Puck Puddlebill

Age: 24
Species: duck
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: single
Occupation: Singer and Guitarist of alternative band "Dark Matter'

Appearance: rainbow mohawk with bangs and side-bangs, green eyes, peach colored feathers

Abilities: is able to perfectly replicate any voice she hears, and is very good with her balance

Weaknesses: long distance running, overly trusting

Personality: fun, kind, frisky, energetic, joking, friendly, spicy, wild

Character background: Was born in Ireland and grew up there. She went to school and finished high school, but found herself the singer and lead guitarist in a alternative band called Dark Matter and decided to put collage on hold and help try to get the band popular. Luckily, they did get a contract and some albums out, and became fairly famous across the world. They tour often.

Other info: During a tour in St. Canard, Puck's band-mates are kidnapped and she know's she's next. She calls on the hero Darkwing Duck for help, and he sends her to hide at his 'friend Drake Mallard's' house until the kidnapper was caught. During her time with the gang, she quickly picked up a few hints about who Darkwing really was, and using her voice manipulating skills, she was able to get Drake to admit he was Darkwing. She promised she wouldn't tell anyone if he took her on a few late night crime-busting sprees with her, and he reluctantly agreed. That's when she first became Midnight Star.



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