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I registered an account and my email verification never arrived!

All accounts are manually verified by the administrator. In other words, when I'm online and see you waiting in the 'unverified' list, I'll verify you. Normally, this happens pretty fast but sometimes I get busy and don't check the list. If you find you're waiting up to 24-hours for your account to activate, please send me an email at FearsomeFive@gmail.com and I'll manually activate your account asap!

I tried to register an account but the site won't let me use my email. Help!

Due to excessive spam-bot registration, we've been forced to use a spambot filter which blocks certain email services. In particular, aol and yahoo email addresses get blocked because there are a ridiculous number of bots using these services (literally hundreds).

To bypass this issue, you can register an email with gmail or you can contact FearsomeFive@gmail.com and we can manually create an account for you.

I forgot my password and haven't received the password-change email!

Sometimes e-mails don't make it through the server. If you forgot your password and never receive a password-reset email please e-mail FearsomeFive@gmail.com. I can give you a "temporary" password for you to login and then you can change it once you're inside your account.

How many accounts can I create? Is there a limit?

At the moment, there is no limit on character accounts. You can create as many accounts as you'd like.

I am experiencing a technical error with a certain feature on the site. What do I do?

Please contact the administrator and I'll do whatever I can to help you out! The issue could be site-related, but it could also be related to your own browser, java settings, etc.

Who is currently running Duckverse?

The present administrator is Malicia, also known as Miss-Mal. The original duckverse website was created by FrankieVonDrake (who also created the logo and background!). Frankie eventually passed the site over to Malicia.

Nemzit is an assistant administrator who is able to help out with site-related permissions (such as activating accounts). 

How long has Duckverse existed?

Since roughly 2007, a number of players in the Darkwing/DuckTales fandom were using myspace to roleplay. Over time, myspace began cracking down on fictional accounts (and eventually closed account features altogether). In 2011 FrankieVonDrake created Duckverse via Socialgo as a roleplay alternative. The site finally moved to Negaverse.net in 2015, mainly because Socialgo was charging a hefty fee to use their site, and it was too expensive to maintain.

My character is not from the Disney Duck universe, or is a canon character from a non-Disney Duck franchise. Can I still join Duckverse?

No. For simplicity's sake, we would prefer to keep all characters within the Duck universe (primarily DuckTales and Darkwing Duck). If you have a fan character from another fandom, you're welcome to alter them so they fit the Duckverse. However, no canon characters from non-Disney Duck franchises are permitted. 

Additionally, actual real-life accounts (non-fictional) are not permitted. This site is for roleplaying only.

What is and isn't appropriate in the way of mature themes on Duckverse? Is sex allowed? Swearing?


Please read Duckverse Roleplay Ratings and don't forget to check out the Rules! (there is an entire section that covers this topic).