How to Not Kill Your Partner 101

Chief Agent Grizzlikoff was not surprised when agent Hudson had, as usual, arrived late. He was only nine minutes late this time, though... a significant improvement from his 14.6 minute average.  Perhaps this was a good sign? Maybe things would go well.

Or, more likely, this whole thing would end up a waste of time... and probably with something aside from Grizzlikoff's temper going up in flames by the end of the day. Hudson was involved, after all.

"As you are both being aware, Dr. Rousseau has recommended you undergo team building exercises to improve corporation between the two of you."

"One, it's cooperation," Elliot replied tersely, clearly unhappy about being here. "And two, I cooperate just fine! Is it my fault this jerk treats me like a bloody idiot all the time?"

The bear had to bite his tongue. Don't say it, Grizz. Do NOT say it. You are a professional.

He let out a heavy sigh to stave off the temptation of uttering a scathing retort, and instead focused on trying to reason with the younger agent. As impossible such a thing seemed to be.

"All SHUSH agents are expected to be working together as team, no matter how they are feeling towards their partner. I am not caring if you two hate each other, as long as you are working together to get job done. Is clear?"

Elliot huffed, folding his arms. He could do that just fine! He just... did it better with someone that wasn't Kevion.

Still, apparently Dr. Rousseau had felt differently, because here they were. Probably all because he'd thrown that one punch after the lion had insulted him on a bad day.  But the jerk had totally deserved it.

    • A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs
      A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe of OCs

      “This is a waste of all of our time...” Kevion grumbled under his breath. The lion straightened and saluted when the chief agent demanded affirmation.

      “Yes, Sir.”

      He avoided looking at the fiery haired drake beside him. He disliked the pilot’s defensive attitude toward himself, his disrespect for authority, and his carefree attitude when he was goofing off, but Agent Kevion Amca was a professional. He could ignore the short duck’s quips and rude remarks and leaping to assumptions and recklessness and-
      And sheath his own claws. Dangit, he was already tense and they had not even begun yet.

      “What is our task, Sir?”