The Wicked Gunlance

The Wicked Gunlance is Max's second handiest tool in battle and in non-battle situations. Max was gifted the Wicked Gunlance upon committing his few memorable deeds in the world. The Wicked Gunlance is a unique sidearm that uses special bullets with silver casing. The silver bullet casing don't use normal bullets but instead use energies extracted from ores in underground places. The bullets can be charged with a variety of types. Non-lethal bullets such as stun bullets, capture bullets, tranquilizer bullets and plenty more. Then for lethal bullets, ice bullets, electric bullets, fire bullets or even shotgun or rapid like fire bullets can be used. The gem on the Wicked Gunlance will change depending on the current bullet as well. The Wicked Gunlance uses one bullet at a time and the bullet can be fired multiple times until the energy runs out and the gem will become grey to indicate the now empty bullet.
To reload, Max can push the barrel open and insert a bullet. Like a shotgun to reload.

And there you have it. That's the info for Max's handy sidearm, the Wicked Gunlance.


Thanks to LordofLizards  LordofLizards for creating a desperately needed update of the Wicked Gunlance!