Elliot Hudson

"Are you kidding? She'll probably be going after them next." Elliot hugs Lexi. "It'll be fine." @specks @barkybarkwolf


Age: Early twenties
Species: Duck
Gender: Male
Occupation: SHUSH Pilot

(Note: Dr. Moira Rousseau (another OC of mine) is also being played from this account for the time being. She is SHUSH's first in-house psychologist, who handles forensic psychology and mental health assessments, as well as therapy for some SHUSH agents.  She's intelligent, kind and sweet, but also timid, naive and a bit sensitive.)

Elliot Hudson is a pilot and agent for SHUSH. He dreams of one day becoming a famous aerobatic, stunt, and/or racing pilot. However, he also never plans to leave his current job, so how he plans to accomplish this remains a mystery.

But Elliot is a can-do sort of guy. He's sure he'll figure it out.

His expertise is in aviation. He's a gifted pilot, specializing in fixed-wing aircraft (though he can fly a rotorcraft in a pinch). He pilots, builds and repairs aircraft, knows the history of various aircraft and aviators, and can tell you the stats of just about any aircraft, past or present. Ask him anything aviation-related, and he'll talk your ears off.

That said, his intelligence in other areas seems to come off as average... even below average, at times. However, he is not stupid (despite doing stupid things on a regular basis). It's mostly a result of getting bored/distracted easily, allowing his emotions to override his logic, or not applying himself fully to things that do not interest him. Or just simply being drunk off his tail feathers.

- Loyal to a fault.
- Chivalrous. Will not hurt women, children, elders or animals.
- Happy, friendly, optimistic.
- Adventurous, thrill-seeking.
- Lives to help and protect those who need it.
- Stands up for his beliefs, and for anyone he feels is being treated unfairly.
- Will not hesitate to go against authority if he feels they are wrong.
- Willing to lay down his life to save others.

- Heavy drinker.
- Avoids commitment, one-night stands only.
- Has quite the temper. Don't push his buttons.
- Reckless and impulsive. Lacks common sense at times.
- Easily distracted. Disorganized.
- Doesn't follow rules very well.
- Can be overprotective at times.
- Intense personality that can drive friends away.
- Highly insecure, despite an outward confident appearance.

- Half-English, half-Irish. Born in London. Has an English accent. His mother is deceased, and he is estranged from his father.
- Has been through a rough childhood. Does not like to talk about his past, nor his family. Especially his father.
- Has served both SHUSH UK and Central branches. Currently residing in St. Canard, working at SHUSH Central.
- Has been a fan of the Flying McQuacks since before he could even walk.
- Owns two planes... a damaged stunt plane (still in London), and the plane he learned to fly in (a Cessna) in St. Canard. His Cessna is his most prized possession.
- Has a soft spot for cute, fluffy animals. (But SHH! Don't tell anyone...)
- Would be diagnosed as twice exceptional (Gifted, with ADHD), but has never had an official diagnosis.
- His "intense personality" mostly stems from the fact that he experiences emotions much more intensely than most people. Rather than happy, he'll be ecstatic; rather than annoyed, he'll be furious. And those emotions can change at the drop of a hat, depending on what's going on. That, along with his other faults, make it difficult for those without the patience of a saint to deal with him for long periods.
- Despite his penchant for one-night affairs, he is not a player. It would kill him to break any girl's heart, so he is upfront about his intentions. He will never make advances on a woman he knows to be taken, or looking for something serious.*

*See the article "chivalrous pervert" on TVTropes... it describes him pretty well.



Message board

    • Sans the Skeleduck
      Sans the Skeleduck

      "they'll have to bear with it, or grizzle to their boss. besides, it's not like I wolfed down the handbook. at least you seem humerus. i'm sans. sans the skeleduck. new agent for the supernatural branch. would you be so kind as to point me to the department? I'm sans a map."

      • Elliot Hudson
        Elliot Hudson

        "There's a lot of stuffy people around here, so I'd be careful with the puns. If you keep it up, they're bound to have a bone to pick with you."

        • Sans the Skeleduck
          Sans the Skeleduck

          "hey, why was peter pan a terrible pilot? because he neverlands." Ba-dum-tss.

          • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer
            (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer

            "I'll let him know about you!" Gosalyn told Elliot cheerfully. "You two would get along well!"

            Everything was all just so fascinating! Gosalyn was also very caught up alongside Elliot, and lost track of time.

            That is, until her stomach started growling. She blushed shyly. "Excuse me."

            • Elliot Hudson
              Elliot Hudson

              "Ooh, you've met him?"

              It was Elliot's turn to be impressed. And maybe a bit (a lot) envious. As often as Darkwing and his sidekick visited SHUSH, he had yet to get a chance to see them himself.

              "Man. I would have loved to learn to fly with him. Or even just meet him, for that matter." He smiled. "You're really lucky. I hope you two have fun."

              He rambled on a bit more about Launchpad and the Flying McQuacks before another of his favorite planes caught his eye and he began talking about that.

              They would probably need to break for lunch soon, though. They had already been through the rest of the museum, and it was getting late in the day. And Elliot seemed to have completely forgotten about eating, as he often did when caught up in something fun.


              • Elliot Hudson
                Elliot Hudson posted on Elliot Hudson's message board
                "There's a lot of stuffy people around here, so I'd be careful with the puns. If you keep it up, they're bound to have a bone to pick with you."
                • Elliot Hudson
                  Elliot Hudson commented on the blog [RP] The Devil You Know
                  Back in Hooter's office, Agent Hudson was glaring angrily and shaking his head at the director. Don't you dare give him what he wants! Sure, he'd much rather go out in an epic air battle... but Elliot was perfectly willing to die right here and...
                  • Elliot Hudson
                    Elliot Hudson posted on James Wolfe's message board
                    Elliot huffed a little, crossing his arms and looking away in a childish manner. "I could still have plans..." he muttered under his breath. He knew he should have waited and asked Hooter. But he had not been in his office, and the young agent...
                    • Elliot Hudson
                      Elliot Hudson posted to the wire
                      "Are you kidding? She'll probably be going after them next." Elliot hugs Lexi. "It'll be fine." @specks @barkybarkwolf
                      • Elliot Hudson
                        Elliot Hudson posted to the wire
                        @posiduckrp "Posi, I'm not sure what to do. Patients are cancelling their appointments left and right, and no one will tell me why." Nervous pacing. "They all look at me like I can't be trusted anymore. But why wouldn't they? I mean... I DID overhear someone say something about black-haired people being spies... but surely that can't be it? Do people really believe something so silly? Who would even start such a rumor?" She looked as if she wanted to cry. @barkybarkwoof
                        • Elliot Hudson
                          Elliot Hudson posted to the wire
                          "Don't let it get to you, Lex." (Because it's getting to me enough for the both of us.) "Only people with half a brain would ever believe this rubbish." @specks @barkybarkwolf
                          • Elliot Hudson
                            Elliot Hudson posted to the wire
                            @barkybarkwoof "THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID! YOU JUST PIECED TOGETHER RANDOM WORDS!" *Angry stomping* @hooter *whiny 'I'm telling' voice* "Hooterrrr.... tell her I don't drink and flyyy...!" D:
                            • Elliot Hudson
                              Elliot Hudson posted to the wire
                              WARNING: incoming temper tantrum. "WHAT?! Me? Flying drunk?!" Crushes beer can. "How DARE you! You're spreading complete and total lies about everyone!! .... Well, fine, it's not a COMPLETE lie... I do love a good beer. BUT! I'll have you know that I ALWAYS wait the FULL EIGHT HOURS required after I'm done drinking before taking on any flight assignments! And FURTHERMORE--" Rant rant rant, etc. @barkybarkwolf


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