Headcannon for Humanoid Bird Scarring

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Just my ideas how scars would effect feathers.

Small cuts heal over time no problem and no disruption to feathers.

Medium cuts that go untreated and just allowed to heal on their own may cause a ‘disruption’ in feathers. Like, it’s not thinned there but the direction the feathers are in may be in an ever slightly different direction than other feathers in the area. I can see it being a trope in movies and media that characters with this are secretly badasses, romanticized brooding people. In real life though it’s more of, “when I was six I decided to climb my grandma’s curio cabinet and when it fell and hit my shoulder my parents didn’t think it was deep enough to get stiches so here it is.”

Deeper cuts and larger injuries may cause an area where feathers don’t grow anymore. If it wasn’t a life threatening size other feathers below or above kinda cover it just making it a thinned area.

Stretch marks from having a baby are kinda in between small and medium. There wasn’t a cut but the area during pregnancy was stretched out and going back to normal after laying/birth may cause a bit of disruption in feathers. May be not extremely noticibly. Probably in most cases have to actually be running your fingers through the area to know so would be a more intimate situation.

Large life threatening deep or large cuts do leave areas bald of feathers that are noticeable.