Lisa Rosid

Age: 14
Species: Duck (plant hybrid)
Gender: Agender
Occupation: Student (formerly), homeless (currently)

Lisa was once a regular student in St. Canard, the child of a botanist and a genetic engineer. Their knowledge in plants was very high for somebody their age, and they even managed their own garden, capable of cultivating certain plants not native to the region.

One day, when preparing for a science project in their ninth grade class, they mixed the wrong solutions together, since their father sometimes stored his work in the garage they were doing their research in. When they sprayed the solution into the air, trying to find a way to naturally reduce the smell of a corpse flower without harming the plant, they instead found themselves as a part duck, part plant hybrid.

Lisa's parents tried to help their child in any way they could, but their effort eventually fell short. Not wanting to be a burden and seeing as the city didn't really approve of mutants anyway, they fled, living off the street. 

Lisa now wanders the streets of St. Canard, but their smell usually precedes them. Those who smell it typically run away, and they don't seem to mind too much since it keeps people from asking questions.


As a result of their mutation, they have pale green feathers with darker spots on the shoulders and face, a short skirt made of leaves, leafy hands, and a corpse flower bloom on the top of their head.

They gain energy from the sun and can understand how plants feel, but lack any really strong plant abilities. With focus, they can have small plants grow or certain parts of larger ones, but they end up dizzy or may pass out afterwards. When in danger, the smell from their flower fills with pollen, giving it a pink haze, and controlling anyone who smells it for a single command. This can be blocked by plugging one's nose. The smell of their flower is affected by their level of stess, getting stronger when upset and lessing when claming down.

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