The Seer (Gemma) @ Pirate AU

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    The Seer (Gemma) @ Pirate AU

    Faustina and her sister were accused of witchcraft and taken away from their town by religious missionaries. They kept Faustina but sold her sister to an inquisitor group that focused on hunting down paranormal artifacts, places, and people.

    They found their purchase to be highly useful for that. It was like the girl has the whole Library of Alexandria memoried in her head. Not only that, she had extensive knowledge of the occult and could sense other supernatural types. They could use her for getting information on targets and for tracking.

    However, this sister was also an aggressive physical fighter and also often lied and threw them off the real targets. The inquisitors were able to get their hands on a Seer's mask to use on her. The enchanted piece gave the wearer the scope to ‘see’ a wider area with their powers. It also forced them to tell the truth. The enchanted lock on it can only open if the wearer's true name is spoken.

    She is in a miserable situation of being forced by the inquisitors to track innocent souls and destroy historical magical places. She has just been used as as tool for some time by the inquisitors and is not even acknowledge as being a person.