The Raven

Age: Early Thirties
Species: Corvid
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
With: That depends
Occupation: Small time crook, mobster, and art connoisseur

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Matteo "Matty" Raven, alias The Raven, is known for spouting Edgar Allen Crow lines as he completes his small time cons. This dapper bird may appear like nothing more than small-time criminal scum, but he's a lover of the literary arts, with a serious penchant - some might say dangerous addiction for - all things shiny. 


You can find him with his moll, Maggie Pie, at Casino di Capo, or perhaps conducting business with his number one stooge, Jay. All rumors of a partnership with Ellie Scapelli should be treated as nonsense.


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      "Jeeze louise..." Whoever it was might be bluffing, but Raven didn't like playing chicken. He obligingly stepped out of the shadows with one hand up; the other was tucked in his jacket. "Someone here likes to shoot first and ask questions later,...
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        With credit to the wonderful Pharaoh-Ink for this sweet piece on Matty!
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            The Raven commented on the blog Everything Old is New Again
            Jay could tell when his boss was getting antsy, because he kept flipping that dang coin of his - the shiniest in his possession. Clink! fwipfwipfwip- smack! Onto the back of the hand. Then repeat: clink!- One of the grunts had just...


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