Friends of a Feather

Sometimes, even therapists have things in their own lives they need a little help with. And, as it turns out, providing guidance to others is much easier than trying to do the same for yourself.

At SHUSH, things were actually going very well for Dr. Moira Rousseau. Despite her initial concerns about possibly having to choose one field over the other, she had been successful in managing her schedule to allow time for both clinical and forensic work.  Having been settled in for several months now, she was happy with where she was professionally.  She loved her job and truly wanted to help people, and that showed through her gentle words and warm, friendly smile. And the confidence she had gained in her abilities, paired with the humility and kindness doctors these days all too often seemed to lack, made her generally well-liked among other SHUSH employees.

As such, she had become at ease interacting with many of the people she ran into there day-to-day.  Once she left the office for the day, however, and it came time to interact with people in other environments, her confidence would wane and things would become a bit... trickier.

Enrolled at a young age in a special 'head start' program designed to set children on a faster path towards their college degree than traditional schools, Moira had spent most of her life focused on her studies rather than her social life. What social skills she currently had came mostly from textbooks rather than real-world interactions. And her preferred pastime was enjoying quiet time, alone, curled up on her couch with a feel-good book or movie.

But she was no longer content with that.  She tired of being lonely, and SHUSH being the only place where she felt socially competent. Always overhearing co-workers make weekend plans with each other had become almost painful. Why should she have to stay home alone when she could be out having fun, too? All she needed was a friend or two... but that was nearly impossible when she lacked the courage to approach others. And that was an embarrassing problem to have when your chosen career often put you in the position of helping others with similar issues.

And that was exactly why she had decided to put her foot down, and finally give herself the push that she often had to give her patients.  She had given herself a simple mission: to go somewhere unfamiliar, and strike up conversation with someone.

The bank seemed an easy enough place to test the waters.  So, having requested that her pay to be give to her in the form of a physical check this time, Moira had no choice but to go to the bank herself and interact with a stranger in person if she wanted groceries and to pay her bills for the month.  It should only require minimal interaction... but baby steps taken in the right direction still counted as progress.

Moira shifted the purse on her shoulder as she walked through the entrance of the bank and got in line for the teller. The line was short, and everything so far seemed pretty quiet.  She was glad she'd chosen to come in on her day off, at a time when most other people were still at work.

Once it was her turn, she walked up to the counter and gave the teller a timid smile.

"Hello. I'd like to make a deposit, please."

She'd noticed right away that the teller seemed like a nice person before even saying anything (and so pretty too!), but it did little to put Moira at ease.  As she handed over the check, smile became almost apologetic, and might as well have said aloud what Moira was thinking. 'I'm totally new at this and I'm so sorry if I mess something up and take up more of your time.'

    • DarkwingPsycho

      Jacob smirked, appreciating Moira's attempt at humor.  "If you like, I can get someone else to do it.  Would you like me to drive you home, Doctor?"

      Meanwhile Ariana's arms tightened around Elliot at his soothing voice.  "You didn't..." she murmured between sniffles.  "And thank you...for helping us."

      Her blonde head turned toward Moira, although she didn't loosen her hold on the ginger.  "Thank you so much, my life."

      • Elliot Hudson
        Elliot Hudson

        Elliot let out a half-hearted chuckle. “That’s my job.  I only wish I had been better at it.”

        Lesson of the day: barricade rope is not an effective substitute for handcuffs.

        ”I’d still like to make it up to you.  Can I... buy you dinner?  Drinks?  Both?”  Elliot didn’t normally ask girls out without the intention of at least mildly flirtatious behavior, but he truly did feel guilty.  And he couldn’t just leave her feeling like this.

        “Yes... thank you both,” the young agent echoed Ariana’s sentiment.  Knowing she’d never been in a situation like this, he gave Moira a reassuring smile.  “You were amazing.”

        • Dr. Moira Rousseau
          Dr. Moira Rousseau

          In any other situation, Moira would have politely declined Jacob’s offer; she did not want to be a burden.  But she felt walking home alone in her current emotional state would not be wise, and Elliot already had his hands full consoling Ariana.

          ”If it’s not too much trouble, a ride home would be great,” she said, almost apologetically.  “Though... aren’t we witnesses?  Is it really okay for us to leave a crime scene like this...?”

          Despite being inwardly distraught and desperate to retreat back to the safety of her home (or even her office back at SHUSH), Moira did not possess Jacob’s ability to guiltlessly disregard protocol whenever it suited him.  At the moment, she almost envied him in that.

          Moira blushed when Ariana and Elliot both thanked her, and smiled shyly.  “You all helped to save these people’s lives,” she replied, quick to direct the attention off of herself.  “So, thank you.”

          • DarkwingPsycho

            Ariana blushed fiercely at Elliot's offer as she pulled back, looking up at him bashfully.  "Oh...I...sure, i-if you want to..."  She let him help her to her feet and glanced at him sideways.  "But you should know I...I have a boyfriend..."  The term still felt funny on her bill, and made her feel warm and gooey.  Briefly she wondered if the incident had popped up on Quiverwing's radar at all.

            Jacob unabashedly rubbed Moira's arm in a soothing way and waved his other hand dismissively.  "Ah, I know where to find you for questioning if we need you.  You've both been through enough for one evening, wouldn't you say?"

            He released her from his friendly embrace and then offered her his arm to escort her to his car.  "Doctor...?"