Complete Armony

Reserved for: Morg, Quiverwing, Ariana, DW, and a few other plot devices. 

"What do you mean I can't see him? This is important! Please, we don't have much ti-"

"Listen, Elvira, I don't care what cockamamie story you've cooked up, visitin' hours were over an hour ago, no exceptions. You can come back tomorrow like the rest!"


"Ah b-b-b-" The nurse raised a finger to Morgana's bill to silence her. "Anymore argument out of you and I will call security. Though I probably should anyway if that is what I think you're carrying in that bag there! Now you and." A dismissive gesture at Darkwing. "Your ill-looking boyfriend and that garish umbrella he's carryin' need to high-tail it out of here." 

Morgana's hand clenched the bag protectively and she exhaled with annoyance. Looks like it was time to play dirty...

"Faceți o plimbare și uitați" She waved a glowing hand in front of the woman's face. 

Instantly, the nurse's expression went blank and her hands dropped limply to her sides. "But I reckon I need to go for a stroll..." She murmured in a daze and wandered off. 

Sighing, she gave Darkwing a nod before heading into the room.

"Quiverwing...?" She called out. "Are you in her- oh my gosh." 

She had stopped in her tracks when she saw him. She knew he would be in rough condition, given the situation. But this... 

"Oh, Quiverwing..." She rushed to his side with a gasp. "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault."


    • Darkwing Duck
      Darkwing Duck

      Darkwing stood near Morgana, not appreciating this nurse's attitude one bit.  Especially once she had insulted not only Morgana, but the folded up parasol at his waist.  "Garish, excuse me?" he retorted in an offended tone.  "And just where do you get off calling my gi-"

      Oh.  Morgana had effectively stopped that one-way conversation.  Good riddance.  "You need 'go for a stroll,' all right," he muttered, unconsciously putting a hand against the umbrella.  "Right into the Audubon Bay."

      Acknowledging Morgana's look, he stood guard just outside of the room to see to it that Morgana wasn't interrupted.  That, and watching limb reattachment wasn't exactly high up on his bucket list.

      • Quiverwing Duck
        Quiverwing Duck

        The amount of machines, wires, and tubes that surrounded Quiverwing was rather impressive. Those tubes were stuck into his nostrils, in through the side of his beak, and into his flesh in the case of the hanging I.V. bags.

        He was actually looking much better than he had even a couple of hours prior; that is to say, he no longer looked as if he were a corpse on life support. When the curse had lifted, and the unnaturally searing agony had vanished, the painkillers and sedation they had been giving him suddenly worked. With great relief, Quiverwing had fallen asleep instantly. He even had some color returning to his bill, now.

        His eyes opened blearily, then widened with a little confusion when he focused on Morgana. The heck. Where was he. Intubated as he was, he couldn't vocalize or even alter his breathing. The EKG showed an uptick in his heart rate, but it smoothed out as he blinked, eyes rolling and looking around. Oh. Right. This place.

        Quiverwing looked to Morgana again, and since he couldn't speak, he just arched a questioning eyebrow at her.

        • Morgana Macawber
          Morgana Macawber

          "I suppose now wouldn't be the best time to ask if Ari is safe." She frowned. "But I'm here to help you. Look-" She zipped open the bag and pulled out his arms. She gave them a wiggle, which caused one to wave a friendly greeting in his direction.

          "I'm going to re-attach them for you." She explained. "Er, with magic, that is. Gizmoduck found them for me, thank goodness. He... feels awful, like this is somehow his fault. He wanted me to tell you he's very sorry. But he isn't to blame. This is Tanya's fault. She's the one who gave Negaduck that saw..." As she spoke she had unfurled a set of instruments which she placed across Quiverwing's lap.

          She picked up a spool of glowing thread and fed it through the eye of a curved sewing needle. "This won't hurt." She reassured him. "Although... I assume this hospital is helping you in that regard already." 

          Thank goodness she had kept up with her Frankenstein First-Aid certification. One never knows when a body part or two might need replacing, after all. 

          Gingerly, she situated his left arm up to its proper placement and ever-so-carefully threaded the needle through his flesh. As she did so, she continued chatting with him conversationally in an attempt to distract him. She decided now would be a good time to catch him up on current events: Negaduck's rampage, Darkwing's vampirism, Gizmoduck and Gosalyn's whereabouts. Eventually, the subject turned to Tanya.

          "She's like Malicia, except actually competent and threatening." She explained. "She has the Elder Gods on her side, and she will do everything in her power to destroy me, and everyone I care about... which includes you." She frowned. "She has Negaduck on a leash, probably through magical means. That's why he has supernatural strength."

          The first arm done, she shuffled around to the other side of the bed and started on the second.

          "I... have an idea of how I might be able to stop her. But it's not a guaranteed win, and I need assistance. But between you and me, if all else fails, I have a back-up plan... I will offer myself to Tanya. In exchange for all your safety. I... haven't told Dark. I don't think he'll cooperate. You know how he is." She smiled wryly. 

          "There, all finished." She stood back to admire her handiwork. The glowing thread had begun to dissolve, reconnecting tissue, muscle and bone.

          "Go on, give them a wiggle." She encouraged him. 

          • DarkwingPsycho

            The dazed nurse wandered by the room, but didn't seem to even notice the purple-clad avenger standing guard.  An alarm sounded overhead, a shrill dinging sort of noise, and the floor team of nurses rushed past him.  The nurse under the spell seemed to snap out of it and disappeared into a supply room only to emerge quickly with...

            Darkwing could feel himself immediately start drooling and was disgusted.  Two full bags of blood on an IV pole rolled alongside the nurse as she went into a room down the hall, and before the vampiric vigilante could even stop to consider what he was doing, he'd run into the room.

            While this commotion was occurring, the elevator on the other side of the unit opened, and out rushed a blonde wearing a blood-spattered two-toned blue dress.  She hoped the sudden burst of screaming from the other side of the floor wasn't coming from Quiverwing's room...

            Her silver eyes passed over the numbers until she came to the one she had obtained, and she burst inside.

            • Quiverwing Duck
              Quiverwing Duck

              Although Quiverwing's ability to emote was severely limited, what with the tubes and wires preventing him from vocalizing--also, he still had his mask on--he could very slightly move his head and his eyes were expressive.

              He looked concerned when Morgana mentioned Ariana, because he had been hoping she could tell him what had happened to her. Quiverwing knew Ariana had been with him, and had brought him to the hospital as he fell unconscious. Trying to communicate this to a nurse with a text had simply gotten him scolded for 'licking his cellphone'.

              Even though he was a captive audience, he still gave a strong impression of actively listening to what Morgana was telling him, and none of the news sounded very good. Once she was done rearming him, Quiverwing twitched one of his hands. His fingers were stiff, as if they would not work quite right even if his arms had not undergone their own rigor mortis. What the heck had happened to them while they were away from his body?

              Having his limbs back was a distinct improvement, especially for Quiverwing's morale, and if he had been capable of it he would have sighed with relief. He managed to bend one elbow, and gently if clumsily put that hand over Morgana's in a gesture of thanks.

              The sound of his room's door being flung open made him turn his head slightly that way, trying to see through the bank of machines blocking his view. The sight of Ariana looking safe and unharmed made him--well, not sag with relief because he was already laying there, but the expression read clearly enough in his eyes.

              • Morgana Macawber
                Morgana Macawber

                Morgana also turned at the sudden noise, assuming the nurse had worked her way through that spell faster than expected. There was a moment of relief when she realized it was her sister, but the state of her dress made Morgana's own blood pressure rise.

                "Ari!" She cried, rushing toward her. There was a few moments of Morgana inspecting her to see if the blood was, in fact, that of her sister. Fortunately, that did not seem to be the case.

                "I was worried sick about you! I've just finished re-attaching Quiverwing's arms. He's..." She glanced over to the mallard in question and smiled.

                "Well, he's doing much better now, thank goodness." 

                • DarkwingPsycho

                  Her harried expression didn't waver, and she hardly noticed Morgana when her frenzied gaze fell on the patient she wanted.

                  "Dra..."  She could hardly get his name out as she moved more slowly into the room, taking in the sight of him.  She could feel tears threatening to form from all of the worry, anxiety, and hurt throughout the ordeal - this situation only served as a final straw.  But she managed to hold them at bay.

                  It wasn't until her sister was already hugging her tightly that she blinked out of the overwhelmed trance she'd been in and registered what was happening.  "Morgana...?" she said softly, loosely hugging her sister back.  "What are you doing here...?"

                  Morgana's gaze made her look down at the state of her dress, too.  "It's um...his...from before.  They didn't wash it, and I didn't...want to walk around in a hospital gown after they said I could go..."

                  She moved toward Quiverwing and sat down on the edge of the bed, putting a hand on his cheek and stroking his feathers, using every bit of strength to keep herself from crying.  "Hello handsome..."

                  "How did you...get his arms back?" she asked her sister without taking her eyes off of Quiverwing.  "How were you able to reattach them?  I couldn't..."  She had to stop because her voice wavered.  "...I couldn't help him when Negaduck..."

                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                    Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                    That's when the door burst open, yet again.

                    And in walked... a giant basket of chocolate?

                    Or, perhaps more notably, the fiery-haired felon who was obscured behind the large basket, which she set down on the nearby table, knocking aside all the various knick-knacks and items of value that may have been situated there. 

                    Instinctively, Morgana stood in front of Ari and Quiverwing, building a protective wall of common-sense. "Malicia, what the hell are you doing here? Do you honestly think a gift basket is going to fix this mess that your partner in crime caused?"

                    Malicia tilted her head in confusion momentarily. "Of course not." She snapped matter-of-factly. "The gift basket is for me. I saw it when I was on the way up and simply couldn't resist. I didn't come here to pay homage to all the gross sickly people, I'm here to see you, cousin dearest." 

                    This was naturally met with disbelief from Morgana, who was about to utter a response when Malicia cut her off.

                    "As I'm sure you're well aware." Mal began. "Bitchbinder is back in town, and she's brought company. Arcane company. You think I want to deal with that? If I know you -which I do, because you're so pathetically predictable - you're cooking up some plan to stop her. Which is why, I'm here to." She visibly cringed. "Offer my assistance, because you're clearly too incompetent to succeed on your own." 

                    "A truce." Morgana confirmed. 

                    "Ugh, don't call it that. This is merely an agreement between two mortal enemies to stop fighting for a certain time frame."

                    "That is literally the definition of a truce, Malicia." 

                    But Mal's attention had drifted past Morgana and onto Quiverwing. "Oh!" She exclaimed. "You got them back! With the way Negaduck was dragging them high and low, I really didn't expect them to return to you in one piece. I mean, those things went everywhere. And I do mean, everywhere." That final word punctuated with a salacious stare that may have possibly flown over Ariana's blonde head, but would certainly not be missed by the more-experienced - and perhaps thankfully still intubated - of the two. 

                    "Malicia!" Morgana barked. "Are you listening to me? I asked you if you still have access to all your vampire-slaying implements."

                    "Hmm?" Attention slid back to the elder sorceress. "Yes, of course. You know I'm always more than happy to murder a blood-sucker or two." 

                    "Well go get them, please. Then we'll reconvene at my place."

                    Malicia shrugged. "Yes, I suppose your little shack would be a convenient spot. Very well, then." The basket was once against hefted into her arms. "Don't any of you get yourselves chopped into pieces again, I don't do the whole 'healing' thing."

                    "Goodbye, Malicia." Morgana had begun urging her out the door. 

                    • Quiverwing Duck
                      Quiverwing Duck

                      Quiverwing was trying to touch Ariana, and it was frustrating, because his normally deft hands were not working well at all. Neither were his elbows. He quickly aborted an attempt to lightly caress the back of his hand against Ariana's cheek, because his lack of finesse meant he was far more likely to accidentally club her in the beak. He settled for smiling slightly, enough at least for the expression to touch his eyes, and he gave Ariana a wink.

                      That little moment did not last long, because when Malicia entered a room, she metaphorically filled up all available space completely, much like an expanding gas. One of his brows was arched slightly during the discussion between Malicia and Morgana, and then it arched a little higher when Malicia started chatting to him.

                      By the end of Malicia's informative commentary, both of his eyebrows were raised pretty high. Just as well he hadn't been able to give Ariana a light touch to the cheek, really.

                      He did manage to nudge Ariana's elbow to get her attention, and gestured clumsily at himself, or possibly at the wires and tubes festooning him.

                      • DarkwingPsycho

                        Ariana smiled in return at the wink and took his hand, at least until the door bursting open behind her startled her into dropping it.

                        During Malicia's rather long-winded entrance, Ariana's attention finally diverted away from Quiverwing, and it pinged between her cousin and her sister.  None of what they were saying made sense.  What did Morgana mean by Malicia's "partner in crime"?  How did Malicia even know Morgana would be here?  Who was "Bitchbinder" and what sort of "arcane company" had she come with?  And if Negaduck had dragged Quiverwing's arms everywhere, then they probably weren't in the best shape...she hoped they didn't hurt now that they were back on.

                        She watched as Malicia was practically pushed out, so many questions swirling in her mind until she felt a touch at her elbow.  Whirling around and looking down at Quiverwing, she raised a brow.  "Someone fell into Devil's Gorge and has a compound fracture of the lower mandible...?"

                        A beat later, she flushed.  "Oh...but don't you need those things to...?"

                        At the look on his face, she buried her initial concern and wanted to help him feel more comfortable, because he certainly didn't look comfortable.  She wasn't sure what all of these tubes were for...but if he didn't want them, she'd help him.  Very carefully she took hold of the tube and pulled, watching his face the entire time for any sign that that was not what he wanted or that she should stop.

                        That was when they heard the nurses scream, "SECURITY!!!"

                        • Morgana Macawber
                          Morgana Macawber

                          Morg could read the confused expression on her sister's face and sighed. "I'll explain most of that later." She said. "But I realize you're preoccupied right n-"

                          And apparently so was Morg when she heard the shouting. Come to think of it, where was Darkwing? He'd been standing watch outside the door, but surely he would've protested when Malicia had entered? Which must mean...

                          Oh no. 

                          "I'll go check on that." She told the two as she headed out to follow the source of the noise. 

                          • Quiverwing Duck
                            Quiverwing Duck

                            Although Quiverwing's expression remained fairly stoic while Ariana started pulling out his tubes, his EKG was starting to really get wild, because the process was probably painful despite whatever sedatives he may have been given. He nudged Ariana's arms encouragingly, just in case she decided to stop.

                            The moment his throat was finally cleared, he gagged a little, coughed in a horribly wet manner, and then lay there gasping hard to force air into his lungs. After a moment of this, he said in a voice that was nearly an octave lower than usual for him, not to mention full of a dumptruck's worth of gravel, "Thank you. Okay. Just need to get up now, get dressed, and get out of here."

                            Quiverwing tried to push himself up by his elbows and managed to lift his head about an inch from its pillow, then fell back again. There was a subvocalized "Oh, my god" from him, and then he tried it again, raising his head at least two inches before collapsing. So, progress was being made.

                            • DarkwingPsycho

                              Darkwing was both wantonly and abashedly sucking blood from one of the blood bags, the other having burst open and causing blood to have spattered everywhere in the room - including on top of the patient who had needed it.  He couldn't seem to stop himself even though mentally he was screaming for himself to do so.  The nurses were trying to pull him away, but he kept fending them off.

                              When Morgana came in, he straightened and looked at her in humiliation while he continued to drink from the tubing like it was a straw.  After a couple more gulps, he removed it and held it out toward her sheepishly.  "It's uh...O-positive..."


                              The beeping gave Ariana pause when she was removing the tubes, but his encouragement kept her going against her better judgment.  When it was finally out, the frantic alarming of the EKG started to wane, at least until he tried to sit up...twice.  She had seen snippets of enough Normal medical shows to know that wasn't good.  The horrid sound of his coughing also didn't sit well with her.  Under normal circumstances, the extra gravelly tone of his voice might have been a turn on, but here in the hospital room, it added to her concern.

                              Gently but firmly, she put a hand on his chest to keep him from trying to sit up again.  "No, don't get need to rest, my darling..."  She hadn't seen everything that Negaduck had done to him before he'd sawed off his arms, but Quiverwing had already looked in pretty rough shape before that had happened.  Given the way he was reacting now to trying to move, she knew there had to be more injuries under the surface.

                              She leaned down a little closer, smoothing her other hand over his cheek again.  "I know you don't like hospitals...but they can help you here..."  Of course, Ariana had no idea what was going on on the outside still, so she didn't understand the urgency.

                              • Morgana Macawber
                                Morgana Macawber

                                When Morgana had arrived on the bloody scene she very nearly did an about-face right back out of the room. Recomposing herself, she sauntered in to collect Darkwing, and several extra bags of blood for good measure. 

                                "It's okay." She told him. "You're experiencing extreme cravings and unlike born vampires you've never been taught to control your thirst." She apologized profusely to the horrified nurses and surrounding patients who could only stare in fixated horror at St. Canard's masked vigilante sucking on blood bags like they were juicy drop pops. 

                                "Quiverwing is awake and his arms are in working order." She updated him. "And..." Deep breaths. "Malicia paid us a visit as well." 

                                • Quiverwing Duck
                                  Quiverwing Duck

                                  After taking several ragged breaths, Quiverwing put his hand over Ariana's and rasped out, "Negaduck is still rampaging. Your sister is in danger. Her enemy gave Negaduck all that power." His eyes closed and his EKG showed his heart rate slowing down and becoming regular.

                                  After a long moment, where it seemed as if he might have fallen asleep, Quiverwing pulled his elbows back and pushed himself up slowly and stubbornly, a low growl grinding in his throat. Once he was in a reasonable sitting position, he grabbed at the hospital gown they'd put him in, his hands still clumsy but working well enough for the task, and he yanked it forward and got his arms free of the short sleeves.

                                  He wiped his beak with the garment, then glanced down at his bare chest and pulled away the ECG sensors. "I'm fine," he rumbled, in defiance of all the evidence to the contrary. "Just need a hot shower and a cup of coffee. Good to go."

                                  • DarkwingPsycho

                                    At his news, she blinked, having not thought of Negaduck (or much of anything else) at all since she had woken up from hours and hours of deep sleep and fluid replacement.  The only thing that had been on her mind was finding Drake - because she hadn't been certain she had acted quickly enough to save him.

                                    "He's still out there…" she murmured, her brow furrowing a little.  Then she raised a brow.  "What enemy?"  The only one she knew of was Malicia, although she wouldn't say enemy so much as antagonist.

                                    He was quiet for so long she relaxed her hand on his chest and wasn't expecting him to move up when he did.  By the time she thought to urge him back down, he was up and pulling things off.  As soon as he was left only in the compression sleeves on his legs and his undies, it was quickly apparent just how much physical damage Quiverwing had taken beyond just the arm-slicing.  Ariana watched him worriedly.

                                    "You don't look fine...a-are you sure?  Do you need help?"  She got up from her position next to him so that he could maneuver himself how he wanted, but she also stayed close in case he did need extra support.

                                    Darkwing, meanwhile, felt better now that he was fed, but also felt extremely mortified.  He looked around at all of the eyes on him sheepishly, wondering why he could never get this good of an audience when he was doing something good, and followed Morgana.  Her statement was enough to snap him out of the embarrassed stupor.  "Malicia was here?  What for?  Don't tell me she's in cahoots with that lowdown lecherous leech!"

                                    • Morgana Macawber
                                      Morgana Macawber

                                      "She... wants to help us. I'm not surprised, to be quite frank. Tanya was exceptionally cruel to Malicia when we were all in school together, she always knew exactly how to get under Malicia's skin. Granted, I wasn't expecting her to seek me out." She furrowed her brow. "I hate to admit it but we need the help... we are going to require every bit of sorcery available to us." 

                                      She was leading Darkwing back to Quiverwing's room, and this time tried to beckon him inside the front door so she could at least keep an eye on him. "I just want to let Ari and Quiverwing know where to find us." She explained. 

                                      Poking her head back into the room she called out. "Ari? Are you two okay?" 

                                      • Quiverwing Duck
                                        Quiverwing Duck

                                        "My dear, the only way to keep me out of the fight is to kill me, and I'm not dead yet." Quiverwing took a risk and patted Ariana's shoulder, and managed to do it without missing his target or accidentally smacking her. Very encouraging.

                                        Whatever pain was going on could be put aside and dealt with later. Quiverwing pushed off the rest of his blankets and somehow managed to get off of the bed and onto his feet without falling over completely. He took two steps and wavered. Pain was one thing; the unsteady wooziness was another. He couldn't just stubbornly ignore that.

                                        Standing there in his blue boxer shorts and compression leg sleeves, he pulled his posture up proudly and placed his fists on his hips. "We're just fine, Morgana," he replied in his gravel-crunching voice. "Thank you for your help in restoring my arms, my appreciation for that is immeasurable."

                                        Turning his head very slightly, he said, "Ariana, I would deem it a great favor if you would assist me, please. I'm currently unable to discern the floor from the wall or ceiling. If you could point me towards the bathroom, I think I'll be able to find my way there so that I might utilize the shower."

                                        • DarkwingPsycho

                                          "If you say so..." Darkwing said dubiously, still idly sucking on the blood tubing even though it disgusted him.  He dutifully followed her, not wanting to further ruin his already tenuous reputation.

                                          Ariana bristled a little at the shoulder-patting, but let it alone.  "Here, first we have to get these off," she said, kneeling down to undo the Velcro holding the sleeves on his legs in place.  The machine at the end of the bed beeped annoyingly.  Hurriedly Ariana moved next to it and guessed the right button thanks to a clear pictogram.  She hadn't had terrific luck with buttons of late.

                                          To her sister, she said hesitantly.  "I...I think we'll be okay..."  Her eyes didn't leave Quiverwing for a second, although as he posed she did lean forward to inspect the attachment site for his arms.  "Oh!  You used glowworm silk!  I'm glad you still had that Frankenstein First-Aid kit."  You could hardly tell where the stitches had been done.

                                          His next couple of statements unnerved her a little, and she wondered if she should have let him get out of bed.  But rather than put up a fight, she moved closer to him and stretched an arm out to point toward the bathroom that was attached to his room.  That way, if he did want to utilize her for anything, her arm was right there.  "Over here, my darling..."

                                          • Morgana Macawber
                                            Morgana Macawber

                                            Morgana frowned as she watched the two struggle across the room. Obviously they were distracted by the current issue of Quiverwing's recovery, but she was worried about Ari in particular. 

                                            "Ari... I need you to focus for a second." Morgana pleaded. "I need to warn you. What happened to Quiverwing was a targeted attack intended to hurt me. An old....... classmate of mine has shown her face in St. Canard. She's made it clear that she can and will hurt all of my loved ones, you included. If we don't prepare ourselves this is going to happen again, worse than before."

                                            She motioned to Darkwing for added emphasis. "She's a vampire, and she turned Dark. I have to cure him soon before that window of opportunity closes. In the meantime... please, if you see Negaduck, or run into Tanya, get away from them at all cost. And keep in touch." A nod to Quiverwing.

                                            "Quiverwing, do you think you'll be well enough to check in with me regularly? You have my number. I want to make sure both you and Ari remain safe. I want to know where she is at all times." Protective Sister mode activate.

                                            • Quiverwing Duck
                                              Quiverwing Duck

                                              Quiverwing managed to remain upright when Ariana untethered him from the bed, and his heroic posture did not waver even when he had a little trouble orienting his head towards where she was pointing.

                                              His attention returned to Morgana when she started explaining the situation, and then he peered at Darkwing, noticing him for the first time. Turning his upper body a bit so he could look back at his hospital bed, particularly at the I.V. stands arranged by it, he lifted his hand and pointed at the hanging blood bag. As graciously as he could under the circumstances, he told Darkwing, "I'm not going to finish that, so you're welcome to it, if you like."

                                              "Morgana, I assure you that I am fine and will update you periodically. I will ensure nothing untoward happens to Ariana." Quiverwing took a moment to figure out what direction he needed to go in, took a few steps, and blindly collided with the bathroom door. He put a hand against it as if he was unsure as to its reality. "Also, Morgana, please don't feel any guilt about this. Believe me, Negaduck would have attacked me anyway. He wanted revenge for that time I killed him. Or... nearly killed him, as clearly it didn't entirely take."

                                              He looked back to where Ariana was standing, more or less, and spoke in a much quieter tone. "...Ariana, I may need one more slight favor with regards to actually finding the shower, making it function, and--please don't take this the wrong way--denuding myself."

                                              • DarkwingPsycho

                                                Ariana listened with growing worry.  "An old classmate?  How come you never mentioned her before...?  What do you mean 'worse than before'?  Who is she?  What is she planning to do?"  She glanced uneasily from Quiverwing to her sister, then said a little shortly, "I can take care of myself.  I don't need a babysitter.  He does, though."  So I don't know why you're trusting him over me.

                                                As soon as Quiverwing offered the excess blood to Darkwing, he stopped drinking from the bag he had and tossed it over his shoulder, saying breezily, "Thanks but no thanks.  Come on, Morg, let's start planning our next step."  He gently touched her arm and started heading toward a waiting area.

                                                Meanwhile the blonde next to Quiverwing moved to help steer him, her hands gently on one of his arms and the other around his back.  At his admission, her face flushed a bit as they moved into the bathroom and she shut the door for privacy.  "Oh...o-okay..." she said slowly.  Did he know what he was asking of her?

                                                • Morgana Macawber
                                                  Morgana Macawber

                                                  "I never mentioned her because I always considered her irrelevant and unworthy of mentioning, she is a skilled sorceress who evidently has aligned herself with some very powerful gods, she was expelled from Eldritch and blames me for it, and she is planning to sacrifice every soul in this city to the aforementioned gods, and destroy me in the process." Answering each respective question as punctually as possible. 

                                                  But to Ariana's final statement, Morgana's darkened with the ever-familiar expression of an older relative who had bitten back their tongue for too long.

                                                  "Oh? You can take care of yourself? Like how you got yourself mixed up with Negaduck, one of the city's renowned psychopaths? How did that work out for you?" No longer in the mood to mince words. 

                                                  Her attention back to Quiverwing. "Well I am rather certain Negaduck is part-cockroach. Better luck next time. I trust you, but do be careful... please don't hesitate to call if you need our help."  

                                                  Knowing that she would not be needed for this shower expedition, she turned back to Darkwing. "We should probably head back to the mansion and start working on your cure. Hopefully Gosalyn has found everything."


                                                  • Quiverwing Duck
                                                    Quiverwing Duck

                                                    "I don't need a--" as he quietly objected to the claim that he needed a babysitter, Quiverwing went beak-first into the door frame. His aim was exceptionally off. After that, he waited until Ariana could guide him.

                                                    Regardless of the physical and mental erraticisms he was undergoing, he was still fully aware of Morgana's admonishment to Ariana. Yikes. Address that, yay or nay? Probably nay. That was a family interaction and he had no business trying to meddle with it.

                                                    Instead, he quietly said, "Ari, I appreciate your help. I'm... actually having a lot of trouble at the moment." It was a difficult admission for Quiverwing, as acknowledging his injuries was equivalent in his mind to admitting to being a complete failure. "So, thank you."

                                                    Raising his arm, the back of his hand pushed against the underside of Ariana's beak in a firm yet awkward manner. After a hesitation, he said, "Um. That's not your cheek, is it? I was trying to cup my palm against your cheek in a tender and reassuring manner."

                                                    • DarkwingPsycho

                                                      Ariana's face reddened at the verbal lashing, and she would have snapped back a retort, but Morgana was already talking to Quiverwing and conveniently leaving.  So instead she swallowed the hurt and anger and diverted her attention somberly to her injured beau.  It was clear to her that Morgana would hang that mistake over her head for forever, and would never let her live it down no matter what she did.  Her sister trusted Quiverwing at his worst over her own flesh-and-blood at her best.  It was a low blow.

                                                      Darkwing nodded, eager to leave the hospital and get rid of the vampirism, and walked with the tall sorceress out of the unit and back down toward the exit.

                                                      His admission and soft words cheered her up a little, and she didn't even mind that his hand missed her cheek.  Gently she took it and cupped it against her cheek, then nuzzled his palm as she swallowed her indignation and moved forward to hug him tightly.  While he needed physical support right now, she needed emotional.

                                                      "I'm so happy you're okay," she whispered against him.

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