OOC: The roleplay wiki is open for business!


I am super happy to announce that we now have our own wiki site! There's not a whole lot there right now, but you can register and get started on making wiki pages for your characters! FILL THAT SITE WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES!

Your character pages:

Go nuts! I've set up a template and a tutorial to help you through the basics. I'll continue adding to the tutorial as needed, and if there's any instructions/tips not available you can ask me for guidance. Just follow the "getting started" guide, which will walk you through the important stuff. 

Regarding canon pages:

As of right now we are in dire need of canon wiki pages, and well as general lore stuff. I have a few folks who have volunteered to help out with a few of the pages, but I could certainly use more assistance! If you're interested, let me know and I will assign you a few canon pages that could use some lovin'. 

Regarding lore pages:

I could use assistance with these pages as well! For now I'd like to start with some of the basic canon stuff, namely the geography of Calisota. Again, if you're interested, let me know! 

For you newbies who haven't started roleplaying yet:

While I do have a rule in place that requires you to be an active RPer to contribute, I am willing to make exceptions for those of you who are actively lurking and trying to get involved with the roleplay. Since we're in need of help, I'm willing to permit a few non-active members to get involved. At the very least you must be a registered member of this website to get involved!

Regarding the layout colours, etc:

It's a bit 'blah' right now. I will eventually tweak and play around with the colours, so don't be alarmed if things randomly start changing as you're on the page. You're not hallucinating, it's just me doing stuff! 

That's it for now, head on over and feel free to play with stuff! 

    • Drake Mallard
      Drake Mallard

      I volunteer as tribute if you need anymore help for the wiki.

      I can also help other players get their entries up if for whatever reason they can't use the wiki but would like their characters added.