Candace Kaine

Age: 33 years of amazing and counting!
Species: I'm a Dicken. A Dove-Chicken. Get it?
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Preferably, I love men. But I adore and admire the female form!
Occupation: Professional Diva, Owner of Candy's Sweet Treats (past), V.P. of Kaine's Candy Inc. (present), Editor and Owner of W.B.B.S. Magazine, Part-time Fencing Instructor.

Just a little because I'm a tad busy at the moment making a new chemical compound for a new candy flavored suit.

Let's see:  though it may not appear to be the case all the time, my body has been fused with a chemical compound that allows me to literally control and manipulate sweets.  It's not as fun as it sounds: I constantly smell like and even taste like sweets, children and ants constantly try to follow and eat me, and my once gorgeous blond hair almost became hideous red hair!  Thankful, the exposure wasn't long enough and made it pink but could you imagine?!  Sometimes I can dye it back to it's normal color, but it doesn't last very long.  It does make it fun to dress though: I can wear outfits completely comprised of candy! 

You're probably a tad confused about my hair and eyes, so allow me to explain: after my incident that gave me my powers, a side effect (well other than the ones listed before) was that hair, feathers, and eyes turned pink (though in the case of my feathers, it's very light so very hard to notice unless you're very close to me.)  Sometimes, when I miss it's original coloring, I dye my hair back blond and put on colored contacts to make my eyes blue again.  Otherwise, it's just clear contacts or when I'm at home in the mani., glasses.

(Tastes chemicals.) Needs more salt...Oh yes.  I appreciate the female form and love my own!  I even named my girls Cara and Coco and my prized bumper Heidi. I also own my magazine: Women's Big Breast Monthly.  Now don't go into the gutter people, it's actually a great read that helps women with larger beautiful mounds take care of themselves.  Proper weights, proper support needs, proper managing--the like! It also helps those in the I.B.T.C. get bigger breast if they desire.

What else, what--hmm, I love classical music but play no instruments and can not sing apparently.  My sister swears I'm so bad at it, that she once weaponized my voice for one of her little science experiments.  And it works. Whatever, she's just jealous because her chest is as flat as a raft in a pond and her fashion sense is as accurate as a senile blind man.  All those brains and she can't inject herself with any curves or personality, HA!

(Clears throat.)  Anyway, I can at least fence and do love fashion.  I might have even taken it up if I hadn't gotten into the candy business instead.  Though I do sneak it in from time to time, especially now that I own my magazine.

There really isn't much else I wish to say to be honest. My B.B.B.'s (Best Bitch Besties) are Clyde, Belle, and The Boys (Fanboys).  Love you guys!!  I do enjoy meeting new people though, so don't be afraid to say hello!

Oh dear.  Well you most certainly weren't suppose to move.  Oh well, guess I'll start over!  I'm afraid share time is over but remember: Sweets are the best type of treats!  And so are boobs.


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