A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

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Age: Depends on rp timeline (most are young adults. Lexi is the youngest (20). Dr. Medley (60) is the oldest.)
Species: Varies (lion, ducks, wolf, Cairn terrier, hares, rat, moose, hounds, cat, stork, chameleon, bear, horse, pig, leopards)
With: Varies (most characters are single. Amy and Lexi have companions)
Occupation: Varies (SHUSH agents, a SHUSH liason, a witch, gangsters, an artist, and villains)


S.H.U.S.H. Agent Kevion Anca: an African lion with a high opinion of himself and not much tolerance for anything. He was a jock who grew up with everything he wanted within easy reach. But his lack of compassion or interest in others stirred his parents to kick him out with an ultimatum: either join the military or another profession that helps people, or he'd be written out of the will and the family estate would be donated to the city. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of a desk job but SHUSH seemed to have enough action without bureaucracy breathing down the organization's neck. It took a lot of hard work, but now Kevion has a job he is proud of (as long as he is nowhere near the lab!) and he's back in his family's good graces. Eventually his ego will be trimmed down to size as life and hardships shape him into a respectable agent, and more importantly, a respectful person. 


Jab and  Java Specks: strong, athletic, tall leopards.  Twin brothers. Jab is the older of the two by minutes and the usual leader, although Java is mouthy, independent, and fun loving, while Jab tends to be more reserved and rigid. 

They work as petty thieves, cat burglars, and mercenaries for hire. When not getting into trouble, Jab works at a bank and Java works at a small fitness center.  


Tempest Loupnoir: reclusive female wolf. Artist. Owner of Daydream Studios, a pottery studio and art shop.   She has gotten tangled up in a few crimes as an unwilling mule, but her morals are strictly good. She can only be persuaded to do illegal activities if she feels she has to protect someone or something, but she will work with Darkwing Duck or other heroes to stop a crime she has knowledge of.  Otherwise, she's (mostly) happy working in her studio and visiting her mom in Dogburg. 


Tim McTerrier and friends (Louisa Lapin Robert BrowserSebastian Houndstooth, Mark Packard , Travis Cole, etc):  the Westie Gang (west side St. Canard) was a group of friends who met in a small basketball court in the middle of some multi story shops and residential apartment buildings on Fur street, near Feather Street. when they were teens, preteens, etc.  The gang started when Tim, Robert, Mark, and Travis left their original gang due to concerns about illegal activities.  The original four made do by arranging "robberies" on citizen targets, pick pocketing easy victims, and then tattling on each other to coax the victim into believing they were helped. Sometimes they were repaid for their "kindness" with a reward after they returned the wallet.  They also enjoyed torturing a shady lawyer who ripped off Tim and his family before Tim went rogue and joined a gang. The younger members joined for the fun of hanging out with a group of strong, friendly, and protective pals.

Depending on the time frame, the gang may or may not be assembled.  In the future, Lou the hare will work as a waitress, Robert the moose will work at a dance club, Mark the rat will be a window washer and painter, Sebastian will get a college scholarship for basketball while playing on the college team. And Tim, the terrier, who prefers to be a mild mannered, law abiding citizen, works at a gas station/convenience mart. Travis the Gadwall drake, probably works at a bar.


 Goku-San Lexi Calandrina Alexandra "Lexi" Calandrina : a female mallard witch. Looks a little like her cousin, Magica DeSpell (related to Nonna), only she has longer hair, violet irises, and she's taller and built more like a teenager.  She wears chic modern American attire, including the occasional sundress or mini skirt.  She styles her hair according to her mood. When she's in her home country of Swansylvania, or training with her school professors or hanging out with her aunt, she dresses in more traditional witch attire, like robes or a long deep purple dress. 

The daughter of a fire-bending warlock and an air-bending witch, Lexi was born with the ability to use magic even before she hatched. She has many limitations, though, and even the powers she was born with can get out of hand, so she needs a lot of training before she can graduate as a full fledged witch.  She can make anything feel a surge of a static.  When she teleports (a learned ability), she appears and disappears in a poof of embers that makes an audible static-like crackle.  She was born with telepathy, although she is limited by distance and by how well she knows the person she wishes to communicate with. She can be mind comtrolled or used to manipulate other people through their dreams or subconscious if Lexi’s strong morals and fatigue do not set in.

Her greatest gift, and curse, is empathy. Lexi easily senses the moods of the people near her and can feel whatever they are currently feeling.  If someone is wounded, she shares the physical pain of the wound and has to distance herself emotionally from the victim in order to feel normal again.  She is learning how to block and control her empath power so that she can function like a normal person without feeling the constant pressure of sharing someone else's feelings.  

Despite her limitations, Lexi is an eternal optimist, and she lives to have fun. She enjoys exploring, trying new things, thrill rides (except for flying brooms. She falls off of those too easily for her taste), and she loves interacting with animals, both normal and magical.  She has a young shapeshifter familiar that prefers to take the shape of a wolf or dog. Lexi can get along with most people but due to her empath sensitivity, she's easily hurt and exhausted by grumpy, violent, frightened, or depressed people. She has to rest frequently. She will use her magic to help people, and will work herself to the point of passing out to defend anyone she deems worthy of her efforts.  She will gladly ally herself with anyone she sees standing up for a just cause, but she despises violence.  She prefers to incapacitate antagonists by transforming weapons and projectiles into flowers, using her cousin's infamous Foof (flash) bombs, and if neccessary, she knows a spell that can lock the target's muscles, freezing them in place. 


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    • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
      A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

      “We can not risk a village uprising or family members hurling spells at each other, or agitated dragons or any number of troubles around here. Whatever gets rid of the stones the safest is best, even if some research must be conducted to test which method is safest. Sergei gets his jollies from pyrotechnics but I trust him with my life. If there is a way, he will figure it out.” Azkadell answered.

      He glanced curiously at Alan. “Playing what? Oh. My uncle Petru. He does not have the same gift you have, but he enjoys playing music for our family gatherings.” Alan on the way to the bedrooms.

      Soon after they finished their baths, they’d hear an old triangle summoning them for lunch.

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        Oh. Aww. She was married. Of course. Alan looked slightly disappointed, but cheered up again quickly. Praising his manners was good enough to feed his ego.

        "I could teach them eef you'd like," he told her with a grin. "Eet would be a shame eef a fine lady such as yourself ees not treated like a rare gem. And funny you should mention ze Pied Piper," he went on as he followed Naracis and Azkadell. "'E's my ancestor. I admired 'im."

        He would have said more, but the remark from the brother made him snort uncontrollably. He did at least have the grace to cover his beak, and bow to Sergei politely, introducing himself once more. He then told him as much about the eyestones that he could think off the top of his head.

        "Eef you blast eet I reckon eet should be fine, as ze effects are temporary," he winked at Sergei. But then at his other suggestion, he smirked at Azkadell. "You think ze vapours might be far more dangerous than dusting them? Kind of like zat kid who got kidnapped by ze evil Ice Queen after a mirror got stuck een 'is eye."

        Which side was he on?

        When promises of charm lessons were made and everyone had left, he followed Azkadell once more, although it was very tempting to follow the music instead. Pitch in a few suggestions for the tune and all that.

        "Who ees zat playing?" he asked curiously, before he departed for the Rose room.

        • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
          A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

          “You fetched the item that was causing trouble in my village, and you are still guarding the item even from its cursed owner. A noble deed deserves a noble reward.” Azkadell shrugged. From his tone, it sounded like he was reciting something he’d been told by someone else rather than something he’d taken to heart, but it still worked in Alan’s favor.

          Naracis grinned. “My my. My husband should take lessons in charm from you, Mr. Octave. Hmm. You wouldn’t happen to know the Pied Piper, would you?” Naracis asked curiously. “Right this way, Monsieur.”

          Azkadell rolled his eyes and started to lead them up the stairs when another drake in a lab coat, goggles and gloves poofed into the foyer in front of them.

          “You summoned me, Brother? Oof. Hello!” Sergei waved his hand in front of his beak. “Whaddya know. Now your smell matches your behavior now! Haha.”

          “I’ll repay you for that merriment later... Sergei, Mr. Octave has an artifact that needs to be contained and destroyed if possible. No dust can escape.”

          “Ooh hoohoo!” Sergei licked his bill and rubbed his hands. “A high temperature, highly pressurized explosion perhaps?”

          “I said contained, not blasted over the whole countryside!” The taller, older brother hissed.

          “Yeah yeah. Maybe some chimera gas will do the trick. What can you tell me about the objects, Mr. Octave?” Sergei asked cheerfully, whisking out a floating quill and tablet to record his notes and ideas telekinetically. After Alan explained and handed him the bag, the wizard peeked carefully at an orb and closed the bag back up with a nod, teleporting a glass jar and steel lid to hold them in.
          “That gives me a few ideas. Namely, ice! If I freeze them below sub zero first, then blast them inside a containment spell, that should vaporize them.”

          “‘Should’? Contain them however you can but do not attempt destroy them until you are certain you will be successful. And for Circe’s sake, wear protection! Where is your face mask? You’re not experimenting with an uncovered beak again, are you?”

          “Perish the thought, oh grumpy one. I’m more careful than that.”

          “Uh huh...” Azkadell raised his brows.

          Naracis chuckled. “Now now, Boys. Let’s not nip at each other’s heels like gryphon cubs. We have a guest! And a suave one at that. You both could learn a few tips from him on how to make a woman’s heart flutter.”

          “Oh? Do tell-“ Sergei grinned and nudged Alan playfully.

          “Later. They need a bath, and you and I both need to get to work. Where is your uncle?” Naracis asked.

          “Need you ask?” Sergei swept his arm dramatically. “He’s in the parlor, writing another melody.”

          “I thought he was fetching me carrots and chickpeas for tonight’s stew.” Naracis dusted her hands with her skirt and started to walk toward another section of the castle, but Alan’s keen hearing would already pick up a few plinked notes on a piano and scribbling as the player jotted down notes. “Well, dinner will be on hold anyway. I have lunch to make. Off you go. All of you.” She shooed Sergei toward the door.

          Azkadell resumed going up the stairs. “The Rose room is down the right hallway, five doors down on the right.”

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            Alan blinked. Just like that? Food and shelter?

            "What's ze catch...?" he asked warily.

            When assured, he went along with Azkadell to the castle, looking at it admiringly. He felt a pang of guilt... his home was still in ruins... but he still had not worked up enough courage to come back to it.

            Lucian startled him, and he was about to reach for his pipe when he realised the small dragon was friendly. And... surprisingly puppy-like. He gently patted him before he took off into the sky, and entered the castle.

            Brushing any remaining sadness off, he greeted the newcomer with a bow, kissing the back of her hand. "Charmed. Are you, perhaps, single? If not with a line of suitors?" he started to flirt, even though she did seem older than him. He wasn't sure. It was hard enough to tell with his kind. Although Jaybird was supposedly trying to figure it out...

            "And no, I don't have food allergies. But thank you for being so thoughtful. And- excuse moi, 'skinny'?" he lifted a brow. "I will 'ave you know, I work out!" Then he sighed. "Alan Octave, but I go by Duck Piper sometimes. I assume you are Naracis? Care to guide me to ze Rose room?" he winked.

            • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
              A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

              “Shoo-“ Azkadell waved the goat away, sighing when he heard Alan’s stomach. “You may be my guest. My brother may be able to figure out something while we sup. And bathe...” He wrinkled his bill at his soiled cloak.

              He bid the shepherd a good day and led Alan out of sight before teleporting them to his castle up on Molvo Peak.

              Not too long after they arrived, a huge brown lizard with some glints of red rushed up to them, nipping at Azkadell’s cloak and hands and booting both muddy drakes with his muzzle.

              “Down, Lucian. Sit.” Azkadell tapped the creature’s snout.
              Lucian was busy sniffing his cloak.
              “No I did not bring you any mutton. Sit.”

              “Mmrrr romphh.” Lucian sulkily plopped back on his haunches, large shimmery ruby scaled folds of skin stretching out from his armpits. The dragon pawed at his nose and grunted.

              “I know we smell like livestock. We will wash.” Azkadell grumped. “How about alerting my brother that we need his lab?”

              The dragon nodded and started to stand but he remembered he was told to sit. He whined and raised his rump hopefully.

              “Yes, you may go now.” The wizard smiled.

              Lucian snorted out a plume of smoke and ran off, springing into the air after he’d gained some speed.

              “Welcome to Molvo Castle,” Azkadell led Alan into the courtyard past armed statues of his ancestors, topiaries shaped like mythical beasts, and flowers and cold-resistant vegetables.
              “Aunt Naracis! I’ve brought a-“

              “Guest!” A dazzling green eyed duck suddenly poofed in front of them. “Hello Dear! How do you like your tea? Any food allergies? Oh I’ll just make a variety-“

              “Aunt Nary, please. A sandwich, a flute of wine and a change of clothes will suffice.”

              “Nonsense. You’re both as skinny as saplings and- Oof-“ Her eyes watered and she pinched her bill. “You’re going to soak in the tub for a while. Off you go. I’ll tell Petru to teleport the good oils to your rooms. You’ll be in the Rose room, Mister...?”

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