Richest Duck in the World

@Eidolon @DuckAvenger “Aye. Come on into my office. And watch your step. The mines aren’t all where I remember them being.”


Age: None of your gold durned business (unless you pay up)
Species: What do you think I am? A turkey? Och. It's in me name: "McDuck"!
Marital Status: Bachelor forever and proud of it!
With: Loads of money and me number one dime!
Occupation: Business tycoon, world adventurer, treasure hunter, anything profitable. And Uncle too, I suppose, if that counts as an occupation.

"Aye? What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy crosschecking my nautical logs for my next adventure?! Och. I suppose you Could come along, too. But I won't tolerate any freeloaders or slowpokes! You'll earn your airfare and bring your own victuals. What are you still standing there gawking for? I don't have time for interviews. Alright fine. Come closer and I'll show ye something. A little closer. There. Now close yer eyes..." -click- "Hehehe. That trapdoor trick never grows old." 

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    • Richest Duck in the World
      Richest Duck in the World

      (@Moonmom Fine by me, i had no idea my own response here was going to be so long! Lol )

      • Moon Mom
        Moon Mom

        (OOC: My post was getting quite a bit long, so I thought it might be better to put it in a blog - Hearts of Soft, Melting Gold. Also, I thought it'd be a good starting point for a lengthier RP, maybe? Della and Scrooge could probably use a long, heart-felt conversation with one another.)

        • Richest Duck in the World
          Richest Duck in the World

          Scrooge frowned at the motley of noises, wondering if he should barge in, but he was used to his, “hobbies.” He’d learned long ago with teenage twins in his house to mind his own business and wait for them to give him the truth, as 99.98% percent of the time, they could handle things on their own, without too much property damage.

          Scrooge raised his brows and craned his head to try to peek around Della before his view was obscured, and gave her an unamused look. Same ol’ Della (plus and minus a few changes).

          “Actually I wanted to show you something in my office.” He strode off, fully expecting her to follow.

          It was still weird to him, hearing a heavy metallic thud in his niece’s gait. Her rocket ship prosthetic leg was ingenious and he was super proud of her for making the best of her horrid living situation and pushing through her trials with the same McDuck spirit he’d always recognized in her, but it pained him that she’d had to deal with so much, all on her own... He could relate to the loneliness of being isolated from family for over a decade but he could not imagine everything else she’d felt and thought and dealt with. He knew it would take time for the scars she kept hidden even from herself to heal.

          “So... How are, today?” He awkwardly pressed for conversation.

          He wasn’t quite ready to reveal his surprise to her yet and he couldn’t stand listening to the silence between the taps of their walking aids. At least he didn’t need his cane twenty four seven to get around, but it provided a bit of an emotional crutch for him at the moment.

          Hopefully the question would keep Della occupied until they reached his office. He went to his desk and stood behind it in silence, gathering his thoughts and steeling his nerves against whatever emotional output his surprise would bring out of her.

          “ Hope this isn’t too presumptuous, Lass. I know how special certain, um... tokens can be that hold important memories.”

          Like a certain dime that never left his possession after a certain sorceress we won’t talk about trapped herself inside it.

          He picked up a case and set it on his desk, still feeling hesitant to open it.
          “But I noticed it was a wee bit cumbersome for you after the scuffle with the man-eating statue, so... I bought this kit for you. We’ll be going on plenty more adventures with all sorts of terrain, so naturally, a swim fin, and something more...springy might be more suitable for you than walking on rocket parts?”

          He smiled awkwardly, hoping she’d appreciate the sincerity and logic behind his...bringing up this potentially sensitive subject. He loved her and wanted to give her as much normalcy and comfort as he could.

          The case had a new prosthetic in it that looked and felt more like a duck leg, and moved almost as smoothly as the real thing. There were a few attachments to modify the foot into a spring for running and jumping, a flipper for swimming, and some padding and care materials to keep the nub of her thigh from getting chafed and sore.

          • Moon Mom
            Moon Mom

            "AAAAAH!" There were several crashing noises heard within the room, but it wasn't very long before Della opened the door to her room immediately shut it behind her, back pressed flat against it. She had an extra wide, nervous grin on her beak.

            She tried to lean against the doorframe and look casual. "Hey, I'm always up for a talk with my favorite uncle, especially if that talk isn't about me being up to something! Because I'm definitely not up to anything!"

            • Richest Duck in the World
              Richest Duck in the World


              “Aye. Good talk.” Now it was time for his own social awkwardness to make an unwelcome appearance.

              “Don’t work all night now. Not unless you have some groundshaking science that will make me richer, hehehe. Good day.”

              Tipping his hat with his cane, the jolly old cheapskate took his leave, glad that he’d been able to clear up one misunderstanding. Poor fellow. Scrooge hadn’t even thought to check on him after the bin incident. He’d just assumed that, because Gyro had picked himself back up and resumed everything like normal, that everything Was normal.


              • Richest Duck in the World
                “Very well. I’ll call you if anything comes up.” Scrooge got up and walked Gyro out. “Hopefully we won’t be needing a certain armored hero’s assistance any time soon.”  It was normal for Gyro to forget...
                • Richest Duck in the World
                  “I tried, Lass... I made sure Donald never lost his licenses or went bankrupt. While the kids were still wee ones, I increased the frequency and discounts on sales.” Even though at the time, Scrooge’s business had needed...
                  • Richest Duck in the World
                    Coming from Gyro, that was exceptionally high praise and Scrooge’s face reflected his appreciation for it.  "You did. And I’m proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone. Feel free to take that vacation any time, any...
                    • Richest Duck in the World
                      “Och, tell me about it,” Scrooge rolled his eyes in response to Gyro’s comment about socializing having too many variables with people’s personalities. “Every time I think I have someone completely figured out, they...
                      • Richest Duck in the World
                        Aha. Now they were finally getting somewhere. Scrooge definitely understood the fear and vulnerability of losing something that made him who he was. He’d suffered from trauma-caused amnesia, PTSD, curses that caused him to forget everything he...
                        • Richest Duck in the World
                          “Good man,” Scrooge smiled and headed out.  About an hour later, after stopping by a few stores Scrooge owned to check on business, see what was new and improved to bring in customer, and pick up free food samples along the way,...
                          • Richest Duck in the World
                            More concern filled the old duck’s eyes. After a bit of hesitation, Scrooge stepped closer and gently patted Gyro’s arm. ”No need to apologize. If you need more time, I can get Fenton or Manny to take care of the diagram this...
                            • Richest Duck in the World
                              Scrooge frowned and offered Gyro a hand up. “I’m just a wee bit concerned, that’s all.” Clearing his throat, he straightened and looked around to avoid awkwardly staring at his employee. “I don’t want another...


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