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Hey all, looking forward to getting to know everyone, super excited! If I post too often or step on any toes with ANYTHINg I write, please let me know and I will change anything I can. Redoing a lot of stuff with my characters background so I’ll be updating her profile a bunch. I’m also willing to play any cannon characters that are needed or throw in more of my OCs if anyone wants me to? I have way too many OCs, including Thaddeus MalDrake, a wicked but charming voodoo Duck from the bayou with a past connection to Morgana...but not a good one, LOL...remember that time she was stood up for prom? ...his quiet sister, Dahlia, a mostly silent but gentle Frankenstein monster sort of being, Outspoken wild child Nimbus Phoenix, ice queen F.O.W.L agent and rival to Steelbeak (well, she considers him a rival, anyway) Keleen Vanderchill, and a few others including Celeste’s two time traveling daughters from the future...though their parentage may change here (laughs) and they may never exist all together here, but anyway you get the idea. I am not full of original ideas, but I have some ones I think are fun now and then and always up for new stuff!


Age: 14
Species: Tealwing Duck
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Not married at this time
With: Previous incarnations of the character, she's been involved with a younger alternative universe version of Quackerjack. Currently single
Occupation: Teenage delinquent, artist, student, future criminal defense attorney

“And I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.”
~Tyron Lannister
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Name: Celeste Oksana Tealwing, Emberwing, or Mallard, depending on the storylines. Cel for short

Age: 14

Occupation: Child protégée and adopted daughter to Negaduck, future criminal defense attorney 

Marital status: Single

Species: Teal-Winged Hen Duck


Personality: eager, enthusiastic, artistic, loves to try new things. Shy around new people. Loves animals, especially dangerous predators. Enjoys black humor, horror movies, breaking rules, reading. Has a soft spot for anyone with hurt feelings, often tries to befriend people she shouldn’t. Very sensitive about being an orphan. Loves all things supernatural and dark. Reads “Hairy Otter” book series obsessively.

Family: Biological father is the Negaverse version of Fenton Crackshell, Biological mother is the daughter of Negaverse Scrooge and Negaverse Magica, Cashandra Tealwing

Friends: None per this time but  hopefully that will change in the future? Has a past connection with Negaduck and Nega Gosalyn.

Enemies: None, but has a mixed bag experience as an associate of Negaduck’s with the likes of Destructoduck (Nega Gizmoduck) and Nega Morgana, so she is adverse to trusting their a Darkwing Universe versions.

Appearance: Auburn hair, medium length, hazel green eyes, light brown plumage with teal patches around her eyes and white marks underneath. Classically a red sweatshirt and jeans with black sneakers. Usually wears dark clothing that ranges from fashionable dress suits to worn in jeans a a black tank top. Has a tendency to wear things with skulls on them. 

Super powers (if any): Some magical abilities that are under developed and happen to emerge at the worst times, uncanny luck, good with animals.

Weaknesses: Too soft-hearted. She’s often caught between conflicting sides. Decent with computers, but often her latent magical abities get in the way. Struggles with feelings of inadequacy, often wants to do what is right but that comes into conflict with a need to get everyone to like her or approve of her.

Pets: Pack off guard dobermans, Smith, Wesson, Remington, Savage, Mossburg, Ruger, Beretta, Glock, Winchester, and Heckler

Universe of Origin: The Negaverse

School: St. Canard High School.

 Character History:Born of a scandalous affair between a rich debutante and her chauffeur, nearly drown as newborn but ended up in an orphanage in Negaverse St. Canard. Eventually met and impressed by her sheer nerve and tenacity, the Supreme Lord of the Negaverse, Negaduck, whom  took her on purely as a means to have someone to extract Information from Nega Gosalyn, and also keep her out of his feathers. She is an anomaly who suffers from frequent attempts by The Powers That BE to correct her existence. In short, she has had multiple brushes with mortality, and as such, can both see and hear Death as if he were a normal being standing next to her and has no fear of his presence. She doesn’t exist in any other universe, as she was not meant to be born, meaning that there is no Darkwing Universe, Posi universe, etc. version of her, and her inherent magical abilities are unstable and result in unexpected occurrences.



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            He paused, taking her words into consideration. “ We have some clowns... but I think given this towns reputation with villainous jesters that might be a bit ...unwise..” he paused then smiled knowingly, inspired,” But perhaps...I...
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              “It seems more stable in this world...it’s still happening but.....” she shrugged”it kinda came in handy at the police compound..no one noticed me at all the entire time I was there. They walked right by me. At first I was...
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                Thaddeus continued to play the gracious host after their meal and gave her a sort of elite behind the stage tou as they continued to wander about doing last minute stage setting and predations before the show. By dusk a reasonably large crowd of...
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                  Lol!!! This is awesome and I love it. Love it. I’ve been working on custominze one of my old Darkwing Figures to look like Negs, I will post it when im done, but just wanted to say as much as I love Mals green dress, her new look is amazing,...
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                    He blinked, astonished,” You are one of us, Lady Ariana. We would never dream of charging you even a scrap of bronze for anything we can offer you. “ with that he promptly turned to the cook and asked for a thick, steaming bowl of the...
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                      She took it gingerly, trying not to burn herself as she smothered the flames as best she could with a ratty pillow “Thank you...no luck...unless you count luck as almost being killed and/or arrested multiple times...and not I think I’ve...
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                        She hesitated as she parked the motorcycle in the shed and hesitatingly began digging through items , careful of grenades and such, until she found the first aid kit and set to gingerly cleaning his wounded cranium  and dabbing the blood out of...
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                          He  smiled at her curiousity, finding it charming, “ One of our beastmasters  and soothsayers feeds the creatures calming herbs and does a chant to help them feel at peace before showings, or the screams of the Normals can be very...


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