A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

“Okay.” Lexi held Elliot tightly, trying to forget the citizens’ reactions to the spy brigade this Rebarka person had made up. “Is there anything I can do to help, or should I stay out of St. Canard for a few days?” @Elliot


Age: Depends on rp timeline (most are young adults. Lexi is the youngest (20). Dr. Medley (60) is the oldest.)
Species: Varies (lion, ducks, wolf, Cairn terrier, hares, rat, moose, hounds, cat, stork, chameleon, bear, horse, pig, leopards)
With: Varies (most characters are single. Amy and Lexi have companions)
Occupation: Varies (SHUSH agents, a SHUSH liason, a witch, gangsters, an artist, and villains)


S.H.U.S.H. Agent Kevion Anca: an African lion with a high opinion of himself and not much tolerance for anything. He was a jock who grew up with everything he wanted within easy reach. But his lack of compassion or interest in others stirred his parents to kick him out with an ultimatum: either join the military or another profession that helps people, or he'd be written out of the will and the family estate would be donated to the city. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of a desk job but SHUSH seemed to have enough action without bureaucracy breathing down the organization's neck. It took a lot of hard work, but now Kevion has a job he is proud of (as long as he is nowhere near the lab!) and he's back in his family's good graces. Eventually his ego will be trimmed down to size as life and hardships shape him into a respectable agent, and more importantly, a respectful person. 


Jab and  Java Specks: strong, athletic, tall leopards.  Twin brothers. Jab is the older of the two by minutes and the usual leader, although Java is mouthy, independent, and fun loving, while Jab tends to be more reserved and rigid. 

They work as petty thieves, cat burglars, and mercenaries for hire. When not getting into trouble, Jab works at a bank and Java works at a small fitness center.  


Tempest Loupnoir: reclusive female wolf. Artist. Owner of Daydream Studios, a pottery studio and art shop.   She has gotten tangled up in a few crimes as an unwilling mule, but her morals are strictly good. She can only be persuaded to do illegal activities if she feels she has to protect someone or something, but she will work with Darkwing Duck or other heroes to stop a crime she has knowledge of.  Otherwise, she's (mostly) happy working in her studio and visiting her mom in Dogburg. 


Tim McTerrier and friends (Louisa Lapin Robert BrowserSebastian Houndstooth, Mark Packard , Travis Cole, etc):  the Westie Gang (west side St. Canard) was a group of friends who met in a small basketball court in the middle of some multi story shops and residential apartment buildings on Fur street, near Feather Street. when they were teens, preteens, etc.  The gang started when Tim, Robert, Mark, and Travis left their original gang due to concerns about illegal activities.  The original four made do by arranging "robberies" on citizen targets, pick pocketing easy victims, and then tattling on each other to coax the victim into believing they were helped. Sometimes they were repaid for their "kindness" with a reward after they returned the wallet.  They also enjoyed torturing a shady lawyer who ripped off Tim and his family before Tim went rogue and joined a gang. The younger members joined for the fun of hanging out with a group of strong, friendly, and protective pals.

Depending on the time frame, the gang may or may not be assembled.  In the future, Lou the hare will work as a waitress, Robert the moose will work at a dance club, Mark the rat will be a window washer and painter, Sebastian will get a college scholarship for basketball while playing on the college team. And Tim, the terrier, who prefers to be a mild mannered, law abiding citizen, works at a gas station/convenience mart. Travis the Gadwall drake, probably works at a bar.


 Goku-San Lexi Calandrina Alexandra "Lexi" Calandrina : a female mallard witch. Looks a little like her cousin, Magica DeSpell (related to Nonna), only she has longer hair, violet irises, and she's taller and built more like a teenager.  She wears chic modern American attire, including the occasional sundress or mini skirt.  She styles her hair according to her mood. When she's in her home country of Swansylvania, or training with her school professors or hanging out with her aunt, she dresses in more traditional witch attire, like robes or a long deep purple dress. 

The daughter of a fire-bending warlock and an air-bending witch, Lexi was born with the ability to use magic even before she hatched. She has many limitations, though, and even the powers she was born with can get out of hand, so she needs a lot of training before she can graduate as a full fledged witch.  She can make anything feel a surge of a static.  When she teleports (a learned ability), she appears and disappears in a poof of embers that makes an audible static-like crackle.  She was born with telepathy, although she is limited by distance and by how well she knows the person she wishes to communicate with. She can be mind comtrolled or used to manipulate other people through their dreams or subconscious if Lexi’s strong morals and fatigue do not set in.

Her greatest gift, and curse, is empathy. Lexi easily senses the moods of the people near her and can feel whatever they are currently feeling.  If someone is wounded, she shares the physical pain of the wound and has to distance herself emotionally from the victim in order to feel normal again.  She is learning how to block and control her empath power so that she can function like a normal person without feeling the constant pressure of sharing someone else's feelings.  

Despite her limitations, Lexi is an eternal optimist, and she lives to have fun. She enjoys exploring, trying new things, thrill rides (except for flying brooms. She falls off of those too easily for her taste), and she loves interacting with animals, both normal and magical.  She has a young shapeshifter familiar that prefers to take the shape of a wolf or dog. Lexi can get along with most people but due to her empath sensitivity, she's easily hurt and exhausted by grumpy, violent, frightened, or depressed people. She has to rest frequently. She will use her magic to help people, and will work herself to the point of passing out to defend anyone she deems worthy of her efforts.  She will gladly ally herself with anyone she sees standing up for a just cause, but she despises violence.  She prefers to incapacitate antagonists by transforming weapons and projectiles into flowers, using her cousin's infamous Foof (flash) bombs, and if neccessary, she knows a spell that can lock the target's muscles, freezing them in place. 


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    • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
      A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

      Lexi chuckled. “From what I’ve learned about you so far, I think you will do just fine, Mr. Dulltail.”

      • Harmonizer

        Henry blinked, then smiled. "You want to... see me again? I'd love to hang out again. You'll have to show me around. I don't think I've heard of the place."

        He nodded. "I've always been expected to take his place. I'm the CEO of his company, and there's a lot of work, but I'm managing fine. Thanks for asking."

        Then he blushed slightly. "You haven't even heard my speech yet."

        Although, actions always spoke louder than words. He'd quickly composed himself after a week mourning his father's death, and set out fixing his mistakes and mending relationships with the magic community, also becoming an advocate for their rights. He always tried to be fairer to his employees. His father had always been hard on them, but he quickly showed them he wasn't about to throw his weight around just because he inherited the company, and frequently consulted with the people who'd been alongside Dulltail Sr. when Dulltail Co. was founded.

        • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
          A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

          “I’m glad we met, too, Mr. Dulltail. Thank you for your time,” Lexi beamed.
          “Oh wow. This dessert is almost too pretty to eat! May I take a picture of it? Thanks!”
          Lexi took out her phone to snap a quick photo to preserve the memory of the pristine chocolate and colorful real life, edible floral arrangement. She brightened even more when she sampled it.
          “This is as good as the chocolate restaurant my friends went to. Have you been there? We could go there for a treat sometime. If you would like to meet again.”

          She looked curiously at Henry. “Will you try to fill his place? In...oh what is it called? The office chamber? Will you...become a...pol-i-ti-shin? If you, I’ll ask my friends to vote for you. Since I can’t. I’m still on a student visa. But I think I would like to make Calisota my home someday.”

          • Harmonizer

            Henry was a good listener. He was fascinated by her life before she came here, although he was sorry she flunked her exams. She seemed happier here, which was great. She was such a sweet person.

            "You know, one of the points my dad made to attack your kind was the old fashioned mannerisms they never seemed to get out of, but the more I speak to you, the more I realise we're almost the same. We all have difficulties we have to move past. People who would either help us along or refuse to do anything. Hardships. I'm glad I'd met you," he said sincerely.

            • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
              A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

              “Yes,” Lexi smiled nostalgically. “That is one thing I’ve learned in my travels; that despite the many differences each cultural group has, many people value the same things that are important in life. And experience feelings in similar ways. It may be impossible for everyone to agree on any one thing but almost all of us can put aside our differences to share a meal and a story with each other. I love stories, and seeing different perspectives. I enjoy imagining what my life might be like if I was somebody else.”

              “I had to learn so many things in wizard school. Things like scientific theories, and math calculations, and how things work and why, and what happens when you mix them, and anatomy, astronomy, botany, geology, and so forth. My whole life was planned without my input. And I flubbed. I can barely even write a thesis paper.

              “I came to America to escape the pressures of mage society and to just...be normal for a while. You know? Make real friends who aren’t trying to use me to get my parents’ favor. See what a cactus is, and learn the difference between burros, donkeys, and burritos. Try a quesadilla and guacamole and pizza, and milk that doesn’t come from goats or cows. Walk on a beach and see the sun set without freezing in a castle tower. Heh. Learn how to use air conditioning and computers and phones.” Lexi giggled.
              “I think I have most of that figured out now. It’s been so much fun learning from people here! So much better than being stuck in a classroom that smells like sweaty wool socks, burnt hair, paper, and musty books, blegh.”

              She stuck out her tongue in half teasing, half genuine disgust.
              “Not to mention sour dispositions. I had a few good teachers who really enjoyed their work and were happy to help me work on stuff that confused me between classes, but then I had teachers who acted like they wanted nothing to do with me. I barely passed those classes. No surprise.” She frowned.

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              • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                The fourth robber stalked inside after a few more shots. “I lost him!” “How’d you lose a bank teller?” One of them, a rat, replied.  “He flipped out of sight!” The duck complained.  “Then...
                • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                  “No! We’d never endanger the villagers like this!” Lexi cried.  Firosa spouted blue flame at Brightscale but Azkadell and Lucian blocked her. Up above, Sergei and Crina and the pegasi had gotten the forest fires under...
                  • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                    “Yeah yeah, I’m fine. So, looks like all’s good here. Time to lock up and head our and drop this baby off.” The leopard picked up the stack of now useless bills and dropped them off. Goodbye, rarely ever worn out fifty...
                    • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                      What was she doing? Bushroot stayed as still as he could, scarely daring to blink until he was sure the young woman had ended her scent quest and resumed her errand. Oh. The poor dear couldn’t reach that bag of candy corn. And the only other...
                      • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                        Bushroot flubbed a robbery and is hiding from Negaduck. What happens when the person who finds him first is a SHUSH psychiatrist? Anf what will Negaduck do to her when he inevitably finds them?
                          • Dr. Moira Rousseau
                            Dr. Moira Rousseau

                            Fortunately for Bushroot, the store was currently devoid of customers and the cashier seemed to be engrossed in a game on his phone, giving the plant-duck plenty of opportunity to hide.

                            But it wouldn’t last long.  Moments after he’d disappeared into the seasonal area of the store — now stocked with a large assortment of candy, costumes and spooky decorations — the door opened once again and a raven-haired woman walked inside.

                            At least... it may have been a woman.  It was hard to tell, what with the trench coat, floppy wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.  Not to mention the long, heavy scarf that nearly dwarfed the person wearing it despite having already been wrapped around the neck several times.

                            Sure, it was a tad nippy outside.  But whoever was buried underneath all those layers looked as though they were heading into a blizzard.

                            Once the door closed, the tinted glasses came off and, sure enough, revealed the face of an obviously nervous young woman.  Her anxious expression melted into relief upon seeing she was apparently alone, with only a cashier who hadn’t even acknowledged that she’d walked in.

                            What good luck! Moira thought to herself, her mood brightening.  James and Posi had been right... maybe this wouldn’t be so difficult after all.  No one had recognized her on the way, so there had been no polite small talk to fret over.  Now all she had to do was pick up a few things she’d been tasked to get for the SHUSH Halloween party later that week, pay, and scurry back to her apartment whilst bundled up safely in her fortress of winter clothing.

                            James had tasked her with purchasing a specific brand of candy corn only found at this particular store, and she was suspicious that it was only an attempt to get her to actually interact with people rather than just buying online as she normally did. But, surely, just getting out at all would be satisfactory enough.

                            She would not be making an idiot out of herself this time, no sir!  Just imagine... an entire errand completed without any gunfights, hostage situations or, worse, awkward silences after one of her failed jokes.

                            Feeling emboldened, the peculiarly socially-phobic psychiatrist made her way to the Halloween section to begin perusing the candy selection.  As she reached for a bag of candy, she paused, sniffing the air.

                            Was it her, or did something smell... floral?  With a hint of something... sort of... chemical?

                            Moira glanced around, looking for the faint odor’s source.  How strange, she didn’t see any plants.  Figuring the smell was probably coming from the cheap materials they used to make the Halloween decorations on the shelf next to her, Moira shrugged and turned her attention back to the candy.

                            The petite young woman grabbed a bag of miniature chocolate bars before standing on her toes to reach for a bag of candy corn on the highest shelf - the one James had specified as a requirement.  If she could just reach it, she could pay and leave.  And the sooner she left, the sooner she could once again be safe at home... curled up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa.

                            • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                              A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

                              What was she doing? Bushroot stayed as still as he could, scarely daring to blink until he was sure the young woman had ended her scent quest and resumed her errand. Oh. The poor dear couldn’t reach that bag of candy corn. And the only other person in the store was the cashier. It wouldn’t hurt to offer a helping hand, would it?

                              Bushroot put on some of the costume pieces he was hiding amidst and carefully snaked an arm around the decorations and boxes and bags of candy until he could reach the top shelf. He nudged the bag of candy just a tiny bit closer and hid his hand behind a box. Did she get it? Maybe another nudge. Oops. Too hard. The candy almost fell on her. At least it wasn’t hard or super heavy. Sorry! He hid his hand and stealthily started retracting his arm.

                            • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                              “No.” Lexi answered Harmonizer. “But Father sometimes rides or flies out with them. They’re all given freedom in the sky and woods once a month. The dragons who understand and agree to the terms the villagers set on us can...
                              • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                                “Really?” Jab put on a surprised, concerned look and started looking around.  “Crud. We’d better find them then. I thought I got them all but maybe some floated off. You look over there and I’ll check under my...
                                • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
                                  Lexi morphed back to normal and stroked Brightscale’s neck.  “It’s alright. We’ll figure out what happened later. Right now we need to bring the others home before they hurt someone.”   “Answer...