Red Nova

"Our sun is set to explode in around 4 billion years, give or take a few. Sadly, none of us will be around to see it. But you're all in luck, I just so happen to have a simulation on hand of what that would feel like. Who wants to go first? Don't be shy now."


Age: 27
Species: Canine
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Criminal

Born as Ellie Scapelli, daughter of Tony 'Trigger' Scapelli, the oldest of a group of racketeers padding the seedy underbelly of St. Canard, she was once a weapons specialist and arms dealer for the black market.

Commissioned by Negaduck to create a massive super weapon to level the city with, she cracks under the pressure and presents him with a malfunctioning creation. Furious at the weapon backfiring and ruining his plans, Negaduck leaves her trapped in one of her warehouses, triggering every explosive she ever made to go off at once, blowing her sky high.

Thought to be dead, Ellie wakes up months later- badly burnt, disfigured, and missing an arm- under the care of an unstable scientist by the name of Madam Anna Matronic. Having an affinity for canines, and having planned on fusing Ellie's body with her machines, she instead decides to assist Ellie in her quest for vengeance against Negaduck.

Shedding her old identity and ties with the mafia all together, Ellie begins her new life as Red Nova, feeling a greater purpose, and begins making weapons again with personal modifications to allow her easy use. Concealing her identity behind a helmet, visor, or goggles, she takes to the skies with a jetpack to allow for easier maneuvering, shooting across the skyline at break neck speed.

She becomes obsessed with explosions and astronomy, convinced that the trauma she went through gave her a new perspective on life. She intends to share it with St. Canard, reasoning that there is no way to save the city, it has to be burnt down to the ground, to start over again, like the rebirth of a star.




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      Red Nova commented on the album Artz
      "I just assume you'd have to bribe people to want to draw you, that's all. But I'm sure threatening them is just as effective. After all, an artist only needs one hand to draw with, right?" 
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        Red Nova commented on the blog Super meet Nova
        Whoops, time to about face. Red scrambled to power her jet pack on, aiming it towards the tin of duck before her, hoping the blast would send her flying away from him, and maybe give him a nice little taste of exhaust too. It took a moment to fire...
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          Red Nova commented on the blog SHUSH Ambush
          "Whoa, whoa." She held up her hands. "What do you mean, how did I get inside? The same as you, buddy, I walked in the front door, I took the elevator, and whatever security you have here apparently was out to lunch or busy adjusting their seat or...
          • Red Nova
            Oh. Oh. This was good. This was very good. Now she really had something to smile about, and her grin grew more natural. Bingo. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of telling." She play-whispered right back. "Friends don't tell each other's secrets, right?...
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              "Oh sure, all of that sounds like such... fun." She forced a smile across her muzzle. "But actually, Quackers, I was wondering if we could maybe play a different game. I mean, just out of curiosity, do you like being in the Fearsome Five? Does it...
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                Red Nova commented on the blog RP: Bank Re-nova-tions
                Red skidded to a stop against the concrete and looked over her shoulder back at the phone. An app? Well now that really was useful. They'd never look for her underground, and she could get back to the observatory through the tunnels, provided they...
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                  Red Nova commented on the blog Lights Out!
                  This was turning out to be quite the excursion evidently. She couldn't really pass up a good bank robbing opportunity, money was always useful. "A regular highway robbery." Nova agreed, "Also, a suggestion, we should probably avoid St. Canard Fifth...
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                    Red Nova commented on the album Artz
                    "How much do you have to pay artists to suffer staring at your mug for hours in order to capture your likeness? Just curious!"


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