Agent Gemini's SHUSH File

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((This is a file that IC  upper mid level and higher SHUSH have access to.))

Agent Gemini’s files start out with many high recommendations from other agencies around the world that she did positive work for.


All her cases are well written and detail apprehending targets. For someone that gets into paranormal situations though her encounters are written very dry. It's not different than reading an average police report of an average criminal. Instead though, it’s fighting werewolves, vampires, demons, and stopping the awakening of elder gods worded like its it's just another day at the office. Many of these cases mention that when a situation gets hard she retreats, then pulls herself together and ends up getting the set target captured in the end.


Quite a few cases are often finding out the situations weren't paranormal at all. Ghosts end up being regular mortals distracting authorities from finding treasure the deceased homeowner left behind.


Her thesis works however are written with more energy and entertainment value. Some of her theoretical papers of the paranormal include:


--How to Win Cryptids and Influence Hunters


A long essay on how hunting criminal supernatural beings is more than just showing up and capturing them. The only way to a successful mission is to use the environment around them as a part of the trap. It seems partly like some metaphysical pseudoscience but other makes a lot of sense. Especially the part about getting to know the politics of local hunters and working with them if they prove to be reliable.


--Modern Paranormals and the Morons that Bother Them


This essay is filled with many theories of there being ‘new age’ paranormal beings that operated outside of the usual rules of the old school supernatural beings that are usually hunted. The essay seems to study personal interactions with modern paranormals and divides them into different categories.


It also explains how these new age anomalies are between a rock and a hard place. On one side they often have hunters aggressively going after them. On the other side older supernatural beings do not help these newcomers under the umbrella of protection and comradeship they share with fellow ‘old school’ paranormals.

--The Trice Paradox


An long essay describing different theories on why the Nega-Verse and Posi-Verse exist. It includes theories based on natural cataclysms like the meteor that took out the dinosaurs, supernatural interference, and even an elder god battle that may have caused reality to split. The essay calls the ‘Normal-Verse’ the ‘Middle-Verse’ instead. It also theorizes that not all alternate dimensions have the Nega and Posi-Verse.


--Evoking Erinyes and other Arcane Accomplices for Fun and Defense


A much shorter essay than the others that answers follow up questions to the essay, ‘How to Win Cryptids and Influence Hunters.’ It also adds information of using helpful summons, charms and artifacts in the same way you would get supernatural beings and hunters to help.



Starts out with regular public school and high school in Duckburg. It then goes to a year of college in Rome. Then to a semester in  Eldritch Academy. She ends up finishing a degree in Egypt. Her majors include Archeology, Linguistics, and Cryptozoology. Her status of graduating from the Egyptian college lists her as a Almurid min Alkasandra.



A lot of referral letters are at the end of her file. Much like the praising at the beginning there are a few notes added by other organizations. All her previous jobs were paranormal organizations. However she does have experience in going undercover for several cases when needed.


An organization out of the Middle East had her investigating old supernatural reports and theorizing what could have have happened even decades ago. She was very hard working in her research and gave above average results. Her reports were accurate and professional. She often had a great insight and often found physical evidence of creatures and artifacts.


An organization out of Europe gives Gemini high marks and a high capture rate. However, they also express a concern that she allows certain targets that are not violent threats to go free. Though this cannot be proven since her catch rate is already high as it is.


In lower South America she worked with a research group that was about finding artifacts that may have supernatural properties. While she did great field work there were concerns she always took the physical risks to protect the rest of the team. She acted like she was more durable than the rest of her team. Though she did show to survive some impossible things she still would spend weeks in the hospital from injuries.


In Mexico she worked for an organization that did a mixture of hunting and artifact retrieval. They give her high marks and recommendations. They did have concerns about her stress and work with prior organizations and recommend her speaking to someone once a month off the record.


Her last job was for an organization at the Four Corners in the United States. Heads of the organization give high recommendations but also share concern of how she would often try to work alone even when a partner was required for a case.

The very last pages of the resume is a letter of recomendation from Negaverse F.O.W.L. It sites some work she did as a free agent between working in Europe to South America. It does not say what exactly she did but gives paragraphs of praise how her knowelge of the paranormal saved lives and she is a great asset to any peace keeping agency.