Morgana Macawber 2.0

“Yes, but Calisota’s winters are much milder than Transylvanian ones. Here, you can actually walk through your door without having to clear a path from a second story window first.”
Blink. “Your plant boyfriend?”


Age: Age is just a number, Darling.
Species: Part duck, part monster
Gender: Lady
Sexual Orientation: Demi
Occupation: Restauranteur

“Do I look alright, Archie? Oh! Hello! I was expecting someone else, but do come in. Would you like some tea and biscuits? They’re my own recipe. You look a bit frazzled. Was the storm too much? I’m afraid it is a necessary precaution to keep unwanted guests from disturbing my sleep. You would not believe how many teenagers have tried knocking on my door and running away. Is that some sort of greeting custom here? My doorknocker keeps most of them away, fortunately.”



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