Trashyard Tate

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Full name ::
Tate Salvaggi

Alias(es) ::
Trashyard Tate

Age ::

Sex / Gender ::

Species ::
Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Eye color ::

Hair color ::

Skin / Fur / Feather color ::
- Off-white fur from the collarbone up
- Grey fur from the collarbone down
- Black fur from the elbows and knees down tipped with pink fingers and toes
- Pink tail

Speech ::
- New York accent, pronounces 'er's as 'ah's
Voiceclaim : Pitched up Scout (Team Fortress 2)

Family ::
- Giovanni Salvaggi (father)
- Marlowe Salvaggi, née Hargrave (mother)

Description of appearance ::
- Freckles on cheeks
- Torn left ear
- Dark circles around eyes
- Wears thick glasses
- Muted red and grey layered shirt
- Dark pants with brown suspenders
- Dark gloves
- Black and white hi-tops
- Dark newsboy cap

Occupation ::
Owner and operator of the St. Canard Scrapyard

Hobbies ::
- Has a knack for crafting things out of scrap metal, including functioning weapons
- Bargaining
- Model kits
- Dumpster diving

Description of personality ::
- Quite laid-back
- Can seem aloof
- Stubborn and sometimes reckless
- Highly eccentric
- Resourceful, almost always finding a use for something
- Very organized
- Sometimes appears lazy, though she rarely actually is
- Doesn't open up much unless prodded enough

Has a Negaverse counterpart? ::

= Born in New York in 1967
= Moved to Calisota when she turned 18
= Began her scrapyard business in the outskirts of St. Canard
= Instead of a guard dog, she has a giant alligator named Rocky who resides in a modified swimming pool