Dr. Reginald Bushroot

Age: 35
Species: Earth Mutant Plant Duck (Lyceum nycanthropus)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Misunderstood Former Biologist

Hello world! He hee.

Megsy instigated a heist at the Electronics Centre, it went wrong, as usual. The rest of us had to come and finish it, and get him out. Liquy couldn't do much but play look-out. Wasn't the best steal for the four of us but I acquired a new computer in my share. Everything is so flashy now. Online shopping is so streamline!

SirQ Chronology Notes:

Beauty and the Beet = Origin story, cut funds, murder, mutation, failed love, lots of puns, introduction of Spike.

Easy Comes, Easy Grows = Starting off with money acquisition scheme, trying to survive in his old greenhouse.

Night of the Living Spud = Already committing small crimes, trying to combat loneliness while neglecting Spike’s presence.

Twin Beaks = Alien story, goes to even more drastic measures to belong somewhere, with anyone.

Just Us Justice Ducks = Already tagging along with the newly formed Fearsome Five, eager to commit crimes as it keeps him in the group, and pays.

Darkwing Doubloon = Not quite important, but a fun bit of “what if” past Five/Justice story. Not to be taken that seriously.

Jail Bird = Big moment for the Five, still tagging along in dissolution.

It's a Wonderful Leaf = Angry and powerful, tries to pick on annoyance itself.

Life, the Negaverse and Everything = The official end of Negaduck and in that sense, the disbanding of the Five. Despite the high possibility of further team-ups, the is no ‘group’ to go back to and Bushy is on his own again.

Slime OK, You're OK = Needy and lonely again, still neglecting Spike, more desperate than ever to remake his first mutation experiment.

The Incredible Bulk = Still needy, but a little more smug. Partial success but it all becomes too annoying. Finally acknowledges Spike’s dependable nature.

A Star Is Scorned = Willing to do what Thaddeus wants to belong and slightly more smug. However, this episode is one big fourth wall joke and like Doubloon is not to be taken that seriously.

This account takes place shortly after the show by default.



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    • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
      “Alright… it’s half… give the pig half a wing!” he scoffed, suddenly realizing that sounded more insulting than it should have. “I mean… Spike broke a few of my vials, I was getting more… maybe one too many but, just look at the craftsmanship.”...
      • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
        "Hold on! I want to make this as clear as a crystal geyser... this, is not, a robbery." He braced for a response, flinching and all, but on hearing nothing of significance, he continued. "...over there in third drawer by the cash register, I...
        • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
          "Darkwing? Harmoni-" He stood himself up, adjusting his hat, looking around as he did so. The door was not too far away, neither was the bag... although... considering the ease with which he could flee, Bushroot played coy. "-err, um... I'll...
          • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
            Bushroot scuttled along the main door as fast as he could. Hearing not one but two voices outside meant trouble; outnumbering trouble. His fears were only compounded when something hit the back of his head, sent the vials flying, and landed Bushy...
            • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
              Bushroot inspected the glass as best he could in the dim light. He was pleased with the quality. So pleased in fact… Reaching into a pocket the mutant pulled out a small roll of bills. Not much, but definitely enough cash to cover half the...
              • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
                Ooo, who knew St. Canard had the best glass emporium around. All formed into the loveliest tubes, shapeliest flasks, and quite outrageous looking beakers… at least in the section Dr. Bushroot was currently standing in. Clad in an ankle-length...
                • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
                  Dr. Reginald Bushroot commented on the blog Hazardous harmonics
                  The walk was nice, Bushroot was almost disappointed when the exit's dusk light became visible again. But her request snapped him out of it, 'do-gooder' is all it takes to crack him up. "Al'ight Sup'ah..." Affecting an accent of confusing...
                  • Dr. Reginald Bushroot
                    Dr. Reginald Bushroot commented on the blog Hazardous harmonics
                    "As do you..." he blushed as he bent down to pick up one last garment, a soft hat. He flicked it about and it popped into shape; an old Noir themed hat, probably from some production about the mob, the perfect headgear to get the average...


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