Danny Pavo

@Lilly Good luck at the show dear! I know you're going to be great!


Age: 25
Species: peafowl
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Exotic Dancer and Ocasional Agent for S.H.U.S.H

Danny is, quite clearly, a peacock.  He was given up for adoption at birth and lived in a small orphanage right outside St. Canard until 5 years old, when a young couple adopted him.  The mother was a crow and the father was a blue jay.  They decided to adopt because the wife was unable to get pregnant.

Due to health issues with Danny's new mother, she had to stay home, and she used that opportunity to homeschool her son while her husband worked hard at his job all day long.  It wasn't long before she noticed something strange about her son.  He would touch things and space out, sometimes his eyes would roll behind his head.

Worried he might have a medical issue, she took him to a doctor but he couldn't detect anything wrong with the boy.  She assumed it was a phase of some sort and it would stop eventually.  It wasn't until Danny was around 7 years old that he began to communicate to his mom about his unique ability, which until then he had thought was normal.

Danny was born with the mysterious power to relive the life of anything he touched.  If he were to touch an object, such as a pencil or lamp, he would get flashes of everyone and everything that had touched that same object sense it's creation.  If he were to touch a person, he would get flashes of their entire life.

This amazing ability did not come without sacrifices though.  Danny could not control it.  The more things he touched, the more energy it drained from him.  His worried mother got in contact with a friend of hers who worked for S.H.U.S.H., and that friend contacted J. Gander Hooter who came to Danny's house to see his talents in person.  

Thankfully, Hooter was able to get a special pair of gloves designed for the boy that blocked his powers when he touched objects, thus giving the boy his freedom back and making him feel normal for the first time in his life.  All Hooter asked in return was some help from time to time.

Danny agreed, and sense then has been on call for S.H.U.S.H. as a special crime scene agent.  His powers are used to gather evidence and confessions against criminals for court.  (Examples: can touch a gun found at a shooting and identify the last person who touched it; can touch a person in questioning and probe their brain to find if they were involved in the crime or not.)

When Danny was 17, his mother finally passed away from her illness.  At that time too, his depressed father became an alcoholic and also found out his adopted son was gay, and he kicked Danny out of the house.  The boy turned to the only man he thought would help him: J. Gander Hooter.  Of course he was happy to help and took care of Danny for the next year, helping the peacock out with food and shelter.

When Danny turned 18, he decided he needed a job so he could take care of himself and not depend on the help of others anymore.  While job hunting, he received a generous offer from a man who owned an underground strip joint.  He got to work 2 nights a week durning the clubs 'gay nights' where he was the star of the show and all the men came to see him.

He hated the job, but he found himself practicing harder and making more money with each new move he learned. Danny realized he had a talent for exotic dancing, and lost the willpower to really do anything else.  He made enough to live a good life this way and he knew he wasn't smart or strong enough to do anything else.  

Danny is now 25 and has worked at several different clubs.  He still helps out S.H.U.S.H. when asked and he's a very sweet and shy bird who likes to hangout with his females coworkers and spent his afternoons realizing at home with a warm cup of tea.

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    • Lilly Teal
      Lilly Teal

      "There see. You've made him uncomfortable," came Lilly's voice from behind the racks.

      Oz tilted his head at the boy, but then smiled brilliantly and took his hands in a friendly gesture. "Sorry about that. I get so easily distracted. Didn't mean to make you feel left out of everything. Tell you what, come to the show next week when the dresses are ready. It's on me. Think of it as a thank you."

      • Lilly Teal
        Lilly Teal

        She flushed hotly at that. "That's... I mean you think so? Oh gosh but there's so... much of... how little it would be."

        "Well the only way to find out is a little mockup," Oz said cheerfully, popping up with what looked like a long skirt, a feather boa, a clip and lots of pins.

        "You said you were going to put on music," she said accusingly.

        "I did." The catchy beat in the back could attest to that. "And then I also found these! Obviously I'll have to design the front and use the right material and all but I just want to see how low something like that would hang from the back."

        "Oz- eek!" Before she could object, he scooped her into a dance around the room and spun her behind a rack of dresses, laughing. "Now don't complain just yet. Take your dress off and put the skirt on so I can fix you up from the back."


        "Oh right. Danny, is that alright? You mind us doing this in front of you?"

        "You ask if HE'S alright about me having a bare back in front of him!"

        • Lilly Teal
          Lilly Teal

          "Careful. You flatter me this much and I might want to keep you," Oz said with another cheeky wink, though he did look genuinely pleased as he made quick marks near the ones Danny seemed to like most.

          "He loves designing outfits and hair almost as much as he likes choreography. Or dancing himself," Lilly added with a smile. "Though he doesn't leave himself time to dance with us anymore."

          "Oh I'll be dancing. I can't work without music," Oz laughed, making a few more notes. "Danny, convince her she has to wear the backless one while I get my music on."


          "Look it's not as if your hair won't cover everything anyway!" waving his hands at her, he moved away to a sound system set against a wall.

          "... I'm sorry about him," she said apologetically. "He can get bossy when he's excited."

          • Lilly Teal
            Lilly Teal

            "Oooh, those look lovely," Lilly said. "Oz, do look."

            Looking up quickly, the quetzal nodded. "They look just right. Now, we need one type for the singing, going to make that form fitting and long, I'm thinking backless-"

            "Oh Oz, please no!"

            "Either that or a big slit up the side," he went on, completely ignoring Lilly's faint 'oh dear...'

            "And one you can actually dance in, and we'll have that made up for a few of the other girls too for a number. Hm... makeup will come later, but I'll keep the colours in mind..."

            Sitting back a bit, he looked at his feverish sketches and ran and hand through his bright blonde hair.

            "I think I've given myself too many options... but well. Here Danny. How do you like yourself as a page-full of potential designs?"





            • Lilly Teal
              Lilly Teal

              Flipping to a empty page on his sketchbook, Oz started to work quickly, clearly absolutely delighted by his model.

              "Tilt your head to the side a bit, aw, look at those eyes!"

              Calm down Oz.

              "Oh right, right," pausing a minute, he took a handful of fabrics and passed them onto Danny before continuing to sketch. "Just pick a couple of shades of green and blue that would suit Lilly to start me off. It'd be a big help."



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                  @Lilly Good luck at the show dear! I know you're going to be great!

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                    ((dang that's a lot more than I thought!))
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                      "Thursday, eight o'clock. Got it." He nodded and followed Oz to the door. He took the card and slipped it in his bag. "Sounds wonderful, I'd love too. I'll have the list for you at the show", he promised, waving to the girl peeking out from the...
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                        He looked up at Oz, blinking a few times before smiling nicely at him. "Thank you. I would like to see it."
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                          "It's not about now much there is, but how well you use it", he chuckled. he watched them interact for a while, but then frowned and rubbed his shoulder. "I think perhaps I should go. My job is done, yes? You have your sketches and I don't want...
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