What is a Shadowraith?

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(aka What are Malvolius and Thade?)

A Shadowraith is an elemental entity of shadows and darkness.

While they are quite powerful in a conflict on their own, they mainly serve as a ‘power-up’ for their allies, binding with them to create a more deadly, shadow-based form to gain the upper hand in a fight. (think ‘fusion’ in Steven Universe, ‘Mega-evolution’ in Pokemon, and ‘Symbiotes’ in the Marvel universe)

Every Shadowraith and Shadow Form has eight base abilities, with each form having three unique abilities exclusive only to that form. They are only affected by powers and attacks by other Shadowraiths/Shadow Forms.

While it can be assumed that light has an affect on a shadow form or Shadowraith, it actually has little to none, since light casts shadows. Thus, a Shadowraith is essentially very overpowered, but can be countered with another Shadowraith. Both Shadowraiths have equal power against each other, though it can fluctuate depending on the abilities of their host.

Example: Darkwing and Negaduck are practically equal in terms of strength and skill, though Negaduck’s evil nature may be a bit of an advantage against his opponent in this case. However, both of their shadow forms possess the same abilities, and can easily counter each other.

[[ I purposely made Shadowraiths (and to an extent, shadow forms) very overpowered and immune to most means of attack, but for the purpose of having a powerful force that can only be countered by another of the same powerful force. If you want to beat a Shadowraith, or somebody using their Shadow Form, you have to use a Shadowraith/Shadow Form of your own. ]]

However, there is a great downside to using a Shadow Form. If one stays in their Shadow Form for too long or use it too many times at once, that person will gain Corruption. Corruption has the risk of fogging the individual’s mind and causing them to become more violent and uncontrollable, essentially shadows of their former selves (haha). The more Corrupted they get, the more hostile and animalistic they become, eventually dooming themselves to the darkness for the remainder of their lives, fueled only by their destructive instinct. Fortunately, Corruption can be temporary if one chooses to wait out the cooldown until it is safe to use their Shadow Form once again.

[[ Because Malvolius’s sense of morality remains intact, she will refuse to bind with Darkwing or his allies if they have too much Corruption within their auras beyond a safe level. Thade can read Corruption levels as well, but will eagerly increase them and risk her hosts becoming consumed by the darkness. ]]


Fusion/Binding (exclusive only to Shadowraiths)
Fusion Empowerment / The host is more powerful from the Shadowraith
Shadow Mimicry / Shifts to and from a more ‘flat’ form, like an actual shadow
Shadowportation / Teleport through shadows and darkness
'Shadowbending’ / Manipulate shadows and darkness
Shadow Camouflage / Undetectable when hiding in shadows/dark spaces
Shadow Solidification / Condenses shadows into a more solid form
Darkness Attacks / Uses darkness and shadows to project various attacks
Shadow Regeneration / Regenerate and recover using shadows

Shadow Flight / Cape becomes wings
Shadow Breath / Can spit a shadowy smog in place of his gas gun
Shadow Combat / Merge darkness with physical combat/melee

Same as Darkshadow

Dark Plant Manipulation / The plants he controls become tainted by shadow and are much stronger
Mimicry / Can camouflage as a tree
Shadowsynthesis / Gains power through darkness and shadows

Dark Bolt Projections
Black Lightning / His electricity is amplified in power, being far more destructive and volatile
Dark Electricity Generation

His toys are affected by the Shadowraith’s power, such as his chatterteeth becoming more sharp and vicious
Shadow Cloning / Creates clones of himself that mimic his every action, though are simply illusions to confuse his opponents
Shadow Puppetry / Manipulates his host like a marionette via shadow

Shadow Swimming / Can 'swim’ in shadows like water (think of how inklings swim through ink in Splatoon)
Shadow Trapping / Can trap opponents in shadows, similarly to how he traps people in water normally
Shadow Constructs / Can create various constructs from darkness, similarly to how he does with his watery form

Shadow Magic
Black Fire / Conjures shadowy flames and fire
Shadow Webs / Creates shadowy webs as traps or barriers