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Gladstone Gander

8/14 @11:59pm "Hey kiddos- if anyone needs me just uh... wait. I'm going AWOL for a solid twenty-four. For no particular reason. Just.. yeah okay. Later."

Gladstone procedes to lay in the middle of an empty room and stare at the ceiling in horror. Wondering if he'll even survive this horrific day.

(Goose season is open. Do your worst)


Age: 31
Species: Gander/Duck ... would that be a Doose? A Guck? Goose father + Duck Mother = ?
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: pansexual
Marital Status: Taken
With: Lilly Teal
Occupation: Occupation?! Like work? Hah! Not likely sweetie.

Luckiest goose alive, laziest, possibly most arrogant?  Top of a lot of lists,  including a “Do Not Admit” at most of the major casionos.  


No lucky charms required, Gladstone was born under a lucky sign and loudly reminds everyone in earshot.  This has earned him quite a bit of notoriety as being insufferable and really who likes to be around someone who wins ALL THE TIME?   It’s disheartening to say the least (just ask his cousin Donald). 


So if you want to chat with Gladstone,  step right up, try your luck,  if he’s feeling generous you might end up with a free car (he has plenty). 



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    • Gladstone Gander
      Gladstone Gander

      Slowly, very slowly Gladstone lifted two fingers and placed them on his throat. Yep. Heart still thumping away. Not dead. So what... what fresh hell was this? It was wrecking his head that was for sure.



      It was entertaining?

      So for some reason, unbeknownst to him, and against all rational reasoning and past experiences Gladstone actually worked to help...whoever this perforated person was, set up a Girl Scout Cookie stall.

      “...you know, not many cookie peddlers use flaming rabbits as a design motif but it sort of works?”

      He tilted his head side to side, holding up his hands to frame the construction. Picturesque really...

      “And the ‘buy from us or ELSE’ is a nice slogan. Real nice addition there Guy Fi-scary.”

      But... arts and crafts now completed the goose was watching the mallard with wary curiosity.

      “Any other whims tickle your pickle? Patch the holes in the screen doors of the Scissor Abusers Anonymous clubhouse? Have a bake sale? Host an ice cream social

      • Negaduck

        "I'm fine thank you so kindly for asking." The gruffness of that was Nega-normal but the words themselves less so.

        This was distractingly annoying even to him, enough he didn't notice the dozen leaks his torso had sprung while celebrating his narrow escape with a refreshing drink, only pausing to notice the liquid itself.

        "Is this water? How hydrating."

        The container thrown over his shoulder - straight into a recycling bin, because he was no tosser any more - he regarded Gladstone carefully. Dangerously.

        "You know what, I really feel like setting up a Girl Scout cookie stall." Did he really. "And you're going to help me."

        Not a request, boy-o.

        • Gladstone Gander
          Gladstone Gander

          A glimpse into the brilliant inner working of Gladstone Gander’s brain and the well oiled machine that is his sass producer and snark supplier as it conjured up the perfect bitingly clever reply to this new offer:







          This concludes our demonstration.

          Gladstone straightened up, backing away a few paces.

          “What did you just... are you... did you have an accident? Other than this one right now obvi, any bowling balls hit you on the head? Anvils? Eighteen seperate juggling pins of various weights and sizes? A house?” He considered This eyeing the would be masseuse’s bread winners. “...the entire housing market?”

          • Negaduck

            Evil gloating? At Negaduck? The world had truly gone topsy turvy.

            The recognition of which caused the villain's colour to turn to something matching the gander's oh so stylish shirts.

            Save? Not this guy, not in a million years.

            "In your dreams, luck boi," he still managed, not at all appreciating the traditions of R U OK Day being extended to his bad self.

            Through sheer determination and an (un)healthy dose of stubbornness he pulled himself up by the pit's edge, wind whistling through a couple of punctures left in his limbs and midsection that he'd have to duct tape over later.

            "Now how about you step back and I give you a shoulder massage?"

            That. Was not what he meant to say.

            • Gladstone Gander
              Gladstone Gander

              Gladstone, thoroughly yanked to safety and looking very flummoxed by the identity of this...er... 'good'(?) Samaritan. Standing at the edge of the Murde-well more of a Hurtie Hole really as the mallard at the bottom of it wasn't QUITE deceased. He lifted an eyebrow at the offered envelope then the profferer.

              "...Big Red, and I'm honestly quite shocked to hear my self saying this but.... are you okay? Like mentally-" he considered this. "...not that you're anywhere near that mark on your best-er-worst days but..."

              A slow evil grin slid across his face as he crouched to gloat at closer distance, not a wise move but....

              "Did you just SAVE me?"


              • Gladstone Gander
                Gladstone Gander posted on Quiverwing Duck's message board
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                  • Gladstone Gander
                    Gladstone Gander commented on the blog Death Becomes Him
                    Gladstone accepted the invitation plopping down to sit beside his decidedly unorthodox new friend. He shrugged. ”Well it doesn’t hurt to make sure.  But I find that very hard to believe. In addition to being extraordinarly...
                    • Gladstone Gander
                      Gladstone Gander posted on Mother Goose's message board
                      Drunkstone blinked at her, eyelids closing a little out of sync but hey, he didn’t seem to mind. In fact he smiled and nodded before he threw his hands up over his head with an enthusiastic: “Woooo! Advenchur! Oh wait.. hold onna minnit.” He...
                      • Gladstone Gander
                        Gladstone Gander commented on the blog A Negaverse Welcome
                        The look on Scrooge’s face... the... broken way he held himself. Missing. Isn’t that what he’d told himself too? Wasn’t that what he hoped for?  When the full set of triplets were reunited the goose could watch...
                        • Gladstone Gander
                          "Oh well since you said 'please' by all means.  The exit's right there-" She waved to the tower window with a happy little hum of a laugh. "-watch the first step it's a bit...
                          • Gladstone Gander
                            Gladstone Gander commented on the blog Death Becomes Him
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                            • Gladstone Gander
                              Gladstone Gander commented on the blog A Negaverse Welcome
                              The more people arrived, the tenser Gladstone got. Too many people. Too many people between him and the door.  Too many strangers trying to convince him they weren't trying to hurt him... them... while at the same time admitting to wanting to...


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