Giovanni Salvaggi

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Full name ::
Celso Nasato

Alias(es) ::
Giovanni Salvaggi

Age ::

Sex / Gender ::

Species ::
Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Eye color ::

Hair color ::

Skin / Fur / Feather color ::
- Off-white fur from the collarbone up, grey fur from the collarbone down, black fur from the elbows and knees down tipped with pink fingers and toes

Speech ::
- Low, gravelly, raspy, bit of a Jersey accent
Voiceclaim : Brad Dourif as Chucky (Child's Play series)

Family ::
- Marlowe Salvaggi, née Hargrave (wife)
- Tate Salvaggi (daughter)

- Vincenzo Nasato (father)
- Cordelia Lamberti (mother)

Description of appearance ::
- Scruffy, unkempt mane
- Small beard
- Prominent fangs
- Chewed up right ear
- Messy button-up dress shirt
- Brown slacks with black suspenders
- Black oxfords

Occupation ::
- Former mobster
- Trash collector
- Scrapyard manager (current)

Hobbies ::
- Junk crafting
- Building things in his workshed

Description of personality ::
- Retains his criminal intuition, though tends to suppress it
- Sarcastic
- Calculating
- Only strikes when he knows he can win
- Somewhat impulsive
- Suffers from trauma-induced psychosis, depression, and severe anxiety
- Vulgar
- Huge grudge holder
- Occasional prankster
- Drinks and smokes heavily to numb himself to his problems

Has a Negaverse counterpart? ::

= Born in 1946 to Vincenzo and Cordelia Nasato
= Developed ties with the crime lord Tony 'Trigger' Scapelli
= Became a notorious mobster/slasher
= Met Marlowe Hargrave during a murderous task, spared her life, eventually falling in love with her
= Wishing to turn his life around for her, he attempted to sever his mob ties, much to Tony's wrath
= During a heated argument, he stabbed Tony in the chest and ran off, never looking back
= Married Marlow and relocated to New York where he shed all traces of his old life and identity, taking up a new job as a trash collector
= Had and raised Tate until she was eighteen
= Men from Tony's gang attempted to kill him, only for them to be slain in retaliation
= Marlowe is eventually murdered, sending him into an absolute fit
= Now alone, he sought out his daughter, who gladly set him up to live with her and assist in operating the scrapyard