Moon Mom

"I wasn't being serious!" Della said, trying to calm the big, crying duck down. "Okay, all right, maybe I was being a little serious, but I was wrong! I mean, you clearly can't be a bad guy if you're this upset by something I said! I'm... I'm not a mean person! I just-"

And well, that was a heartwarming story, and Della felt even more guilty about having made him cry. Of course, Uncle Scrooge would've done that. Tough as nails - more like soft as pillows. There was definitely something reassuring as Launchpad told her she couldn't be replaced, and that she was family. That's right.

And... everybody had welcomed her back, hadn't they? And even if she was still having trouble fitting in, she'd adapt. Eventually. She just needed to be patient. She gave Launchpad a smile. "Yeah, that's right."

Of course, she wasn't expecting him to suddenly declare her his family, too. Nor did she expect being pulled into a hug, she let out a bit of a yelp. "Ack!"

"Err. Right." She... wasn't entirely sure about considering Launchpad family, but... Maybe a friend? Maybe with some more time? She patted his arm in a soothing manner. "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, uh... Launchpad, right? I, uh, hope I can make it up to you sometime."


Age: 33! No, 35! Darn it, how do moon years work?
Species: Duck
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Not Looking)
Marital Status: No time to explain!
Occupation: Mom, Adventurer Pilot Astronaut, and Former Moon Hobo

**This blog will be rated M since although, I think Della is trying to avoid swearing, she's probably going to end up doing that at some point. Also figured it gives me wiggle for any other mature themes I might be interested in exploring later.**

Okay, let's just get this out of the way. My name is Della. D-E-L-L-A. DELLA. It does not start with DUMB, so no matter what my brother Donnie says, don't listen to him. It's not like this is a hard thing to do. Okay, so one more time - D-E-L-L-A. Della. Fantastic! Now that we've settled that, let me tell you a little about myself.

MY LIKES - My family especially my kids who are THE BEST KIDS EVER - cute and dependable and loving and sweet and brilliant and strong and quick and - Well, I mean, obviously, they take after me. Although, I'm not quite sure what Huey is talking about sometimes - something about advanced robotics which they don't really have a Woodchuck badge for at least they didn't last I checked - and I'm a little worried that Louie's lemonade stand might not be an actual legitimate business - and I really oughtta have a talk with Donald about that and figure out what he's been teaching him - and Dewey, wow, Dewey - my spitting image but I'm starting to think he might have some issues with feeling a little lost in a crowd what with being a triplet and all - AND AH, ANYWAY, I like double fudge sundaes with piles of cherries on top, and adventure, and not crashing planes because I'm a GOOD pilot, and air. Oh man, breathe in that aaaaaaair. 

MY DISLIKES - Being called dumb - okay, this is just - it's completely WRONG is what it is - I mean, I'm no rocket scientist, but you know what rocket scientists do? THEY BUILD ROCKET SHIPS. And I just built or, uh repaired, rather, a ROCKET SHIP. And I have a leg which I created from a BOX OF SCRAPS on the MOON, and if Scrooge wouldn't wring my neck for it, I'd bet all the money in HIS bin that Donald couldn't do that! You know what else rocket scientists do? Invent a gum that delivers oxygen and make it black licorice-flavored. Who does that? Oh, I dunno, probably a NERD WITH NO GOOD TASTE IN ANYTHING. I'm talking about you, Gyro! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.

Oh, and my favorite color is blue because it reminds me of the wide open sky, and I hate indie rock bands. MOVING ON- My history is, well, it's history. And history is kind of complicated, and I'm more of a learning by doing kind of gal. And I just forgot what we were talking about. Anyway, that's not important. What's important is that I've got a lot of lost time to make up for with my family, and it seems like a lot of things have changed in my absence. RIP The Hippo Burger - your greasy meat chunks of deliciousness slathered with that patented secret honey hippo sauce was too good for this world. TOO GOOD, I SAY.




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    • Richest Duck in the World
      Richest Duck in the World

      There was a familiar knock on her door and the soft tap of a cane on the floor.

      “Della?” The old duck’s voice was slightly strained, as if he half feared he’d find an empty room.
      “Do you have a few minutes, Lass?”

      • Moon Mom
        Moon Mom

        Della eagerly returned the hug, so glad to receive the affection and to be able to interact with her children like she had always wished.

        Her eyes widened as the boys chattered. "Oh! I'm sorry, boys! I didn't mean for you to find out about all that... Probably should've kept all that a little more private and to myself." She rubbed one of her arms looking sheepish.

        "I'm just so new to being a mom. Being your mom..." She trailed off, then shook her head and shot each of them a bright smile.

        "You don't say? They're really amping things up! That's great! How many badges have you gotten so far?" she asked, genuinely curious and also thinking about how she could help her son earn even more.

        Della watched Dewey push Huey aside, and she tried to hold back a smile because this seemed like one of those things where she should probably tell him not to push her brother. But as she was trying to figure out how to say something (she'd never tried to say a word of discipline to them before), Dewey's words made her cut herself short.

        She hugged him again. "Oh, of course, you are! The perfect amount of confidence, a ray of sunshine! You're fine!" She definitely didn't want to be the cause of him doubting himself! Crap, she was bad at this...

        And then, the gasp came from Louie, and she saw how offended he looked, and she remembered what he had said about not knowing how to have a mom, and she kind of panicked a bit and really didn't take in the deadpan expressions.

        She pulled him into a hug, too. "No, no! Of course not! You're a sweet kid, Louie. I'm sure you'd never do anything underhanded! I just - well, I mean... You know I've never run a lemonade stand in my life - I probably don't know what I'm talking about. You were doing great, honey."

        • Huey, Dewey & Louie
          Huey, Dewey & Louie

          “Hey, guys, mom’s here!” Dewey ran up and tackle-hugged Della as the other two followed behind.

          “Actually, there’s a junior woodchuck badge for almost everything now,” Huey informed Della matter-of-factly. “The advanced robotics badge was a cinch, but the quantum physics one has been kinda tricky. I was actually hoping you might-“

          “Wait wait wait-“ Dewey interrupted, pushing Huey aside. “You think I’m lost? Me? Pfft, please. I’m totally, 100% secure in who I am.” His proud, confident expression softened a bit in uncertainty. “A-at least, I think I am...”

          There was a sudden gasp from Louie. “What’s this? Not legitimate??”

          The boy put on his best offended expression, ignoring the deadpan looks he was receiving from his brothers. “I’ll have you know, I’m deeply offended and hurt by that accusation. You think your own son - your own flesh and blood! - is a con??”

          Perish the thought!

          • Moon Mom
            Moon Mom

            Della accepted the photo with careful hands and smiled at it fondly. "Heeeey, I remember this."

            She shook her head. "Man, they were both sooooo pissed when I decided to come along on that mission with them. Sarah was cool, though."

            She beamed wildly. "She gave me a GUN. With LASERS."

            • Crimson Cowl
              Crimson Cowl

              "yeah. Um, right. by the way, next time you see Agent 22, can you give her this? My aunt was going to on her birthday but she was...busy."

              Henry hands off a group photo of Della, Scrooge, A younger Mrs Beakley and a younger Sarah Beijing.


              • Moon Mom
                Moon Mom commented on the blog Gogol is a Terrible Search Engine
                "Hey, that's fine! Because I AM a great cook-" She was not but seemed to think she was. "And the less competition, the better!" Della made a bit of a face. "Coffee? Ugh, gross. No offense, but I don't see how anyone could drink that stuff. It's...
                • Moon Mom
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                  "AAAAAH!" There were several crashing noises heard within the room, but it wasn't very long before Della opened the door to her room immediately shut it behind her, back pressed flat against it. She had an extra wide, nervous grin on her beak....
                  • Moon Mom
                    Moon Mom commented on the blog The Dummy's Guide to Parenting
                    Della grimaced as Donald laid out the facts so plainly - couldn't be helped, what's done was done, and it was all her fault. Her eyes widened when Donald said he was mad at Uncle Scrooge, that he didn't think Scrooge deserved to see her kids grow...
                    • Moon Mom
                      Moon Mom commented on the blog Gogol is a Terrible Search Engine
                      Della blinked at him when he first denied, and then after some thought admitted he had been in a circus once. Still, she brushed it aside because being in the circus sounded cool. "Awesome. So, detective, scientist, jazz musician, AND acrobat!...
                      • Moon Mom
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                        "First time for everything!" Della said, cheerfully. She shook her head. "Yeah, a dress wouldn't be a good idea for this. But she can totally wear a skirt over a pair of jeans if she wants! No problem there!" She smiled wider when Drake told...
                        • Moon Mom
                          Moon Mom commented on the blog The Dummy's Guide to Parenting
                          Della ruffled Donald's head feathers a bit and chuckled, too. "Well, you make it easy, Donnie." She paused. "Stress hammock?" Her eyes widened a bit when Donald told her that him and Daisy weren't a thing anymore. Her expression softened a bit....
                          • Moon Mom
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                            Della's eyes widened when Quiverwing explained what a cold case was. "Oh." She paused a moment. "Well, that sounds - waaaaay - more important." She wasn't exactly sure how it qualified as fun, either, but hey, if it was what made him happy and it...
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                              Della frowned and seemed to look thoughtful a moment. "Cold cases of what? I'm a mom now, so I probably oughtta not be drinking especially around the kids."She gave him a curious look when he mentioned putting in extra gym time and how he was still...


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