Ludwig Von Drake

Age: ???? (possibly immortal)
Species: Duck
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Marital Status: Taken
With: Matilda McDuck
Occupation: Scientist, explorer, psychiatrist, psychologist, inventor, university lecturer, musician, ex-director of UK branch of SHUSH

Professor Ludwig Von Drake hails from Vienna, Austria, an individual with a passion for obtaining knowledge. He has collected several diplomas throughout his life, and is a certified genius in many fields, a fact that he is very proud of and will make sure you know it. He is still an avid, open minded learner at his age, eager to find something new to study. 

His social competence leaves something to be desired, but the few people who take the time to know him will recognise him as a sweet, easily excitable, even kooky person who loves what he does and would happily talk about himself and his work all day. 

There are times when he would get carried away by his own fascination and interests, and it is difficult to stop him when he is in such a state. He is very easily distracted, and could jump from topic to topic during conversations. Being a passionate and expressive man, he gets worked up very easily and can become really animated, usually in excitement or anger. There are also 'crashes' where he would fall into depression, but that is a side he is careful to hide from others. He is also very forgetful, and slightly senile, and tends to lose possessions very easily. 

When not giving a lecture or helping his friends, he can be found in his lab, experimenting or working on inventions. 

He also used to be an adoptive father figure to Gladstone Gander. 

Message board

    • Gladstone Gander
      Gladstone Gander

      Gladstone's life flashed before his eyes. It was a very glamorous and charming reel, probably would have slayed at award shows. Although he was nearly slayed himself as the ringing in his ears subsided and he gaped at the professor.

      You LOADED a gun that you were going to give CRIMINALS to ROB you with.

      If he wasn't already sitting down Gladstone would have had to sat down.

      "...Yeah I'm a regular Alfred Einstean." the goose said weakly. "What else are you going to do? You got a bear trap to put your head in or you just going to wander around looking for yawing lions to give dental exams to?" He was now frowning at the tear in his sleeve but blinked. "...did you ever get a D.D.S. tagged onto your long long list of titles? I don't remember."

      • Ludwig Von Drake
        Ludwig Von Drake

        Ludwig looked confused, then he started to laugh.

        "Oh, silly boy, the gun is not for me, it's for de villains! So dey can shoot me while trying to rob me! Although... I suppose that would not be very super of them. Gladstone, you are a genius! I need to make an addendum!"

        And he did so by dropping the gun in the trash. Which went off with a bang, the bullet ricocheting around the room, breaking a few beakers and apparatuses, tearing the sleeve of Gladstone's jacket and shooting into Ludwig's hat just as he bent down to pick up some papers, knocking it off his head.

        "Better?" he asked, oblivious to the danger he had been in earlier. And Gladstone's tragedy. He did notice his missing hat, though, and bent down to pick it up and dust it off. It was then he noticed the bullet hole.

        "I swear, those moths are going to cost me a new hat," he muttered as he put it back on his head.

        • Gladstone Gander
          Gladstone Gander

          An agonized groan rattled out of Gladstone at the crime that had currently afflicted his own person. It was impossible to look at your own back but he could feel the gloppy handprint start to soak into the cotton weave of his jacket and it broke his heart.

          When the eager scholar vanished Gladstone tried to dab at his back with some papers covered in formulas or notes on how to cure currently incurable diseases. But nothing seemed to help. There was nothing for it. There was only one thing a grown man could do in this situation.


          The sulking was cut short when a mustached stranger burst into the lab proclaiming he had a gun. Gladstone dashed around the back of the chair hiding, but... that voice? The gander (who was never good at seeing through disguises, no matter how awful) peered around the furniture at the drake. He narrowed his eyes in thought willing himself to see past the droopy facial hair, the cash, the h...well I guess some people would call it a hat, he personally would prefer: Mistake.

          "Professor? Is that you?...uh... it's a very good disguise. Do you know how to shoot a gun? Follow up question, would you actually SHOOT anyone? Because the folks around here don't really subscribe to nonviolent reactions to... pistol interactions."

          • Ludwig Von Drake
            Ludwig Von Drake

            Ludwig beamed, happy that Gladstone was being supportive.

            "I know! I've looked up statistics for crime rates in every city, St Canard has de best testing grounds for my research!! Un almost 99.9% of crime!! It's fascinating!"

            Then he laughed and smacked Gladstone on the back, leaving a muddy imprint. "Don't be silly!" It was then he seemed to realise his hand was covered in mud, and proceeded to wipe it off on the inside of his coat. "The only way to make sure I get my research right is to personally meet with each and every villain, face to face! I am going to make first contact, today!! Oh, my, dat reminds me, I'll be late!!"

            He got up and ran off again, soon returning with a hat, a moustache, and a very heavy suitcase that looked like it was stuffed full of cash.

            "Vhat do you think? Do I look frail and helpless enough? Maybe I should stoop over. Should I stoop over? And look, I even have a gun, just in case de criminals forgot to bring one when trying to rob me! Hehheh, I'm a genius, but of course I expect nothing less of myself!"

            • Gladstone Gander
              Gladstone Gander

              Gladstone's eyes watched the weaving and slopping cup as the eccentric man gesticulated his drink into oblivion.

              "Well you couldn't pick a better testing ground than St. Canard, there's a cape and cackle every five feet. It's amazing anyone gets anything done really." out of some ill timed civic duty to fashion Gladstone plucked the empty mug from Ludwig's hand and put it on the empty spot on the table then put down his own. Because Gladstone had learned the hard way to never blindly drink anything Ludwig gave him. Even if it was a lesson that took five or so years. It was probably the only successful lesson he'd learned under von Drake's tutelage.

              "But I will warn you there are some nasty wastys clogging up these streets. Are you planning any kind of... like screening process or are you just going to plaster 'Wanted' ads-aha get it because they're criminals get it- all around the Diamond dispensaries?"


              • Ludwig Von Drake
                Ludwig Von Drake commented on the blog Open RP: Super Ways To Die
                "I'm sorry, Negaduck, but the 'super' in 'supervillain' is there for a reason," Ludwig explained calmly. "Without powers, you aren't super. Just a regular old villain. Dat's like scholarships! They're just plain old ships without scholars in it! Oh,...
                • Ludwig Von Drake
                  Ludwig Von Drake commented on the blog Open RP: Super Ways To Die
                  "But I never even caught a supervillain!" Ludwig started to whine, after flicking the lollipop stick away. "I barely started any of my research!"  He peeked around Jacob towards the red and black costumed duck. "Are you a supervillain, and do...
                  • Ludwig Von Drake
                    Ludwig Von Drake posted on Dr. Moira Rousseau's message board
                    "Miss Rousseau! Or should I say... Dr Rousseau? I've been meaning to call but I never found my cell phone! And then it was in my hand the entire time! Hehheh. Look at you! It feels like last time you were this small and quiet-" vague hand gesture...
                    • Ludwig Von Drake
                      Ludwig Von Drake posted on Ludwig Von Drake's message board
                      Ludwig looked confused, then he started to laugh. "Oh, silly boy, the gun is not for me, it's for de villains! So dey can shoot me while trying to rob me! Although... I suppose that would not be very super of them. Gladstone, you are a genius! I...
                      • Ludwig Von Drake
                        Ludwig Von Drake commented on the blog Open RP: Super Ways To Die
                        "Oh, I film all my projects," he told Duckpool with a smile, showing him the hidden camera on his shirt button. "It helps me go over any course of action I may have missed! And of course, it can be cataco- catalock- taco- I mean, it can be shelved...
                        • Ludwig Von Drake
                          Ludwig Von Drake commented on the blog Open RP: Super Ways To Die
                          "Wak!!"  Well, the squid attack was unexpected. But so was this!!  Even in Ludwig's blind flailing, he was still able to hit a remote he had hidden up his sleeve. Within a second, the suitcase had burst open, and when the dust cleared,...
                          • Ludwig Von Drake
                            Ludwig Von Drake commented on the blog Open RP: Super Ways To Die
                            How? His disguise was perfect, how could he have seen through him?  "Shhh," he waved his hands at Jacob, along with the briefcase. "I have dis all under control, now shoo, you may scare off de villains! Now, as I was saying... helpless old...
                            • Ludwig Von Drake
                              Ludwig Von Drake published a blog post Open RP: Super Ways To Die
                              For SCIENCE!!
                                • Negaduck

                                  "I will a find a way to deal with you, comic book reject." Negaduck rolled his eyes. The whole can't be killed thing was meaningless to him as he could do things to him that are worst than death if need be.

                                  He had enough with being insulted by the old man. "Regular old villain? Oh, you're going to find out the hard way that I am all but regular. Because I've had---" His ranting was cut off when the beam came at them.

                                  • Duckpool

                                    "Oh you will, will you, why I oughta..."

                                    Then the beam hits

                                    "WHAT THE FLYING CLUCK"

                                    • DarkwingPsycho

                                      Jacob blinked and stared, then turned his flabbergasted look on the professor.  "What in blazes have you done?"

                                      Well...maybe this was a good thing.  Maaaaybe they'd at least keep one another occupied.  The city'd enjoy less destruction.


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