not straight at him, “The wings are new.”

          • Negaduck

            Had they met before?

            And more importantly, did he care?

            The answer was likely a resounding 'no' as Negaduck flapped above her courtesy of a pair of magically borrowed wings.

            "Work that rage, honeypie." Dual thumbs up. "It's a good look on you."

            He didn't really get what the chalk was for but hey, crazy was a good look too.

            • Agent Gemini
              Agent Gemini

              @negaduck There was a look of shock on her face that was normally out of character for Faustina when she got hit. She actually looked scared a moment, “No no no no no no!”

              She pulled a piece of white chalk out from the neckline of her dress to start drawing a circle on the ground while starting to chant, “sorgere per la guarigione, Beatitudine!”

              Faustina’s hand started shaking and she stopped before half the circle was even done. Her demeanor changed from panic to eerily calm as she dropped the chalk and grind her teeth. She then glared in the direction the arrow came from. Though she had not met Negaduck yet her tone was that of an old hatred, “YOU! Of CoUrse It IS YoU. I'M GOIng to TeAr you APART!”