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Madam Matronic

Age: None of your business.
Species: Goose
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Also none of your business.
Occupation: Supervillain, scientist, inventor.

Bio: Anna Matronic is a mad scientist (with a growing emphasis on mad) who is adept at creating technological wonders embedded with artificial intelligence. Her preferred sentient creations are four legged and arguably adorable to most people, but she refuses to have them mocked or belittled.

Having once aspired to work for SHUSH as a scientist, her work was less than appreciated or understood, and feeling hurt at being rejected and dismissed, she turned to FOWL instead, offering up various creations in exchange for money to fuel her own experiments.

Madam Matronic is obsessed with her life's passion and work, and anything that gets in the way of that is considered a nuisance.

Personality: Anna takes her work utterly seriously, despite her inventions being both brilliant and sometimes silly. She's quite intelligent but a bit socially inept at times, and prefers her own company and the company of her creations to working with other people. She has a tendency to come off snarky and has manipulative tendencies. Her temper is also quick to flare once you find her triggers.



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      "A magician, eh? I don't suppose you could make a certain self proclaimed egotistical vigilante disappear more permanently, could you? Or is it only birthday parties you showcase your magic at?"
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