Trashyard Tate: Revision

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REAL NAME : Tate Salvaggi

ALIAS : Trashyard Tate

OCCUPATION : Owner and operator of the St. Canard Scrapyard

KNOWN RELATIVES : Giovanni Salvaggi (father), Unnamed mother (deceased)

AGE : 25


SPECIES : Opossum

GENDER : Female

NOTABLE PHYSICAL TRAITS : Off-white opossum with grey body, dark ears, dark forearms and lower legs, pink nose, fingers, toes and tail, yellow eyes, thick glasses, muted red and grey layered shirt, dark pants with brown suspenders, black and white hi-tops, dark newsboy cap


LIKES : 80s music, junk crafting, antiques, model kits, playing the harmonica, Mad magazines, dumpster diving

DISLIKES : Being called 'trashy', people who misunderstand her, certain vegetables, gelatin, her childhood nickname

POSITIVE TRAITS : Amiable, avid, laid-back, organized, eccentric, eager to help, resourceful

NEGATIVE TRAITS : Can seem aloof, reserved, stubborn, sometimes reckless, appears lazy at times

TALENTS : Has a knack for crafting things out of scrap metal, including functioning weapons, bargaining

HISTORY : Tate Salvaggi, or Trashyard Tate, was originally from New York where her dad worked as a trashman. Being an odd child, she spent most of her childhood in the house, messing with junk and trinkets that she’d find in the streets, even building things with them. She thought everybody in the city was too wasteful and threw out so much useful stuff, and when she was eighteen, she moved to Calisota and opened a scrapyard in St. Canard. There, instead of throwing out their junk, people would bring it to her, where she would take it apart and sort the material and pieces into extremely organized piles, for her own convenience as well as that of her customers. In her spare time, she’ll take some junk and try to craft something new from it, sometimes even functioning weapons. Being neither hero nor villain, she doesn’t discriminate and will do business with anybody regardless of affiliations. On the surface, she may seem like a reclusive person who doesn’t have a lot to say, but when engaged just enough, Tate becomes more open toward people who are willing to listen.