James Wolfe

"I'll never say yes to a vacation again." ((OOC: HELLO EVERYONE, I'M BACK, I'LL TRY TO REPLY TO EVERYTHING NOW!))


Age: 30
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: What?
With: No
Occupation: S.H.U.S.H. elite agent

James Wolfe is one of Britain's best agents, and is currently working in S.H.U.S.H. Central thanks to a transfer, along with pilot Elliot Hudson. 

Although well-reknowned for his seriousness, lack of emotion in any situation, and apparent coldness towards everyone, James is not heartless, and is willing to help anyone in need. But he refuses to show it, keeping it all under an iron mask, knowing no one would respect him or take him seriously if he didn't. 

He is currently aiding Chief Agent Grizzlikoff in training new recruits, and in some cases, take over for some of the more... troublemaking kind, reducing them to nothing more than a speck of dust. Mentally. Should it continue, Grizzlikoff would then proceed to do it physically. 

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    • Agent Carol Torres
      Agent Carol Torres

      “Nights out that she earned after spending a month locked in her room with access only to the restroom, and a security alarm on the window. I’ve allowed her to interact with someone I think will help keep her accountable. I make her clean up after herself, I coax her to talk when she’d rather clam up, and I record all of my observations. Anything that seems off gets discussed with her, or the director when he has time.
      “If she leaves the apartment while I am at work, my phone will alert me, and I will track her. If she removes the tracker or leaves her phone, I go after her. I know her habits well enough to know where to expect to find her. You do not need to worry about my diligence, Agent Wolfe. If I feel unable to complete my tasks as a warden and as a SHUSH agent, I will report immediately to Agent Gryzlikoff and ask to transfer Harmonizer to another responsible agent.”

      Carol flinched and raised her brow at James’ display of temper.
      “I hope someday the blinders will come off of your eyes, Sir. This determination to see things in a jaded light has already hurt several agents.”

      She paused after his last remark and tensed her shoulders, her neck fur bristling slightly.
      “Please stop making inferences about my mental stability every time we have a disagreement, Agent Wolfe. We have different viewpoints about one case, and different approaches for how we handle justice. That is all. Everything else, I might surprise you by agreeing with you, depending on the scenario.”
      She looked at him earnestly.
      “You’re a good agent, Sir, but you are mistaken in your judgment of Harmonizer. Please don’t let that anger carry over to your other cases or agents.”

      • James Wolfe
        James Wolfe

        "You call this paying for her freedom?" James looked incredulous. "Having nights out, SHUSH missions, and times she is left alone while you're here at work?? You don't even lock her up or anything! I know she is planning something. And because of your trust and negligence, she is going to succeed."

        He slammed his fist on the doorframe when Carol tried to remind him about how Negaduck used the criminal, clearly frustrated and angry.

        "Need I remind you that she was already working for Negaduck before that?" he growled softly. "She was never innocent. And there was no reason for her to act suspiciously if she truly was innocent! Open your eyes, agent. Or someone is going to het hurt one day, and you better hope it's only you."

        He looked annoyed when she said she needed to leave, but gestured for her to do so.

        "I'll be making you another psychiatric appointment tomorrow," he called after her.

        • Drake Mallard
          Drake Mallard

          "You're an English arse."

          • Agent Carol Torres
            Agent Carol Torres

            Carol’s eyes widened briefly before shifting back to a neutral expression.

            “You already know what I want, Agent Wolfe. Justice is and will always be my primary concern. What she did to SHUSH is deserving of punishment, yes, and she is paying with her freedom.”

            She frowned.
            “Need I remind you that you pursued Harmonizer before she was used by Negaduck to harm us? I understand your position and I know you are trying to protect the many, by sacrificing one possible threat. But this is one case where I had to draw the line, Sir. You were willing to destroy an innocent before she was guilty of a crime. I’ve seen too many people hurt without probable cause and evidence, just because they acted suspiciously.”

            Pain filled her face at a memory until she pushed it back into its mental compartment.

            “Agent Gryzlikoff has already reviewed everything up to date. I’ll send copies of my first four interviews when I return to my desk.”

            Everything she had recorded in those interviews was professional, and common knowledge for Hooter and Gryzlikoff. She kept some private conversations with Harmonizer off the record, though, and only recorded them in a private journal she was keeping for her own peace of mind, since she did not wish to forget some of the information on threats Harmonizer had encountered. Some things were too sensitive and personal to share with anyone except the director and whomever he put on the case. She respected Harmonizer’s privacy and rights too much to reveal everything about her to someone like Agent Wolfe.

            Carol glanced at her watch and frowned.
            “Pardon me, Sir, but I am running against the clock today. I need to get back to my desk.”

            • James Wolfe
              James Wolfe

              James rolled his eyes. "Oh, I'm sure the outcome would have been entirely different," he said sardonically. "More people would have been hurt. Many more would have died. Maybe she would have completely destroyed St Canard! Is this what you want?" he growled. "It may have been a preemptive move, but from the way she acted, it was more than justified. Frightened and panicked? More like violent and manipulative. You still can't see how she's using you. If I had my way, I would have her harmonica destroyed, and her thrown in Aquatraz for at least twenty years. And as for speaking to the director... I think everyone here knows he's too soft-hearted to lead this agency."

              He straightened and folded his arms. "You know what? I would like all those recordings. I want to know everything she's told you. You can't be trusted."


              • James Wolfe
                James Wolfe posted on Agent Carol Torres's message board
                A plate of... square chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, wrapped nicely in gold foil was left on Carol's table. They seemed homemade, and upon closer inspection, were deliberately cut into perfect squares only because it had originally been round...
                • James Wolfe
                  James Wolfe commented on the blog Lost in Spy-slation
                  Just like that? Forgiveness? No force-feeding him cookies or insisting he needed a hug?  He gave her a small, tired smile and walked back to his office... walking into Feliciana. Another agent he had to apologise to. His own trainee. The agent...
                  • James Wolfe
                    James Wolfe commented on the blog Two agents, one mission, too many problems
                    James stared at him dryly. "And how, pray tell, can you do so being trapped here where you may be used as blackmail material for her or to lure her to danger? She is fine, but let's worry about you first." Was the whole family self-sacrificing...
                    • James Wolfe
                      James Wolfe posted to the wire

                      "I'll never say yes to a vacation again." ((OOC: HELLO EVERYONE, I'M BACK, I'LL TRY TO REPLY TO EVERYTHING NOW!))

                      • James Wolfe
                        James Wolfe commented on the blog Two agents, one mission, too many problems
                        James headed over to the cell door warily. "José Carioca?"  Once confirmed, he lockpicked the door and let him out.  "I am James Wolfe, Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles' superior. Director Wilde informed me of your location. Let's get...
                        • James Wolfe
                          James Wolfe commented on the blog Two agents, one mission, too many problems
                          "Felici- oh thank goodness, I mean, Agent Carioca-Pistoles." Try as he might, he could not keep away the relief in his voice as he wandered through the sub basement, his gun at the ready. "Listen, your father, the one with magic, is an imposter....
                          • James Wolfe
                            James Wolfe commented on the blog Psychiatrist Un-Help: Part Two
                            James scowled. What was that supposed to mean? Perhaps a brain could be comparable to a car engine, but the mechanic were usually the brain surgeons. There was nothing wrong with his head. He did not need help.  He was a little confused,...
                            • James Wolfe
                              James Wolfe posted on Dr. Moira Rousseau's message board
                              A flicker of... hurt(?) seemed to cross James' expression when she said the child could be mistaken, and when she asked to see him, he seemed to look even more nervous. "He's not here anymore. I mean..." he resisted the urge to look away from...


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