Faustina @ Pirate AU

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    Faustina @ Pirate AU

    Faustina and her sister used to run a small bakery in a port town. While it was a normal bakery business the gals were anything but. Faustina had a knowledge of medical herbs and was rumored to be a light witch. Her sister knew her way with swords and guns. Her sister was also quite a bookworm with a vast knowledge of ancient history and the occult. For the longest time the town they lived in had no idea the sisters were protecting them from supernatural and normal pillaging attacks.


    Then one day a more religious mercenary group came and quickly started to turn the town against the sisters. Faustina's sister was optimistic though and did her best to mend ties with the townsfolk. She decided to hold a gala to appease their neighbors. Instead, the mercenaries used the opportunity to ‘expose’ the sisters are being witches. The mercenaries were able to trap them and took them away. They sold Faustina's sister to some inquisitors who found her vast knowledge useful for their tracking of target sites and people.


    The mercenary group kept Faustina for her healing abilities. They would soon find out they were wrong to assume she was just a basic healer. After going to several towns for their hunter jobs, Faustina luckily had an opportunity to escape.


    They came upon a town where unfortunately several children had died in a fire at a church. The mercenary group knew the fire wasn't supernatural but drummed it up as such to get the poor townsfolk to pay for their ‘services.’


    After some unusual events there, Faustina was able to leave her captors. She first went back to the port town she originally was from to see if she could track her sister. She found it overrun with pirates that had easily took over and had thr citizens there put up with it now being a pirate town. Faustina cleverly used her cook and medicinal skills to hitch a ride on a ship and start to find her sister.


    Since then Faustina has been switching ships and ports, following any leads on where her sister may be.