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By Piper/ Jade

Categories: Public Roleplay, Reserved Roleplay

Name: Piper Lee

Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Chabert  (Zatanna from Young Justice)
Alias: Jade

Species: Duck
Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Occupation: Thief

Relationships: None, to be updated over time.
Super powers: None.

- Master at Parkour
-Master at Theft
-Very kind and polite. Charismatic, and a bit charming (and sassy when she gets to know someone.)

- Children
- Is hung up on being a good girl despite being a thief.
- Has a fear of spiders.
- In events of true injury, she is a medic first, a thief second.

Random Facts:
- Jade is neutral good.
-She tries to act cold and indifferent, but always fails. She is a softy, and a silly romantic.
- She has a utility belt, and knows what is in each pouch at any one time.
- She learned how to make tiny bombs. She likes her tiny bombs. >=3
- Her dream is to settle down and start a family.
- She has a mother and father living in the mid-west. Her father is a Pastor, and her mother a house wife. Jade was raised in the church (which had cultist undertowes), and left home when the message taught took an undeniably terroristic turn. Hence her medical knowledge and bomb knowledge. Her father disowned her, and her mother keeps light contact.
- Chocolate. Chocolate anything.
- Loves naps in the sun, and being warm overall.