Elliot Hudson

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Age: Early 20s (Birthday: April 1st)
Species: Duck
Gender: Male
Occupation: SHUSH Pilot/Agent

Elliot Hudson is a pilot and agent for SHUSH. He dreams of one day becoming a famous aerobatic, stunt, and/or racing pilot. However, he also never plans to leave his current job, so how he plans to accomplish this remains a mystery.

But Elliot is a can-do sort of guy. He's sure he'll figure it out.

His expertise is in aviation. He's a gifted pilot, specializing in fixed-wing aircraft (though he can fly a rotorcraft in a pinch). He pilots, builds and repairs aircraft, knows the history of various aircraft and aviators, and can tell you the stats of just about any aircraft, past or present. Ask him anything aviation-related, and he'll talk your ears off.

That said, his intelligence in other areas seems to come off as average... even below average, at times. However, he is not stupid (despite doing stupid things on a regular basis). It's mostly a result of getting bored/distracted easily, allowing his emotions to override his logic, or not applying himself fully to things that do not interest him. Or just simply being drunk off his tail feathers.

- Loyal to a fault.
- Chivalrous. Will not hurt women, children, elders or animals.
- Happy, friendly, optimistic.
- Adventurous, thrill-seeking.
- Lives to help and protect those who need it.
- Stands up for his beliefs, and for anyone he feels is being treated unfairly.
- Will not hesitate to go against authority if he feels they are wrong.
- Willing to lay down his life to save others.

- Heavy drinker.
- Avoids commitment, one-night stands only.
- Has quite the temper. Don't push his buttons.
- Reckless and impulsive. Lacks common sense at times.
- Easily distracted. Disorganized.
- Doesn't follow rules very well.
- Can be overprotective at times.
- Intense personality that can drive friends away.
- Highly insecure, despite an outward confident appearance.

- Born to an Irish mother (deceased) and an English father (estranged).
- Has been through a rough childhood. Does not like to talk about his past, nor his family. Especially his father.
- Has served both SHUSH UK and Central branches. Currently residing in St. Canard, working at SHUSH Central.
- Has been a fan of the Flying McQuacks since before he could even walk.
- Owns two planes... a damaged stunt plane (still in London), and the plane he learned to fly in (a Cessna) in St. Canard. His Cessna is his most prized possession.
- Has a soft spot for cute, fluffy animals. (But SHH! Don't tell anyone...)
- Would be diagnosed as twice exceptional (Gifted, with ADHD), but has never had an official diagnosis.  Possible PTSD due to a traumatic event in high school.
- His "intense personality" mostly stems from the fact that he experiences emotions much more intensely than most people. Rather than happy, he'll be ecstatic; rather than annoyed, he'll be furious. And those emotions can change at the drop of a hat, depending on what's going on. That, along with his other faults, make it difficult for those without the patience of a saint to deal with him for long periods.
- Despite his penchant for one-night affairs, he is not a player. It would kill him to break any girl's heart, so he is upfront about his intentions. He will never make advances on a woman he knows to be taken, or looking for something serious.*

*See the article "chivalrous pervert" on TVTropes... it describes him pretty well.



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    • Elliot Hudson
      Elliot Hudson

      Elliot had been reluctant to pick up when he saw Sans on the caller ID, but he didn’t regret it. The agent was already grabbing his suit jacket off the chair and quickly heading towards the supernatural department before Sans even finished that last sentence.

      “I’m on my way over!”

      • Sans the Skeleduck
        Sans the Skeleduck

        There was silence for a bit, then the phone rang again.

        "hehheh, sorry, maybe that was mean of me. look, i'm gettin' outta this office for a bit, got assigned to my first mission. wanna tag along? director says i need a partner. some werewolf is tearin' up dogburg."

        • Elliot Hudson
          Elliot Hudson

          Elliot, who’d been swamped in paperwork himself, was slightly distracted when he picked up the phone. He was rushing to finish said paperwork before the end of the day.

          Ooh, a creature loose in the building? Finally some excitement!

          “Red hair, green eyes, hates paperwork. Got it! I’ll make a sweep of this floor and see if I find anyth-“

          He stopped as realisation hit., and his shoulders slumped in disappointment.

          “Ha ha, very funny, Sans.” Dang it! Why’d the guy have to go and get his hopes up like that? “Look, I’m really busy. Call me when there’s some REAL excitement, okay?”

          With that he hung up and reluctantly got back to his boring task. Oh, what he wouldn’t give for a REAL monster attack right about now.

          • Sans the Skeleduck
            Sans the Skeleduck

            Elliot's phone rang.

            "kid, i need your help, there's an emergency. we think a creature is loose in the building, it's dangerous and we gotta nab it. lemme know if you find it, you won't be able to miss it, it's got fiery red hair, green eyes and really hates paperwork."

            • Sans the Skeleduck
              Sans the Skeleduck

              Sans' grin seemed to widen. "heh. so you are saying i should... take it down a notch?"

              He didn't want to be helped anyway.

              "thanks for the tip. i gotta go. see ya around, bud," he waved and walked off.


              • Elliot Hudson
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                • Elliot Hudson
                  Elliot, however, had seen more than enough horror flicks to notice what the skeleton had not. ”Uh, Sans?  That might work fine and all if these are just random attacks.  But are you sure these people...
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                      • Elliot Hudson
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                        ((OOC: Sorry for the delay!  I had no idea it was my turn. x.x)) Elliot frowned in thought at Gemini’s question.  “I think it was... maybe a Friday?  Yeah, definitely a Friday.  It had been a stressful week at work,...
                        • Elliot Hudson
                          Elliot Hudson commented on the blog Where Were You When I Died Inside
                          After he’d made sure all the empty beer bottles had been cleaned up, and any other more questionable things had been hidden away, Elliot was more than happy to curl up with Lexi for a while.  It was probably the first time he’d had...
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                            Elliot sighed and handed over the book.  “Not doomed.  At least, I hope not.  I’ve got too much to live for.” But, hey.  If he was going to die on a mission one day, anyway... death by vampire werewolf was a...
                            • Elliot Hudson
                              Elliot Hudson commented on the blog Where Were You When I Died Inside
                              Elliot was happy to finally relax, as well. Earlier that day, he’d finished his long journey home from what had been undoubtedly the lengthiest and, to put it mildly, absolute worst mission he’d ever been on.  That had been...


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