High School Crushed or You Had me at "Ycnàgnnisssz" *tear*

Somewhere in the multiverse, there may be a city or a suburb that doesn't have a "Lover's Lane" some cheeky politicians even name the most scenic overlooks that in an effort to impress young voters to little to no success.  This was the case during the last election with Mayor Ricardo Frendinlavin, or as his press agent started insisted he be called "R-Dog" which the canine community found offensive and the young demographic found repulsive.  So Lover's Lane in St. Canard was actually named Lover's Lane and even though no one approved of the way it was named or even the man who signed the paperwork to change the name they sure did enjoy the spot.  Especially on clear nights when the smog made the city twinkle like hazy stars.  Such as tonight!  

What the current neckers in the romantic spot were finding less enjoyable was the neckbiter currently using her dark magic and a tenuous pact with the Great Old Ones to pick up random cars and toss them into the Audobon Bay. But who cared what they enjoyed? She was having a grand old time!  

Tanya laughed merrily as a tiny little S.M.R.T. car went sailing through the air, towards the murky waters below.  The moon was full, the city was her aboleth, and the shrieks of the Normals through their very foggy windows was making her giddy.  What a lovely night she was having and it promised to only get better.  

A bright light shone on her and she scowled at it.  A news team had set up at what she was sure they assumed was a safe distance away... i.e. a helicopter with a searchlight, and she grinned, fangs flashing as she got her close up.  And then in a swarm of bats, the news crew got theirs.  But not before getting the news out that maybe perhaps people should steer clear from Lover's Lane.  Unless they were heroes then... HAAAAAALP OMG OMG OMG HAAAAAAAAAALP OWWWW OH GOD AAAH HAAAAAAAAALP!

    • Morgana Macawber
      Morgana Macawber

      Even without the 'helpful' tip-off Tanya had left her, Morgana would have pin-pointed the location of her former high school companion quite effortlessly. The word 'companion' being used very loosely in this particular narrative. Because while Tanya Spellbinder had certainly left an impression on Morgana during their school years, there was no happy reminiscing to be had here. Unless one counted Tanya kicking and screaming as she was dragged off school grounds shortly after her well-deserved expulsion, as a treasured memory. Which, Morgana did. 

      Up to this point, Morgana hesitated explaining her role in Tanya's current... ocular circumstance. There was a part of her that always wondered if things could have played out differently. But much like her involvement in Malicia's fate, Morgana had long since come to terms with the knowledge of doing the best she could given the situation she was placed in quite unfairly. 

      Still... the knot in her stomach seemed to tighten at the thought of possibly having to explain to Darkwing and Ariana that she had played an integral role in Tanya's disfigurement. Would they think poorly of her? Both knew she was quick to anger at times. She took after her father in more ways she cared to admit. But surely they would understand that what happened between her and Tanya on that fateful day went beyond a hair-trigger temper. But what if they didn't? 

      She and Darkwing had convened at a close but safe distance to the car-keehauling. It just so happened that the entrance to Lover's Lane featured a quaint little playground for the young ones to frolick in the day and for the teenagers to grope each other mercilessly within the confines of the tiny playground house at night. There would be no handsy shenanigans tonight, however (probably).  

      For whatever reason, Morgana had chosen the metal roundabout as their resting place to sit and wait for the cavalry. Malicia had yet to arrive, and Morgana had sincere doubts she would show up at all. Part of her hoped this would be the case, it would certainly make any and all interactions with Darkwing less painfully awkward. Logically, however, having her cousin's undoubtedly well-stocked vampire killing kit on hand would prove useful. If there was anyone in this universe or the next who held a problematic bias against these creatures of the night, it was Mal. 

      "Quiverwing texted to inform me that he and Ari are on the way." She gently spun on the roundabout as she updated Darkwing. "Apparently his vehicle is out of reach, so it appears they are relying on the unreliable world of public transportation." She worried that Quiverwing may not be battle-ready, but he seemed rather self-assured about his physical state. 

      "What about you, Dark? Do you feel ready to take on a murderous blood-sucking creature who possesses the power of the ancient Elder Gods?" 

      • Darkwing Duck
        Darkwing Duck

        Darkwing didn't like waiting on the sidelines watching and listening to what was going on just ahead of them.  (And he'd arrived too late to get on the news!)  The bloody, taunting message left from Tanya had been a little unnerving, even after all that had happened so far.  At least he didn't have to carry around that parasol anymore.  He was looking forward to paying Tanya back for the humiliation earlier.  He touched his neck with a distant expression until Morgana's voice brought him back to the present.

        "Huh?  Oh okay.  Are you sure you want your sister involved in all this?  She seemed kinda...fragile."

        He glanced again toward the screams, every hero bone in his body itching to dive in there and do what he was meant to do.  But he knew - especially given his last disastrous confrontation with Tanya - that that would be foolhardy.  He had to trust Morgana to work out the best way to defeat this supernatural skank...which was difficult.  Not that he didn't trust Morgana, but that he had always done things solo or done things his way.  Teamwork was...challenging.  Especially when he cared so much for one of the team's members.

        He wished he knew what had happened to his daughter, but aside from Tanya's unsettling note and the various destruction throughout the house, there was no sign of Gosalyn or Gizmoduck.  It was that fact that MOST drove him to want to confront Tanya now instead of waiting around.

        His gaze drifted back to her when she asked him about his readiness.  With a set expression, he put his hand over the top of hers and said, "With you, Morg, I'm ready to take on anything."

        • Quiverwing Duck
          Quiverwing Duck

          The St. Canard Metropolitan Transportation (SCaM-Tran) agency boasted control over the city's light rail, heavy rail, subway, and bus services. Due to it being a St. Canardian agency, it meant that it was, as Morgana had correctly observed, pretty unreliable.

          That said, a bus pulled up on the nearby street, despite the lack of a bus stop. The doors opened, and Quiverwing Duck stepped out, wearing his green mask and the bottom half of his costume, which consisted of snug green pants and purple boots. His top half was clad in a needlessly if flatteringly tight pink 'I St. Canard' t-shirt. His accessories included some purple bandages around his hands and wrists, his empty quiver and chest belt with the 'Q' emblem on it, and Ariana who was currently draped over his shoulder. Across her callipygian derrière, and very easy to read due to her position, were the words 'Memorial Saved My Butt', printed on the yoga pants she was wearing.

          "Thank you, sir," Quiverwing looked back over his shoulder when addressing the bus driver. "I appreciate your willingness to take that detour for us." He glanced over at the current carpocalypse going on further ahead, then back to the bus driver. "You'll probably want to turn it around right here, though. Have a safe evening."

          Quiverwing planted the fist of his free arm on his hip for an appropriately heroic stance so he could cheerfully greet the other sorceress and masked mallard. "Hello, Morgana, Darkwing."

          "Ari," he started to address the blonde woman, and realized he was talking to the wrong end. After a quick rearrangement, he had Ariana in his arms in a bridal carry. "Ari, wake up. We're here."

          • Morgana Macawber
            Morgana Macawber

            Morgana's eyes met Darkwing's with a fierce determination; there seemed to be a fire within that was crackling with passion. "We're going to show Miss Spellbinder what happens when you mess with St. Canard!"  She stood, fists clenched in front of her. 

            Then, upon noticing Quiverwing approaching with Ari in their... battle gear, she blinked wearily and added. "Well that is one way of showing Tanya what we're made of."

            She frowned at Ariana with concern, as this seemed to echo Darkwing's earlier inquiry of her sister's frailty. Morgana approached them both, her attention on the conscious one of the two. "I am guessing she expended a bit too much of her energy?" She asked, placing a hand gently on Ari's shoulder. 

            "We'll give her a few moments... Malicia hasn't arrived yet anyway, and we need to come up with a strategy." 


            • DarkwingPsycho

              "You've got that right," Darkwing echoed her statement as he, too, stood up at the arrival of the bus.  He looked over Quiverwing's and Ariana's choice of dress.  "Ready to battle, I see.  Nice shirt."  It was said snidely but probably would not hit its mark.

              At the movement from shoulder to arms, Ariana stirred, but it wasn't until Quiverwing coaxed her and Morgana touched her that her silver eyes opened blearily.  With a soft groan she burrowed her face against his chest, wanting to stay right there.  The breeze blew across her bare torso and she shivered, then the loud crash of smashing metal and breaking glass made her lids pop open wide as if just remembering what was happening.

              "Oh!"  She blinked and put her arms around Quiverwing's neck so that he could let her down easy.  Her gaze moved to the destruction in the distance, then to the figures in front of her.  She felt a twinge of awkwardness when she saw her sister, remembering Morgana's harsh words from earlier. 

              "Is that...her?"

              • Gladstone Gander
                Gladstone Gander

                The cacophony of a sorceress having a wonderful evening killing time (and possibly teens) was accented by a shrill laugh.

                "BOW BEFORE ME YOU NORMAL FLEAS! BEG FOR MERCY AND I, TANYA SPELLBINDER, MIGHT GRANT YOU A STAY OF EXECUTION FOR YOUR FIDELITY!" A frantic unintelligible voice rang out through a megaphone.  Keywords like "please", "mercy", and "think of the children" could be vaguely made out. Crash, crunch, smash.  More joyous laughter. "VERY WELL SPOKEN, TOO BAD I LIED!


                So that answers that question.

                • Morgana Macawber
                  Morgana Macawber

                  Morgana tilted her head in the direction of the Excessive Tanya-ing with a nod, to confirm that it was, indeed, the vampire they had been looking for. "We're going to have our hands full. But I am confident that this plan I've devised will-"

                  "STEP ASIDE, LOSERS. The competent (and hottest) party member has arrived! Shred your strategy manuals because I have a setup that can't be topped!"

                  Morgana, with a great visible pain, cringed at the snide, overconfident voice that rang out from directly behind her. She shot Ari, Quiverwing, and Darkwing a 'please pray that I do not strangle her to death in the next five minutes' expression (which was surprisingly easy to translate) before sloooowly turning around to face her cousin. 

                  "Malicia." She smiled primly. "So nice of you to actually make an appearance. Fashionably late, as always." 

                  "I'm fashionable in every-way 'as always' and don't you forget it." Mal shifted her weight to one side as she placed a hand on her hip. "And now you can be too because I brought..." A dramatic flourish to the monkey bars, where several sling bag packs were hanging. "Vampire murdering kits for everybody!" 

                  "Okay yes, that's all well and good but we also need to tal- oof!" Morg was immediately beaned in the face with a kit.

                  "You get a murder bag!" Mal proclaimed. "And you get a murder bag!" Another tossed at Quiverwing. "Everybody gets a murder bag!" Another pitched at Ariana's chest. "Including you, I guess." As she handed one to Darkwing with less gusto. 

                  With a drawn-out sigh Morgana decided to humor her cousin and opened the bag, albeit half-expecting to find a half-empty wine bottle and some dirty magazines. 

                  "I've brought all the necessities." Mal continued as she counted off on her claws. "Spray bottle filled with holy water, a silver cross, travel-size wooden stakes, silver bullets, one of those adorable little HappyLamp Therapy flashlights, and a granola bar." A pause. "The granola bar isn't for murdering Tanya, I just think it's important to prevent hypoglycemia during a deadly battle. Oh! And one more thing..." She turned around to grab something else.

                  Morgana could only stare, wordlessly. 

                  "...These!" Mal held up several handfuls of cherry-sized corked bottles. "Bitchbinder Bombs. My own, personal recipe that I have perfected over the years. You throw one of these in her face and she'll start oozing blood from every orifice. It'll be fantastic!"

                  "Yes, okay. Thank you, Malicia." Morgana set her slaughter purse on the ground momentarily. "But as I was saying, we can't all just rush her at once. Now, I know Tanya wants to hurt me specifically, so I thought I'd grab her attention first by positioning myself dead center where she wants me. Then the three of you can get into a formation to surround her. We won't be able to take her by surprise... she can hear our heartbeats from a mile away, practically. But at the very least, I can try to keep her distracted while you launch an attack."

                  "And make her bleed from every orifice." Mal added, helpfully.

                  ".......Sure. Let's go with that. Any questions?"

                  • Quiverwing Duck
                    Quiverwing Duck

                    Quiverwing Duck pointed a finger-gun Darkwing's way when the latter commented on his shirt. "Yeah, it is," he said cheerfully. He had kept one hand at Ariana's back until he was sure she was able to stand upright, giving her a soothing stroke over her spine. "It's great for so many reasons." Quiverwing brought up both arms for a classic double bicep pose, and indeed the shirt's short sleeves not only showed off his restored limbs, but the flexing caused the fabric to stretch over his chest, and the bottom hem to pop up and reveal his lower abdominal muscles as well.

                    Okay, enough peacocking. As much as he enjoyed annoying Darkwing, there were more pressing matters to focus on. Anyway, it was difficult to ignore Malicia once she was within a block's radius. When a murder bag was tossed his way he grabbed it out of the air and had a look inside.

                    "Thank you, Malicia. I must say, this seems quite comprehensive. I do have a question." He glanced up from his perusal. "How will we utilize the silver bullets? I don't have a firearm with me, and I doubt she'll let us walk up and just push them into her flesh. Oh..."

                    Looking to Morgana, Quiverwing asked, "Is her hearing that keen for everything, or just heartbeats? Because I can will mine to slow down significantly if I need to. Darkwing can probably do that, too." He glanced at his dimensional double. "You can do that, right? Yeah, you probably can." The rearmed archer gave a wave of his hand as if that fact had been settled.

                    • DarkwingPsycho

                      Darkwing rolled his eyes at Quiverwing's flexion display.  "Oh puh-lease."

                      Ariana smiled at Malicia and seemed unperturbed to be smacked in the chest with a murder bag.  "Hello Malicia!"  She hadn't had a chance to properly greet her cousin at the hospital.  She still wanted a moment to catch up, but now did not seem like the best of times...

                      "Gee, thanks," Darkwing said in the same tone Malicia had given him as he took the bag.  "Just make sure you all aim those stakes elsewhere!"

                      Ariana paled next to Quiverwing, the idea of blood oozing from every orifice of anyone making her slightly woozy.  "Do we...have to do that...?" she asked meekly.  "Can't we just...talk to her?  Morgana, I'm worried about you...being bait.  You don't have to do this.  What if you get hurt?"

                      "She won't," Darkwing said definitively.  Then he scowled defensively at Quiverwing.  "Oh sure, sure, of course I can, any idiot can control his heart rate..."

                      "I'll come in from behind her.  Quiverwing, you take the east.  Malicia, you take the west.  Ariana..."  Another glance over her less-than-protective outerwear.  "Lie in wait from the front?"

                      • Morgana Macawber
                        Morgana Macawber

                        Before Morgana could issue a reply, Malicia was eager to jump in with an answer for Quiverwing. 

                        "Silver is silver. You're a dexterous guy aren't you? Well, Tanya has this big gaping necrotic hole in her face where her left eyeball should exist, and I was thinking... you know those games at Willy Weasyl's Whack-off World? The one where you throw the little ball into the holes to win a prize? Just do that, except the bullet is the ball, the hole is Tanya's eye-ifice, and the prize is her brains curdling all over the place!" She clasped her hands together cheerfully. "Doesn't that sound fun?"

                        Morgana rolled her eyes at Mal and diverted her attention to Ariana with a frown. "Ari... Tanya is responsible for Quiverwing's unfortunate injuries. She is the one who gave Negaduck that unholy enhanced strength - for who knows what reason. He... also showed up at the mansion today and tore it apart." She swallowed thickly, as the reality of that loss hadn't hit her quite yet. There was no time to grieve when there was work to be done. 

                        "She will kill all of us the moment she has the chance... there is no reasoning with her. She's done enough damage as is and I won't let her hurt anyone else I care about. This time, I'm going to stop her permanently. Even if that means risking my own safety to do it." Morgana continued. 

                        "Not that I'm agreeing with Morgana - because there is never a time where she's right about anything- but Bitchbinder is well overdue for a staking. She isn't walking away from this alive." Mal cracked her knuckles. "She peaked in high school, now she's going to get the peak... right in her moldy smug face!" 

                        "You are quite literally agreeing with me Malicia, but whatever helps you sleep at night."

                        "Shut it and get to endangering your life already."

                        Attention back on Quiverwing now, Morgana answered his second question. "You can both certainly try but... vampires by nature can hear and smell the blood pulsing through our veins and arteries. I wouldn't rely on it." Then to Darkwing she nodded. "I think that formation should work. Let's get going then, before Tanya runs out of vehicles and starts throwing bodies."

                        Cue dramatic music as murder bags were strapped on and Team Stabby McVampFace (the official group name) were off to confront her. 


                        Up on Lover's Lane the moon shone brightly, casting a romantic light on the flaming wreckage and burbling noises of cars sinking into the bay. It seemed many of the bystanders have given up by this point and had chosen quite wisely to run away and live another day. 

                        Morgana stepped into the clearing, and a bolt of lightning struck the ground near Tanya's feet to signal her arrival. 

                        "Hello Tanya, are you enjoying yourself?" She called to the vampire. "What a lovely spot you've chosen for us. Very charming."

                        • Gladstone Gander
                          Gladstone Gander

                          The witch hadn't needed to alert Tanya to her presence in such a flashy way, she was well aware that Morgana was there.  Points for drama though, and far be it from the green feathered vampiress currently wearing a corseted low cut gown to make any judgement on stylish entrances. She turned only slightly, twisting her torso to eye the sorceress over her shoulder, slender hand sliding to rest on  her hip.  

                          "I was wondering how fashionably late you were planning on being." Her eye flicked over the other woman's outfit before returning to her face with a cruel smile. "Perhaps it's just late then. Really Momo," She turned to face her properly, silver hair glittering in the moonlight. Really looking more prepared for a red carpet then a battle. "-you could have at least dressed the part of sacrificial maiden offering herself up for the lives of her-" She tilted her head and listened for a moment before she laughed. "-small, very small group of friends. Not to say you're a maiden dearest, I think we both know you're slumming it pretty indiscriminately these days..."

                          She shook her head with a roll of her scarlet eye letting out an irritated sigh. 

                          "I can't take you seriously in those rags, allow me-" She snapped her fingers and the hem of Morgana's dress flashed, a flicker ran across her red ensemble and suddenly it was much more gaudy and glamorous red dress. "Ah, much better." She admired the now equally extravagant Morgana and fluttered her eyelashes with an approximation of doe eyed innocence. "Now, I'm sure you have so much you want to tell me... all of the 'stop this now's and 'you won't get away with this any longer's so... please, carry on. I'm all aquiver with anticipation." 

                          • Quiverwing Duck
                            Quiverwing Duck

                            Quiverwing Duck was confident about being battle-ready. Most of the drugs the hospital had administered were wearing off so he had regained spatial perception. It was easy for him to ignore the ache of his lingering bruises, and most importantly, he'd had a cup of coffee. He was ready to go.

                            There was one problem, and it was significant. Quiverwing wasn't certain he could attack a woman. Sure, Tanya was some type of turbulent termagant, and logically he knew she needed to be stopped. He also knew it was a sexist mindset but he had never been able to shake it.

                            While Morgana confronted Tanya, he lurked in the shadows, silent--at least to mortal hearing--and becoming fretful. Since the vampire could hear their heartbeats, slowing his own might be useless. On the other hand, he needed something to focus on, and he would never turn down the opportunity to practice a technique.

                            He also found himself wondering if you could punch a bullet into someone.

                            • DarkwingPsycho

                               Darkwing crept silently through the trees lining the road that lead to Lover's Lane.  Not even his cape made a noise as he stayed to the shadows , masked eyes trained on Tanya even as Morgana's statement about vampiric powers ran through his head.  Did that mean he'd be able to hear and smell blood running through others?  He could already smell it pretty strongly, and he was glad (albeit disgusted) that he had drank so much Type O at the hospital.

                              Pulling out his gas gun he fitted a couple of canisters carefully with silver bullets before loading the weapon and waiting for the appropriate moment to signal the others to attack simultaneously.

                              Ariana, meanwhile, pulled at the low cut and high-hemmed tank top, feeling dreadfully uncomfortable not only with her dress, but with the situation.  She knew Morgana could handle herself, she always could, but Morgana was also the only family member left she was close to.  She didn't know what she'd do if she lost her.

                              The wind whispered through her blonde curls and she shivered behind the low brush, watching anxiously and waiting for the signal.  Her fingers tightened around the strap of the murder bag, knuckles white...er.

                              • Morgana Macawber
                                Morgana Macawber

                                Morgana glanced down at her new battle outfit with a deadpan stare. "To be honest, it didn't even occur to me to spice up my wardrobe, given this isn't exactly a noteworthy occasion in my life. So glad to see you're truly emotionally invested in our reunion, Tanya. Much like every other aspect of our one-sided relationship." She shot her former classmate a thin smile. 

                                She paused momentarily to listen to the faint gnashing of teeth off to her left where Malicia had been laying in wait with a low mutter of 'Not even worth the fabric she put you in...' which, admittedly, made Morgana smile inwardly. She knew Malicia's severe case of unwarranted self-importance was driving the attention-starved wannabe villain up the wall. 

                                Her attention back on Tanya she waved a hand dismissively. "Again, you overestimate your significance. I truly don't care enough to wax poetic with you, Tanya. So let's just get this tussle over with, shall we?" 

                                She signaled the others to make their move. 

                                • Gladstone Gander
                                  Gladstone Gander

                                  Tanya seemed more interested in the glittering dress then what the woman wearing it was saying.  But eventually she returned her gaze to Morgana's face. 

                                  "So cold. And they used to call me the Ice Queen of Eldritch, well so sorry to bore then Momo. You're absolutely right. I did give you too much credit to have fully understood the implications of my being here. Well c'est la mort, I suppose we can get along with the assault you've so lovingly planned. However the odds are a bit off..." There was flare of purple flame in her hand and the fire morphed into an ominous shape.  A horrific visage with dead unfocused eyes, yellow plastic skin, a bonnet, a bare middrift, and an oversized diaper was in her grasp and with a warm smile she tightened her grip on it, squeezing all the air out of the...


                                  Squeaky... chew toy?

                                  Baby Chewy was tossed carelessly at Morgana's feet as Tanya grinned.

                                  "Oh Rex? Why don't you be a delightful little  terror and rip these lovely friends of Morgana's to pieces... again?"


                                  • Negaduck

                                    Linda had been having the worst day. She had missed her connection home thanks to the bus taking an unscheduled detour into the wall of Chuckit Cheeze, she would have to make the sides for tomorrow's Fanfiction Crazies Convention herself due to an inexplicable storewide salad shortage, and then the police had cut off access to her park adjacent neighbourhood for reasons

                                    After conducting a story about needing to evacuate her Tourettes-bound great grandmama, however, she managed to slip into her Lovers Lane apartment and do what needed to be done. Namely, run a hot bath, pump up the Sealion Dion and, at last, relax.

                                    Until someone on the roof pushed over the building's entire playground facing wall with a single shove of his superpowered foot.

                                    "So kind, but a chew toy is wasted on me." Negaduck, having inconveniently lit up the entire area by torching said toy with flamethrower from the rooftop, regarded one of the now exposed superheroes in lurking. "Don't you think, Darkwing?"

                                    Behind him, hanging from the sort of giant scales normally reserved for weighing fish, dangled.. something. It was hard to make out, what with the darkness and everything else going on, but two odd looking lamps were positioned and ready to fix that as soon as they were turned on.

                                    Lighting, you know. Could really make or break a dramatic reveal. And more than that, if you knew what you were doing...

                                    • Quiverwing Duck
                                      Quiverwing Duck

                                      Tanya calling in her little lapdog solved Quiverwing's major conundrum. Even if Negaduck was still super-strong and super-impervious, Quiverwing was far more comfortable dealing with that drake of destruction than he was attempting to kill a woman. Even if she was a vampiric virago.

                                      Ariana, Morgana, and Malicia were powerful enough to face Tanya, Quiverwing had no doubt about that. He had serious misgivings about how well Darkwing would fare alone against Negaduck, though.

                                      There was the minor issue that he still had Tanya between himself and that building, and going the long way around would waste valuable time.

                                      A moment later, Quiverwing soared high across the space as if he had somehow launched himself from the shadows, which was absolutely the case. He did a tight flip mid-way, flinging his arm out towards Tanya as he sprayed at her with the bottle of holy water and an exclamation of, "BAD!" as if she were a misbehaving kitty cat. Then, he hit the ground in a dive roll and was running the moment he was upright again, headed for the delaminated building.

                                      • Darkwing Duck
                                        Darkwing Duck

                                        Ariana was about to stand up and move forward at Morgana's signal, until a stream of flame shot in front of her sister and she heard a voice that brought back a barrage of recent, horrific memories.  It was enough to make her falter and wait, momentarily gripped with fear.

                                        Darkwing, however, heard the voice and glowered.  Lucky for him, the top of the covered slide he'd been crouched under happened to be right in the path of a large window carved into the wall Negaduck had so carelessly kicked over.  All around him crashed the brick and concrete debris, crushing the rest of the playground as if it had been made of toothpicks.  "I think your rash of wretched wrongdoing is about to be roadblocked, you repulsive Rover!"

                                        Rather than stick around to fight a supernatural she-devil, the hero shoved a grappling hook into his gas gun and fired, hooking it around an exposed rebar.  He then pressed tiny button near the trigger, and it recoiled, pulling him up toward the roof at high speed.  Using the momentum, he looped around the hook and aimed for Negaduck, feet outward to complete a webkick.

                                        "Hiyooohhhh-ha!" he cried as his heels made contact.  It felt exactly like kicking a cement wall with his heels, and he wobbled comically against the villain.  "Oh yeah..."  He crumbled into a million pieces on the roof where presumably he'd soon reassemble his shape.

                                        • Morgana Macawber
                                          Morgana Macawber

                                          Morgana took a step back as soon as the toy landed at her feet, knowing full well that the probability for severe bodily harm was quite high. It only took a few seconds for Negaduck to validate her instinctive prudence. She suspected he would be dropping by for a visit at his mistress' behest and was thankful for the back-up she had in the form of Darkwing and Quiverwing. She worried immensely about either of them getting injured again, but convinced herself to put some manner of faith in their Negaduck-smashing abilities. 

                                          This train of thought ending right as she watched Darkwing crumble into a million pieces. She winced in sympathetic pain. But she tried to keep her focus on Tanya, for fear that the other witch might strike while she was distracted. 

                                          Perhaps Malicia was was also thinking the same thing because she decided to use Negaduck's grand entrance as her opening shot. She bounded out from the bushes like an inapproptiately metaphorized deer and charged Tanya on her blind side. The stake in her hand was gripped so tightly it threatened to snap under her own strength as she attempted to thrust the wooden spike into Tanya's neck. 

                                          "Perhaps you should spend less time ogling your unrequited gal pal and focus your attention on a superior opponent." The duckubus hissed under her breath. Which, probably not a good idea to throw out a sassy quip before you successfully stab the target. But Malicia was not known for her foresight. 

                                          • Gladstone Gander
                                            Gladstone Gander

                                            The sudden fiery flurry of activity erupted around the immobile witch  at the center of it all like a bizarre snowglobe. Being splashed with holy water was the only thing that seemed to elicit any sort of response and even then it was a hiss of pain, albeit a composed one, as the droplets of water sizzled against her feathers.  The hiss of pain soon changed into sort of euphoric sigh before she swiped her hand across the collected condensation, making her palm smoke with a giddy little laugh. All pleasure was stripped from her face however when the very loud declaration of puncturation rang out from Malicia’s bombastic bill.

                                            Her full attention snapped to the incoming attack and she grabbed a handful of the gathered dark material about her hips, the fabric morphed under her touch, flowing around her curvaceous form like ebony water. She smiled at Malicia, all fangs as she flung her hand out, the fabric jutting forward like a designer spike, all glitz and glitter and razor sharp edges.

                                            “I see you’ve brought your own little pet Momo? Such an ill tempered mutt isn’t she? She always did need to get cut down to size-” She waved her hand and the blade like bustle sliced the tip off of the stake in the demoness’ grip as she danced back a few steps, swinging her wrist and the slicing skirts back for another swipe in the process.

                                            • Negaduck

                                              "Yeah," Negaducked echoed to his shattered adversary. "At this point you're nearly making my beating you into a formless pulp too easy."

                                              The hero was plucked off the ground and painfully reformed, not into his usual shape, but as a duck-billed baseball.

                                              Darkball Duck - probably one of his most unfortunate diminutives of this variation - was tossed into air before being slammed by a bat produced out of nowhere. On the plus side, it wasn't a power pole this time. On the negative, it probably didn't hurt any less. 

                                              "Good thing I'm all about that base."  

                                              His job done, for to his knowledge there were no other incomers to deal with, Negaduck took to barracking or, as it was commonly known, heckling the performance below.

                                              "You'll be cutting for a while, T-Bag!" What was even more hilarious, if such a thing were possible, were those moves. He took to clapping an offbeat Offenbach - or was that Offenbark? "Dah, dah dah dah dah dahdah, dah dah dah dah dahdah, dahdahdah dah dadadadada."

                                              Seemed like the one superpower he hadn't got was singing.

                                              • Quiverwing Duck
                                                Quiverwing Duck

                                                So much for the idea of treating Negaduck as if he were a piñata and punching him until all the vile candy fell out. Vicious brawling was clearly not a option, which was a shame, since it was Quiverwing's favorite when selecting from the violence menu.

                                                There wasn't anything in the anti-vampire bag that would be effective against Negaduck. Possibly the granola bar, as long as it was the sort that had actual nutritional value, probably the kind with raisins, because if Negaduck ingested something that wholesome he might die.

                                                Speaking of ingesting--nope, apparently the grenade on his utility belt had either fallen off during his first fight with Negaduck, or it had been confiscated at the hospital. The only weapons he had left on there were his brass knuckles. He had a few other, minor items in there, though. If he couldn't clobber Negaduck, maybe he could harass him to keep his attention diverted. Especially since Darkwing might be dead, now. Or undead? How did that work with half-vampires? If you killed someone who was dead, did they become alive?

                                                Oh, god. Clearly, the hospital's drugs hadn't completely worn off. Quiverwing shook his head to refocus his thoughts as he skulked in the shadows, and took something from his utility belt.

                                                A moment later, as Negaduck clapped and made horrible sounds with his voice, something the size and shape of a grape zipped through the air in a flat trajectory, aimed for that big, open bill. Since it was a purple smoke pellet, whether it got in there or not, it was going to be annoying.

                                                • DarkwingPsycho

                                                  Darkwing howled wildly as he sailed through the air.  Home run, Negaduck.

                                                  Speaking of running, Ariana also wanted to run, but rather than turning and leaving, she ran out from her cover and flung a spell at the distracted vampiress, determined to stop her from harming Malicia.

                                                  "RADIUM!"  A burst of light magic like a sunbeam shot out of her fingers toward Tanya, lighting up the surrounding area.  It was the best attack against vampires spell that she could recall.  She had, after all, gone to a school focused on dispelling and defending against dark magic.

                                                  • Gladstone Gander
                                                    Gladstone Gander

                                                    Now that was unexpected. Ariana had always been a blind spot for Tanya, she hadn’t expected any competent spellcasting from the fragile looking blonde. The animated dress intercepted the beam of light but the spell burned through the fabric leaving the once floor length dress as a singed high low hem, the witch’s shapely legs now on display… as well as a killer pair of footwear. It was almost like she was prepared for any fashion faux paux to be fabulous. Anyway, the spell scorched her enchanted dress, the bladed edges crumbling to ash and the propulsion of the beam sent her spinning slightly, and not in a fancy footwork kind of way.  Tanya went down hard, patting the embers out of her ensemble on the ground, her knees sunken into the grass, breathing heavily.


                                                    “W-wretched sunlight-” She hissed as she tried to get her hands to stop shaking.

                                                    • Morgana Macawber
                                                      Morgana Macawber

                                                      For once it seemed Mal’s desire to hog the spotlight worked in their favor. Tanya had left herself completely open to Ariana’s offensive maneuver, and now it was Morgana’s turn to step up to the plate and finish this, once and for all.

                                                      “You truly thought you could waltz over to my home, and hurt my friends? After all these years, Tanya, you still haven’t learned even the most powerful magic in the world can’t hold a candle to loyalty. I don’t care how many Gods you ‘befriend’, you will never get what you desire through treachery and sheer malice.” By this point Morgana had reached the vampire and towered above like a true force of nature. This metaphor enhanced with the help of a dramatic storm whipping the hair around her face and a crackle of lightning that lit up the sorceress’ lithe figure from behind.  

                                                      “I don’t want to destroy you, Tanya. I hope you understand that.” She said firmly as bolts of electricity danced across her slender finger-tips. “But I’ll die before I ever allow you to harm the people I love the most.”

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