Quiverwing Duck

"I'm open to the idea of having two shots of bourbon." @Harmonizer @Carol


Age: early 30s
Species: Mallard
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Disastrous
Marital Status: Unlikely
With: ???
Occupation: Masked vigilante / Private Investigator

In an alternate universe there is a St. Canard where things are a little more shadowy and the Dark Deco aesthetics are more strongly embraced. For the most part, this means a population that wears fedoras unironically and tends to prefer Streamline Moderne styling on everything up to and including their smartphones.

In this world, Darkwing Duck delivered two-fisted justice to the criminals of St. Canard, swooping in with gas guns akimbo and a flip kick to the head. He was steadfast (some might say 'stubborn') about working alone, but eventually relented and took on a sidekick. His daughter, Gosalyn, grew up knowing her father was a masked crime fighter and was determined to follow in his footsteps.

Realizing that Gosalyn was going to do this whether he condoned it or not, Darkwing decided it was better to keep her where he could see her and protect her.  As a daring dynamic duo doling out drubbings to disorderly dastards, Darkwing Duck and Quiverwing Quack made an excellent team. Except when it got too late on school nights, of course; bedtime was non-negotiable.

This routine became the ultimate in father-daughter bonding activities, and everything was great--until, suddenly, it was not. Quiverwing Quack made the ultimate sacrifice to save her father and all of St. Canard. For Drake Mallard, Darkwing Duck died on that night as well. For Drake Mallard, Darkwing Duck was responsible for his daughter's death.

Although he fell into deep despair, Drake knew that Gosalyn would have given him a severe dope slap for giving up under any circumstances. Clinging to the memory of her fiery spirit and his love for her, Drake returned to crime fighting. Unwilling to resume his prior masked persona, he instead decided to honor his fallen hero and took on the mantle of Quiverwing Duck.

This time, however, he really is determined to work alone.


UPDATE: The 'working alone' thing is really not going to plan.



Note: Although this character is adapted from the comics, other than the backstory provided for him for his own world, I'm not otherwise following the Crisis story canon. I mean, can you imagine??

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    • Quiverwing Duck
      Quiverwing Duck

      "Thank you, at least it isn't that weird popcorn-raisin stuff you carry around all the time."

      • Drake Mallard
        Drake Mallard

        Darkwing shows up one night while they brood on a roof to throw Chex Mix at Quiverwing.

        "Your stomach was growling. At least eat this. Gosh."

        • Sans the Skeleduck
          Sans the Skeleduck

          "well, yes, but between you and me, superheroes are a whole other kind of role-model. one might even say they break the mold. you'll be fine."

          • Quiverwing Duck
            Quiverwing Duck

            "I don't mind it, but at the same time I'm not certain I'm what anyone would consider a good role-model when it comes to being a superhero. Is he particularly impressionable?"

            • Sans the Skeleduck
              Sans the Skeleduck

              "cool. i'll have to tell papyrus all about you. he's my brother and he wants to be a superhero someday. he'd be green with envy if he knew I was meeting all sorts of superheroes. actually... would you mind showing yourself to him? it'll make his day."


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              • Quiverwing Duck
                The St. Canard Metropolitan Transportation (SCaM-Tran) agency boasted control over the city's light rail, heavy rail, subway, and bus services. Due to it being a St. Canardian agency, it meant that it was, as Morgana had correctly observed, pretty...
                • Quiverwing Duck
                  "Ms. Goose, please." Quiverwing gently chided her in return, arching one brow. "I would never tie up someone for fun against their will." He waggled his index finger. "I would only tie them up against their will strictly for reasons of justice."He...
                  • Quiverwing Duck
                    Quiverwing Duck commented on the blog Locks and Chains
                    After getting himself a glass of water, Quiverwing sat down at the table across from Harmonizer. "Yes, she's very well behaved child. There's a lot of space to play in and she knows not to go over to my workshop and lab without permission."He...
                    • Quiverwing Duck
                      Quiverwing Duck commented on the blog Complete Armony
                      "Certainly, you can come along," Quiverwing leaned forward, so he could look into Ariana's eyes when she tilted her head back. "We go to the orphanage, too, sometimes. If you want to do that as well." Despite the condition he was in just a couple of...
                      • Quiverwing Duck
                        Quiverwing Duck commented on the blog Off to Mouseyland!
                        "Aw, thank you, Gosalyn." Quiverwing lightly fixed one of the duckling's curls with his fingertips. "We'll explore as much as you want. Just... don't run ahead so far that I lose sight of you." He gave her a kiss on the top of her head."It's just...
                        • Quiverwing Duck
                          "Alright, I'm sorry I called you a kid," Quiverwing raised a hand in a placating gesture to Black Arts. "That was an inappropriate comment for me to make. My apologies."The information that the mirror was a portal to Wonderland made the archer frown...
                          • Quiverwing Duck
                            Quiverwing Duck commented on the blog The Forgotten Pt 2 (MA)
                            "Minor issue," Drake said, watching as the figures on his live map became less distinct and more computer-generated. "It would seem I only have access to a single camera in that room, now. Chloe's glasses are still giving me data updates, which is...
                            • Quiverwing Duck
                              Quiverwing Duck commented on the blog Complete Armony
                              The shirt that Drake selected was short-sleeved, tight-fitting, and light pink with 'I ❤ St. Canard' on the front in a script that was graceful and, also, sparkly. He wore it with a great amount of elan, and put his chest belt on over it, the...