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@QuiverwingDuck "I have more than just one point, actually, because I'm a genius. In fact, hold on right there. Let me get a presentation board, so I can show you all of the reasons why drawing easy to follow diagrams is stupid."


Age: Too Complicated for You to Understand
Species: Chicken
Gender: Trans Man
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Genius Inventor - Definitely Not a Mad Scientist

**This blog will be rated M because I headcanon Gyro as swearing a lot and also his inventions tend to turn homicidal... and it just seems to be a safe rating all around.**

My employer / apparently non-mutual friend has been encouraging me to be more "social." Personally, I think I've more than met my quota for social activity due to having to interact with all of the interns he keeps shoving at me. But I suppose if he's so insistent, I'll give this a try. Social media is still "social" after all. Why not? I still maintain the best use for the internet is data mining, memes, and posting rage-fueled rants in an attempt to educate the clearly uneducated masses.



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    • Lady Cide
      Lady Cide


      From under a cabinet very cautiously poked out the head of a guinea pig. Or more precisely, the skull.

      It peered up at the scientist with vacant eyes, then ducked back out of sight.

      Scared little thing, for something that was already dead.

      • Crimson Cowl
        Crimson Cowl

        Henry fell backwards at the outburst, but...well It seemed to work.

        "yes, yes she is. And the fact that you didn't know that makes me suspect that you haven't been in contact with her. You may want to up your security by the way, She's not the only scientist that she worked with SHUSH who's gone missing. And If I can get in here, they an get in here. Also, You need to delete the Security footage of this, obviously, if you don't you violate your contract."

        And with that, the "Joke Nephew" has left.

        • Misunderstood Scientist
          Misunderstood Scientist

          Gyro settled into his chair and waited for the explanation. He nearly fell off of it when the kid flashed a badge and proclaimed himself to be an undercover SHUSH agent.

          "Oh, so SHUSH is employing 12-year olds now?" He'd been unable to refrain from the outburst. "SHUSH, an organization so secret nobody even knows what the acronym for it stands for! SHUSH, the organization that makes bureaucrats look like unorganized juvenile delinquents? Are we even talking about the SAME-"

          And Gyro's eyes widened a moment when he realized he'd literally just given away how familiar he was with SHUSH. "Well... Shit. I mean, fuck." He could feel a migraine coming on and rubbed at his feathery temples. "Damn it, joke nephew, please do NOT tell your uncle I cursed in front of you."

          He gave a long suffering groan. "Uggggh..." And thought over what the kid had told him. Dr. Bellum... Yes. He was familiar with her. Had even worked alongside her on occasion. He did not know her well. Nor did she know him well, either.

          They were simply colleagues working together towards the same goal, and Gyro wasn't really the social type. More like the focus and work type until he needed a break to browse memes and yell at strangers on the internet about string theory.

          "All right. Well, seeing as to how I can't possibly dig myself in even deeper than I already have... Fine. Yes. I know who Dr. Bellum is."

          He frowned as he thought this over more. "She's missing?"

          • Crimson Cowl
            Crimson Cowl

            "Ok fine, Honest is better I guess."

            The Kid holds up a badge that if given a few minutes anyone could tell was fake before quickly to hide it.

            "I'm a undercover SHUSH agent. Dr. Bellum hasn't reported in for several months and we're looking into her disappearance."

            • Misunderstood Scientist
              Misunderstood Scientist

              Gyro gave the kid a skeptical look when he stumbled over the adopted word. Still, he shrugged his shoulders. "Pending adoption, then."

              It wasn't like the kid had managed to get in here by sneaking in. The security system of the bin was as tight, if not tighter, than it had ever been. He'd made sure of that.

              "Genius Monthly is letting a child run a report?" Gyro quirked an eyebrow. His patience was starting to wear a little thin with this child, but he kept his temper in check. Mainly because he was sure his employer wouldn't appreciate him laying a verbal smack-down on one of his children.

              But the spark of irritation gave way to a bit of shock and confusion. Well, it was not unheard of for Mr. McDuck's family to get up to all sorts of things. SHUSH involvement? Why not?

              Still, he was under a contract and was sure the punishment would be dire if he was caught spilling SHUSH secrets, and to a child, no less.

              He crossed one leg over the other. "So... You're interviewing me not about my own genius but about whether I know another scientist?"

              Gyro rolled his eyes and gave an exasperated sigh. "I AM a genius, joke nephew. You can drop the story and tell me what you're really after, or you can continue talking, and I'll eventually figure it out, anyway."


              • Misunderstood Scientist
                "I didn't forget," Gyro said, sounding a bit offended that Quiverwing actually thought he COULD forget something. "I just figured I'd already proven my point." He crossed his arms.He didn't sound surprised by Quiverwing mentioning he'd never used...
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                    Gyro glanced at him a moment and waved his hand dismissively. "Save your promises. I hardly need your "word" -" He actually made air-quotes with his fingers. "When you put yourself in direct harm's way, so that I wouldn't be directly in harm's way....
                    • Misunderstood Scientist
                      Gyro's brow furrowed at Quiverwing's response. He couldn't really reconcile the idea of a non-apologetic Quiverwing with the one that seemed intent on apologizing to him constantly. He frowned. "I haven't the faintest idea why you would be trying to...
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                        Gyro raised an eyebrow at Quiverwing's perky demeanor. Did he really think he was fooling him? What part of his having a superior intellect did the masked hero not understand? He must have worn himself out much more than he thought because as much...
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                          Gyro was not a patient man. After a half an hour of pacing and his hands twitching and going over and over again a thousand different scenarios, he had half a mind to march in there and demand to know what was going on. Fortunately, he was...
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                            Gyro paused for a long moment when Quiverwing appeared to be sitting up and smiling brightly at him as if he hadn't been shot at all. As if they were just going on a pleasant side-trip or something. He frowned in response to Quiverwing's smile. His...
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                                • Quiverwing Duck
                                  Quiverwing Duck

                                  "Don't be silly, Dr. Gearloose. I'm not a clone." That was Quiverwing Duck's cheerful reassurance to Gyro's concern over some rather uncanny resemblances. "You know how SHUSH is. They just like to employ handsome Agents." He lifted his hands in a shrug, as if he were hapless against such hiring strategies.

                                  The masked archer had ended up casually sitting well outside of arm's reach from Darkwing Duck, not due to any kind of malicious animosity between them--they had managed to get past that, mostly--but because there was still the chance of a disagreement and possible scuffle between them. It also allowed Quiverwing to be something of a buffer zone between Darkwing and Jacob, due to Reasons.

                                  He was intently listening to the scientist while he explained the whys and whats of their meeting. When the call for questions came, Quiverwing had only three concerns. He said, "First... throwing myself into danger with no concern for my safety and well-being is kind of my thing. Won't this have a negative impact on my ability to do my job? Second, is it okay to avoid all food when taking this? Because that's going to happen anyway. And lastly, I just want to be absolutely certain about this, coffee is perfectly fine for consumption, right?" Because if it wasn't, that was going to be a deal-breaker.


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