Malicia Macawber

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Age: Mind Your Damn Business
Species: Duckubus
Gender: Lady
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Supervillain with Superbeauty

What's there to tell? I'm only the most beautiful creature you've ever seen. That's all you have to know.



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    • Negaduck

      Argh. Could anything bore him more than the Witch and the Wardrobe?

      Eyerolls aside, how could he duck out of this duty?

      "I've got other preparations to make, hot stuff." Handing over a business card at random. "But this joint should be able to help you out."

      Supervillains had to have their tailors, after all, although in Malicia's case, her.. requirements suited a more unique approach.

      A toast, hopefully not a literal one this time. "To badness."

      And the start of a terrible fiendship.

      • Malicia Macawber
        Malicia Macawber

        "Hmmm..." She flipped through the leaflet thoughtfully.

        "This can be arranged. A teleportation spell is not terribly complicated." She concluded.

        Closing the leaflet she turned back to him. "You'll get what you want." From the store. Not from me.

        "But... if I'm going to do this, I can't go out like this." A motion to herself. "I have my modelling career to think about after all. I need... a costume."

        • Negaduck

          I'll give you some substance. As always, however, crime was the first thing on Negaduck's mind too. Getting down to business in whatever form was fine by him.

          "As you can imagine, the crooks of St Canard have been keeping the jewellry retaillers - or more specifically their insurance brokers - busy for some time."

          I'd like to take all the credit for that but hey, can't knock a team effort.

          "In a bid to get ahead of that, they're trailling a new form of maximum security shopfronts, dubbed Pandora's Box. I'm talking electrified outer walls, automated machine gun posts, decoy videogames, the works."

          A shiny leaflet, promising The Luxury of Safety, and gold. Lots of gold.

          "You give me something to bust through the external defences - like, say, a portal - and anything in the collection you want is yours."

          How's that for satisfying, wench?

          • Malicia Macawber
            Malicia Macawber

            Her tail constricted itself around his wrist, bringing it to a full stop. Down boy.

            "I expect more than that. Something with a little more... sparkle." Her hand flew to her neck to toy with her new necklace.

            "Something with substance."

            Honestly, a lowly Normal like you thinks he can satisfy me? Laughable!

            "Now tell me you have some semblance of a plan for our first... collaboration."

            • Negaduck

              Ah, getting his way. Nothing made Negaduck happier.

              Aside from a truckload of sweet, fluffy squirrels running through a combine harvester. No reason he couldn't celebrate with that later, however...

              "I'll look after your needs, don't you worry about that."

              Making it rather apparent what form of compensation she could expect as a bonus.

              "You know what they say, one witch in the hand is worth two in the..."

              Yeah. There.

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