Errand's Fool

The yellow Jaguar slid easily into the parallel parking space in front of the small hardware store.  He was hoping to get a few items for a couple of the cars he was fixing up as well as things for his home.  A few Piper-related things for his home.

He waited for it to beep, knowing the security system was armed, and strode inside.  It was a place he visited many a time, and he gave an amicable nod toward the cashier as he moved down one of the small aisles.

    • Lilly Teal
      Lilly Teal

      A nice, quiet shopping trip was a luxury people like Jacob could not afford often. No doubt he intended to enjoy it to the fullest extent. Have a nice, quiet browse, pick up his car tools, maybe get a good deal on some items, and jaguar his way home.

      If only it was that easy. The aisle he has started down seemed normal enough but, on closer inspection, if you picked one up and shook it, it would become apparent that the boxes of nails and screws were completely empty. Someone's been lazy with the stocking. Perhaps he needed to call the manager.

      Rounding the corner at the end of the aisle was complicated by the fact that a cunning trip-wire had been laid across the shelves. Exactly where nobody would suspect it. Because who suspects trip wires in a hardware store?!

      With a small twang, a wooden plan that was being held back against the other shelf came around for his head like a lever, bringing the missing nails and screws with it.

      • DarkwingPsycho

        Jacob moved easily, leisurely down the aisles, taking his time to see what was available and what items he could grab that he never knew he needed.  Strange that when he picked up a container it was empty.  That had never been the case before during other visits, and it wasn't just one container - it was multiple.  Striding around the corner to find a clerk, he knelt to tie his shoe, not noticing until after the fact that he'd barely missed being clocked by a plank.  It immediately imbedded itself into the shelving on the opposite side, thanks to all of the screws and nails protruding from its face.

        Glancing up, he blinked and stood up slowly, looking over the piece curiously.  Such a dangerous hazard in a store...perhaps left there precariously by mistake.  He'd have to alert someone in case there were more...

        • Lilly Teal
          Lilly Teal

          There were indeed more, so it was worth alerting the nearest clerk. Unfortunately, on the way to finding a clerk, Jacob met a fancy set of knives that just 'happened' to fall out of their packaging near his head, a blowtorch that turned itself on as he passed, and...

          was that an honest to goodness bear trap?!