In The Good Ol' Summertime

There couldn't have been a day when Quackerjack had been more elated. There just couldn't have. He'd already left the note for the dear, sweet lady - Melody, what a lovely name - to find, and he just knew she'd be stopping by any moment now. Of course, he was more than prepared in case she didn't - after all, he'd dropped the note off on her doorstep, so he'd already solved the little issue of tracking her down again. He wasn't going to wander off unless she took too long, though - he knew the city was painfully difficult to navigate without a guide, and his place was a little out of the way.

His "place", was in fact a large, long-abandoned theater. Spacious, sure, but plenty atmospheric and perfect for a little time with his dolly. He had outfits, of course, in the back, in case she was improperly dressed, and a few of the more dangerous toys he'd stolen in case she wasn't apt to playing nicely. 

But he knew she would. He was going to be the perfect gentleman, and she'd want to stay with him forever and ever. That was how it was going to work - no matter if Melody liked it or not.