Duck Avenger

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Age: 34
Species: Pekin duck
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Superhero, defender of Earth, custodian, coin polisher, uncle


When the abandoned Villa Rose is left to Donald Duck, he happens upon the diary of its former owner, John Quackett, who was a famous gentleman thief and vigilante known as Fantomallard. Wanting to seek revenge over his two biggest grievances, Gladstone Gander and uncle Scrooge, he takes up Quackett's old costume and, with some gadgets from Gyro Gearloose, becomes the Diabolical Duck Avenger.

Duck Avenger later turns away from self-vindication and begins crimefighting, becoming a celebrated hero in Duckburg.

After genius Everett Ducklair skips town for a Tibetan monastery, most of his assets are bought by Scrooge, including the 150-floor Ducklair Tower. Donald is made its custodian, and he discovers that the tower actually has 151 floors. He investigates later that night as the Duck Avenger, and is swallowed by a gargoyle on the roof. He finds himself in the secret floor and comes face to face with the tower's AI, a mighty computer named One. He offers to be Duck Avenger's partner, which includes access to Ducklair's technology, including the versatile X-Transformer shield. Thus, the 151st floor becomes his new hideout, and the two work together to battle all-new villains, including hostile aliens, and time-traveling bandits.

Duck Avenger also began taking freelance missions from S.H.U.S.H. every now and again, which is how he met Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night. They are friends, though generally, Duck Avenger prefers to keep his activities centered around Duckburg after a nasty incident that left him strapped to a giant pizza pan at the mercy of Negaduck.


With or without the mask, this is core Donald Duck. He is snarky, jovial, and has the temper of a raging volcano. When under his Duck Avenger persona, his cowardice is exchanged for courage, boisterous confidence, and a strong drive for justice. He knows what's right and will fight to the bitter end. He is strongly devoted to his family and no matter how much they aggravate or frustrate him, he will always be there for them, especially for his twin sister Della, her kids Huey, Dewey, and Louie. and (albeit reluctantly sometimes) his rich uncle Scrooge.

MOD NOTE: I can roleplay as Duck Avenger or Donald Duck.

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    • Moon Mom
      Moon Mom

      "I can be everyone's friend, too!" She felt it necessary to insist on this point, if only because it made her feel bad to dwell on the fact she'd made someone feel so terrible that clearly didn't deserve it.

      "I'm going to spare myself an I told you so from you later because... you know, for once, you're probably right, Donald."

      He was her brother. Conceding a point in his favor was always going to be done begrudgingly. She paused.

      "Uh... Darkwing Duck? Who's that?"

      • Crimson Cowl
        Crimson Cowl

        "Well that backfired."

        • Duck Avenger
          Duck Avenger

          “Allllllright, then, you’re outta here, kid,” said Donald, scooping up Henry and heading for the elevator. “I don’t care if your 3rd aunt twice removed is the hootin’ mayor of Duckburg, if I see you tryin’ to get in here again, I’ll boot you off the balcony!”

          As the doors opened, he tossed Henry into the elevator cab and pressed a secret button to close the doors instantly. “One, send the little punk to the ground floor, please.”

          • Crimson Cowl
            Crimson Cowl

            "Ok then. Hows this!"

            Cowl pulls out a red USB

            "BEHOLD! The most powerful hacking algorithm known to man! The Code Red!"

            Man I hope it buys the bluff, all thats on here are some old SuperHam the animated series episodes.

            • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles
              Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

              The fact that this supposed Aunt notes didn't include the fact that One is a self-aware artificial intelligence was proof enough to One that this kid must be lying...That or said Aunt decided to not include said information.
              "Pounding on the keys certainly won't do you any good. I never understood why you Biologicals can't seem to grasp that."


              • Duck Avenger
                Duck Avenger commented on the blog RP: Lab Rats
                Duck Avenger sighed, figuring this would happen. "Lookit, this is my superhero outfit. I'm the Duck Avenger. Don't go blabbing it to Gyro, though, okay? I don't want everyone knowing who I really am, least of all uncle Scrooge," he...
                • Duck Avenger
                  Duck Avenger commented on the blog The Dummy's Guide to Parenting
                  "You're welcome, Dells. It was my pleasure." There was some truth to that once you got past all the stress, sleepless nights, and instant ramen. It was all worth it seeing Huey, Dewey, and Louie grow up into such dynamic personalities. "Ha ha! Yep,...
                  • Duck Avenger
                    Duck Avenger commented on the blog Hatus Pocus (Open RP)
                    It was a short trip to the outskirts of Duckburg where his Grandma's homestead was. The thought of Ariana's hat crossed his mind, but he wondered why. It was not a very remarkable hat. The thing was, he had never seen her wear hats before (in the...
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                      Duck Avenger posted to the wire

                      OOC: Bye, Mal!

                      • Duck Avenger
                        Duck Avenger commented on the blog Full-Mal-tel Alchemy: Botherhood
                        Duck Avenger hauled Darkwing atop the catwalk. When he looked out, Mal was winding up for a heckuva fireball, which was halted by a random lightning bolt catching her off-guard. "Morgana!" he called out, seeing the enchantress make her totally...
                        • Duck Avenger
                          Duck Avenger commented on the photo Thriving in his natural habitat
                          • Duck Avenger
                            Duck Avenger commented on the blog The Dummy's Guide to Parenting
                            Donald heaved a sigh and slumped against his pillow again. Getting riled up would do no good to his fatigued well-being. In fact, was that a headache coming on? Plus, he could feel the sincerity in every word Della said. She was right, after all....
                            • Duck Avenger
                              Duck Avenger commented on the blog Battle of the Dads
                              With Quiverwing situated, he now had to head back to collect/help Drake. "Get Quivy patched up, One. I got a bluejay to beat up." Back to St. Canard, back to the fray. Hopefully for not too many more times. Rocket fuel was a premium. He's got her...