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REAL NAME : Malloria Gandera

ALIAS : Malvolius

OCCUPATION : Former medic/nurse in World War II

AGE : 33 (physically), 80 (1992), 106 (overall)

PLACE OF BIRTH : Swan Grove, Calisota

AFFILIATIONS : Fearsome Five (formerly), Justice Ducks


Fusion/Binding (exclusive only to Shadowraith form)

Fusion Empowerment / The host is more powerful from the Shadowraith

Shadow Mimicry / Shifts to and from a more ‘flat’ form, like an actual shadow

Shadowportation / Teleport through shadows and darkness

‘Shadowbending’ / Manipulate shadows and darkness

Shadow Camouflage / Undetectable when hiding in shadows/dark spaces

Shadow Solidification / Condenses shadows into a more solid form

Darkness Attacks / Uses darkness and shadows to project various attacks

Shadow Regeneration / Regenerate and recover using shadows

SPECIES : Shadowraith / Goose

GENDER : Female

NOTABLE PHYSICAL TRAITS : Made of shadows, blank glowing eyes, sharp swirl markings, swept-back hair


LIKES : Books, nursing, being outdoors, things that remind her of the old days, peace and quiet

DISLIKES : Being a Shadowraith, pressure, losing a life, binding (except when necessary), killing, culture shock, tacky fashion

POSITIVE TRAITS : Doting, empathetic, kind, loyal, polite, quiet

NEGATIVE TRAITS : Aimless, anxious, cursed, meek, nervous, paranoid, timid

TALENTS : Has many life-saving skills as a former medic/nurse

WEAKNESSES : While a Shadowraith is immune to other elements, they are weak against other Shadowraiths and their attacks

HISTORY : Very little is known about Malloria Gandera, and unfortunately, she can’t remember much of her life before becoming what she currently is.