Richest Duck in the World

@Eidolon @DuckAvenger “Aye. Come on into my office. And watch your step. The mines aren’t all where I remember them being.”


Age: None of your gold durned business (unless you pay up)
Species: What do you think I am? A turkey? Och. It's in me name: "McDuck"!
Marital Status: Bachelor forever and proud of it!
With: Loads of money and me number one dime!
Occupation: Business tycoon, world adventurer, treasure hunter, anything profitable. And Uncle too, I suppose, if that counts as an occupation.

"Aye? What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy crosschecking my nautical logs for my next adventure?! Och. I suppose you Could come along, too. But I won't tolerate any freeloaders or slowpokes! You'll earn your airfare and bring your own victuals. What are you still standing there gawking for? I don't have time for interviews. Alright fine. Come closer and I'll show ye something. A little closer. There. Now close yer eyes..." -click- "Hehehe. That trapdoor trick never grows old." 

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    • Crimson Cowl
      Crimson Cowl

      "What the!!!"
      Cowl falls several stories down the chute

      • Richest Duck in the World
        Richest Duck in the World


        “I’ve noticed that I’m getting more trespassers on my property. I don’t care where or when they came from. I want them Out!”

        With that, he pushed the button triggering the trapdoor in front of his desk to dump the young stranger down a chute and out of his office.

        • Crimson Cowl
          Crimson Cowl

          "Are you telling me you havent noticed that the past and future have been merged? Look outside!"

          • Richest Duck in the World
            Richest Duck in the World

            “What are you going on about?” @Doomyboy

            • Crimson Cowl
              Crimson Cowl

              "Hey, Mr McDuck...Is this Odin guy the richest duck in the world right now or are you? I mean, he was the richest in his time..."



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