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    • Negaduck

      "What the hell are you supposed to be?"

      (OOC: A traditional Negaduck welcome)

      • GizmoDuck

        "Ah... the pamphlet snatchers." Gizmoduck said lowly. "They're true villains. Especially with how expensive it is to print up new ones in full color on laminated card stock. So I'm glad to hear you're not one of those cads! Let me know if there's any other topics you'd like information on or if you'd like a bit of a seasoned hero's hot take on the city's haps." Yeah that's how the hip young heroes spoke right? Had to keep it freaky fresh for the younger generation right?


        • GizmoDuck

          "Say, a new hero in town! Have you come to lend a hand? Allow me to welcome you to St. Canard, I am Gizmoooooduuuuuck~" sung for emphasis, dramatic pose, continue. "-the hero of Duckburg, in case you weren't already aware. I'd be happy to help you get acclimated to the rigorous regime of rightfulness! I have extensive literature I keep on hand to distribute to the rising stars of righteousness!"

          Pamphlets ranging from "Does the Carpet Match the Capes -color coordination for costumed vigilantes" to "Heroic Banter for Beginners, Rolling your 'R's while Rolling with the Punches" where produced and passed off to the mallard.

          • Black Arts Devil
            Black Arts Devil

            "tall, grey...Purple suit...Are you ripping me off?!"

            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
              Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              "My, aren't you a handsome young thing. I'll try not to ruin your face too badly if you interfere with my work."


              • Shadow
                Shadow posted on Negaduck's message board
                Raises brow, frowns and mutters. “I’m gonna have to come up with better come backs.”
                • Shadow
                  Shadow posted on Negaduck's message board
                  “I’mma shadow and I’mma duck.... I’mma Shadow Duck!” Stands in his most Dynamic superhero pose.
                  • Shadow
                    Shadow posted on GizmoDuck's message board
                    "Holy crap YES! Thank you Gizmo." Hordes a handful of brochures and pamphlets. "I promise I'm not that person that collects every single brochure at the rest area and never reads them." >_>
                    • Shadow
                      Shadow posted on Queen Malicia of St. Canard's message board
                      “Awe Yeah, please don’t ruin this face. I need it to be a rock star. ”
                      • Shadow
                        Shadow posted on Black Arts Devil's message board
                        “Nope ... but there’s no denying that I make tall dark and dressed in purple look gooood.”
                        • Shadow
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