[RP] The Devil You Know

[RP] The Devil You Know

((OOC: This is an open rp and anyone can join. The end goal is to free Darkwing and send Darkwarrior back to his own time. How you all do that, is up to you. ))

"St. Canard. The city where crime never sleeps. But never fear sleeping citizens! Darkwing Duck is your guardian of the night as you lay sleeping and dreaming!"

Darkwing was perched on the ledge of a building overlooking the city and providing self-narration as usual. However, before he contuined, he was interrupted by a bright flash of light and a boom like the sound of thunder cracking. He nearly fell off his perch in surprise.

After recovering from his surprise and regained his sight after being temporarily blinded, he carefully picked his way down to investigate the source of the flash and noise.

Down below now wedged into an alley was a familiar machine. The Time Top. Darkwing swore that he still had it locked away in his tower. How did it get here? The only answer he had was that maybe Gosalyn had been messing around with it. She must have found the power source that he had pulled out ages ago and stuck it back in.

However, as he approached he noted that the Time Top seemed to have some modifications done to it.


"Ok. Whoever is in there better show themselves! For I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the time machine you found at a yard sale! I am--"

He was rudely interrupted again when the hatch of the Time Top exploded open and red smoke leaked out of it as a dark figure rose up.

"I know who you are." A voice replied not unlike his own.

"You do? But I don't know you." Darkwing huffed.

The owner of the voice then leapt down and landed in front of the hero. "What? I don't look familiar?"

Darkwing was taken back at the sight of the duck standing in front of him. Despite wearing armor (boy those shoulder spikes looked sharp), the hat was the same one as his. Then he grew annoyed. "Oh, great another one of you. How many more doubles of me are going to flood this city? Look buddy. You can hop back into the Time Top and go back to where ever you came from. I don't need anymore dimensional delinquent doubles running around. I certainly don't need the extra help!"

The nerve. Why can't they stay in their own verses instead of coming to mine?

"I'm not here to help. Far from it." The other drake said chillingly.

Darkwing frowned as it seemed he was refusing to listen to him. But the way other duck spoke made his spine tingle. And those eyes. Those red piercing eyes were unsettling.

And then.

The hero felt a gloved hand around his neck squeezing it tight before he could speak another word.

"I really had forgotten how rude and stupid I used to be. Clearly, you don't know when to mind your own tongue. For that, I will silence you for you." The attacker snarled.

While the temptation to choke the life out of the egotistical hero was there, the duck used all of his willpower to refain from doing so. When Darkwing had stopped struggling and hung there limply, he dropped him roughly in a heap.

"Much better." He nudged the unconscious Darkwing with his boot. Then he turned and called on a pair of robots in the shape of duck heads. "Come. We have work to do. Take this prisoner to the bridge tower."

((OOC: Holy novel, Batman!))

    • Harmonizer

      The next night, Harmonizer was certain something was wrong. 

      Where were all the burglar alarms? And the screams of petrified women (and men)? Or even the weird singing of drunkards to the music of the street musicians? 

      It was just... too quiet. 

      She frowned quietly, sitting back on the rooftop and sipping a cup of iced tea. Were the criminals on break? This was very unusual. It was just yesterday she had to stop Quackerjack from a crime spree.

      And where were the heroes? Was there some villain-hero convention she wasn't informed about? But she saw Darkwing yesterday, and he told her nothing. Well... it was more that she called to him and he moved away like he hadn't heard anything. How rude. Although... it was a bit weird now that she thought about it. She hoped he wasn't drinking any weird energy drinks again. 

      Sighing quietly, she continued watching the city from above the skyscraper, keeping her ears out for anything. 

      • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
        Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

        Suddenly there was a noise behind her, and a young duckette in an archer's outfit with a cape landed behind her.  "Harmonizer!" she called, running toward her.  Gosalyn had forgotten that she had never actually "met" the hero as her alternate persona before.

        "Have you seen Darkwing anywhere?  I've looked all over but I can't find him!"

        • Harmonizer

          Harmonizer stared at the little archer heroine in confusion, but she easily recognised her voice. It was just a split second before she reached a conclusion and smiled. She chose not to say anything though. 

          Her smile faded when she was told the girl did not see Darkwing anywhere too. 

          "Maybe 'e's at 'ome...?" she asked, frowning a little. "I... I think I saw 'im last night. But 'e didn't respond when I called to 'im. And ees eet just me or ees tonight very quiet?" 

          • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
            Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            "No, he never came home!" the redhead said worriedly.  Never mind how she knew that...  "You saw him last night?  Where??"

            • Harmonizer

              Harmonizer paused, then looked at Gosalyn curiously before continuing. 

              "Just three blocks from 'ere," she pointed, looking troubled. "I assumed 'e was busy patrolling so I didn't go bother 'im." 

              There was something else she noticed too. He was more... bulky? Taller? But that would not have been possible. 

              "Did you check 'is 'ideout yet? Maybe 'e fell asleep there." 

              • Launchpad McQuack
                Launchpad McQuack

                Gosalyn and Harmonizer were not the only ones looking for Darkwing. Launchpad had been in Duckburg, visiting his folks when the takedown occurred. It wasn’t totally unusual to come home and find Darkwing absent, and Launchpad went about business as usual, making sure Gosalyn’s bookbag and sports equipment were ready to go when she came back from the Muddlefoots.

                He wondered if Darkwing had gone on a solo SHUSH mission or if the crimefighter had passed out at the tower after a long night out. Wanting to make sure Darkwing was alright, he headed for the chairs to the tower when he heard clicking on the window.

                “Ooh boy, a Flashquack! Maybe it’s DW and he needs air support on an island somewhere. Or the moon.” He chuckled at the memory of the bizarre case where Darkwing and Chief Agent Grizzlikoff had gotten stranded on the moon. Launchpad had flown up to bring them home, with them bickering the whole way.

                Launchpad let the Flashquack in and waited for it to reveal its message. What he saw was alarming. Darkwing never replied to J. Gander? That wasn’t like him. Launchpad took the chairs to the tower to see if there was a clue there.

                • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                  Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                  "I've looked everywhere," Quiverwing said miserably.  "Which way was he going?  I'm worried something awful happened to him!"

                  • Harmonizer

                    Harmonizer patted her shoulder. "Cheer up! Darkweeng would be fine. 'E's ze best 'ero ever!" 

                    Except he wasn't. Harmonizer had a bad feeling. If Quiverwing didn't see him come home and looked terribly worried, then something might be wrong. 

                    "Let me give Quiverwing- err, ze other Darkwing a call, see eef 'e saw 'im..." Harmonizer said, taking out her phone to find her friend's number. 

                    Her mind flashed back to the silhouette of Darkwing, and she glanced back at the younger Quiverwing. She hated to tell her about it, but she may know something. 

                    "Ees Darkweeng a werewolf or something?" she suddenly asked as she put the phone to her ear, waiting for her friend to pick up. Realising it may be a silly question, she quickly went on. "From what I saw of Darkweeng last night, 'e looked bulkier and taller. I think spiky fur was coming off 'is shoulders?" she asked. 

                    • Quiverwing Duck
                      Quiverwing Duck

                      The phone call did not get picked up when Harmonizer made it, but almost immediately, she was called back.

                      "Hey, Harmonizer." Quiverwing Duck sounded as if he were in a closed area with a fair number of people in it, judging by the muted ebb and flow of several conversations going on in the background. There were hints of music. "Sorry about that, I had my hands full and didn't catch your call in time. What can I do for you?"

                      • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                        Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                        "That may be true, but it isn't like him to just...disappear."  This was like the Bigfoot case all over again.  She brightened a little.  "You mean Quiverwing Duck?  Yeah...okay.  I'm sure he could help!"  The more minds working on this she trusted, the better.

                        "A werewolf?  Well, I mean there was that one time he was turned into one, but he got changed back.  Why?"  Once Harmonizer had explained further, she said, "Fur from his shoulders?  That's weird..."

                        • Harmonizer

                          Harmonizer looked annoyed at first, then intrigued at the sound of the background music. "Where are you and can I come?" 

                          Hey, Harm. Focus. 

                          She cleared her throat. "Darkweeng's been missing. G- uh... ze other Quiverwing says she didn't see 'im come back, and she's been looking everywhere for 'im since. Did you see Darkweeng last night by any chance? We're getting worried." 

                          • Quiverwing Duck
                            Quiverwing Duck

                            "Uh... I'm at a club," Quiverwing Duck told Harmonizer. He always forgot about how keen her hearing was, even though he had stepped into a back room. "I have a paying gig tonight." He listened with growing concern when Harmonizer explained the situation.

                            "You know he and I don't exactly hang out regularly," Quiverwing explained. "So I haven't seen him for a few days. If Quiverwing Quack hasn't heard from or seen him, he really is gone." He went quiet for a moment while thinking, the sounds of the club murmuring over the line. "Get together the most precise times and locations he was last seen and send 'em over to me. I have one more set and then I'll suit up and have a look."

                            • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                              Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                              "What did he say?" Quiverwing asked anxiously.  "Is he coming?  Maybe we should head in the direction you last saw him going..."

                              • Harmonizer

                                "You didn't eenvite me..." Harmonizer pouted a little. 

                                But then again, had she not been here, Quiverwing Quack would have been alone. The heroine would not have wanted that for her. Especially if her suspicions were true and Darkwing and her were... family. 

                                Considering Quiverwing Duck used to have the same kid, and Quiverwing Quack's reaction to Darkwing being missing, her worry going beyond that of a fangirl (she knew; she worried about her father before) and the fact that she knew he did not come home... Harmonizer was certain she knew their relationship. 

                                But she wouldn't say anything. She knew how important an identity was to a hero. 

                                At Gosalyn's suggestion, she smiled and nodded. "We're going there now. Meet us at Feather Street. We'll see you soon," she told him, then hung up and turned to the child. "Quiverwing 'asn't seen Darkweeng either. But 'e's coming over to 'elp. Let's go," she beckoned to her. 

                                "Also, eet's going to be confusing when there are both of you so we better come up with some nicknames for you two. Quack and Duck? QQ and QD? Quivvy and Wingy?" she asked as she led her to the street she remembered seeing Darkwing. Did she know how to jump buildings? That would be faster. 

                                • Drake Mallard
                                  Drake Mallard

                                  "Gos?" Darkwing stirred from his slumber. "I had this terrible dream..."

                                  The sound of the wind before he opened his eyes made him realize he was in the tower and it wasn't a dream. That he was now hanging on a wall. His throat felt very sore like it had just been crushed. He raised his head as he stared wide eyed now. "What?"

                                  Near his super computer was the doppelganger that had attacked him.

                                  "Have a nice nap?" The drake asked looking up from his work he was doing on the computer.

                                  Darkwing growled deeply and replied harshly in a hoarse voice. "No thanks to you, jerk!" He narrowed his eyes. "I should punch you in that smug face!"

                                  The other masked duck laughed in response before stepping near him. "You don't have it in you. Well, not yet."

                                  "Just who do you think you are? I told you. I don't need help. I certainly want you out of my tower! Let me go and go back to whatever verse you came from!"

                                  "You still don't get it? I am you!" The duck spread his arms. "I am from the future!" Then he reached up to undo his mask to reveal his much older scarred face. "This is what crimefighting will do to you. I am here not to help you but to bring justice for what this world has done to me. What it will do to you. What it has caused me and you to lose."

                                  He put his arms behind his back as he continued on with a pained look on his face that was brief before it faded. "I'll make sure they all pay sooner than later. That is why I'm here."

                                  Darkwing wasn't liking what he was hearing as he listened to old duck rant. What did he mean by all of this? Whatever it was he didn't like it. It made him feel ill that if this doppelganger was telling the truth that he was what his future was going to be.

                                  "What are you planning on doing?" He dreaded asking.

                                  "I lost my daughter and I plan on making sure it doesn't happen again. She and this city needs to be protected. I will rid this city of it's riffraff. Stop it before gains too much of a foothold. I waited too long and it was too late when I lost her." The duck growled. "Justice will be served. This city doesn't need a hero. It needs a warrior. I am no longer Darkwing Duck. I am Darkwarrior Duck!"

                                  "You..You're talking about murder?" Darkwing struggled against his retraints. This wasn't happening. He wasn't believing that he was going to become a twisted villain like this duck. One that would kill. It had to be a lie.

                                  "Of course. But who will mourn those evildoers? No one will miss them and the city will be safer that way." Darkwarrior grinned. "What you do now isn't enough. Catching them and sending them to prison didn't make them learn their lesson. As soon as they are out, they would continue to do whatever they pleased. Ah. But I had became tougher on the criminals. They stopped when they found what I was going to do to them when I caught them. There's nothing more of a deterrent than the penalty of death. You will one day learn to embrace it. Then you really will be the terror that flaps in the night!"

                                  The end of his rant was followed by maniacal laughter as he turned his back with a dramatic cape swish as he went back to the super computer. "The future has many wonderful tools one can use in crimefighting but I do not have much of it with me. I will need to start fresh. I know such a place where I can acquire such things. SHUSH's research lab."

                                  "You're mad! I don't care if you're me! I will stop you when I get free!" Darkwing hissed as he kept on struggling to get free.

                                  "Hehe. I don't think so." Darkwarrior waved a hand and a robot appeared. "If he doesn't be quiet or tries to escape. Fry him."

                                  During the exchange, the crazed duck hadn't heard Launchpad coming in. If the sidekick had been there long enough he would have heard everything. However, one of the other robots was patrolling the tower and would soon spot him.

                                  • Launchpad McQuack
                                    Launchpad McQuack

                                    Launchpad heard voices as he entered the tower. At first he assumed it was a video game, since he could see the light from the super computer monitor. Still, if DW was playing a game, he’d have received J. Gander’s message either directly from the computer or from the Flashquack. Maybe he fell asleep with the computer on?

                                    As Launchpad padded closer, he noted that the voices both sounded like Darkwing’s, although one sounded hoarse and was harder to understand.
                                    Wait. Did DW just say he was going to kill criminals?
                                    Now the hoarse voice was shouting angrily. Launchpad hurried toward them and ran smack into a robot.

                                    “Ouch! Huh? I thought we got rid of the D2000?” He rubbed his bill in confusion.

                                    • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                      Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                      Quiverwing felt a little relieved to know that the other Quiverwing would be meeting them.  At least he might have more insight into what might have happened...

                                      "I guess Double Q is fine...kinda makes me sound like a secret agent!"  The redhead momentarily brightened as she followed Harmonizer.  She most certainly did know how to jump buildings - she'd been practicing after soccer practice, without her father's knowledge.

                                      She sighed then.  "I just wish he would let me know he's okay...what if something awful's happened to him?"

                                      • Quiverwing Duck
                                        Quiverwing Duck

                                        Just a little bit later, when Quiverwing Duck met with Harmonizer and Quiverwing Quack on Feather Street, or at least in a sketchy alley way that let out onto Feather Street, the masked drake was quiet as he had a look around.

                                        He was crouched down with his cape somewhat pulled around him so that the end would not trail on the alley floor, because, gross. Quiverwing had his goggles on, which essentially looked like aviator sunglasses, and had some kind of magnifying glass in hand.

                                        "I don't doubt what you saw, Harm," he said, standing up, although he was still looking at the ground. "But I don't believe Darkwing was here. The only footprints I can find are shod ones. Darkwing doesn't even wear pants, he sure doesn't wear shoes."

                                        Pushing the glasses up onto his forehead, he gestured at the ground with his free hand and said, "But someone with the same shoe size as myself was here in the last day, lotta those prints." Quiverwing carefully put his own purple booted foot down beside what was, apparently, a footprint. "Probably whomever you saw."

                                        • Harmonizer

                                          Harmonizer grinned at Quiverwing Quack. "Double Q eet ees. You'll be ze first super secret 'ero agent." 

                                          She was very impressed at her ability to keep up with her. She was being trained, wasn't she? 

                                          When Quiverwing Duck arrived, Harmonizer asked him the same question about how he should be called, since the girl and him would share the same identities and she did not want to get mixed up. She dropped nicknames including Quivy in her suggestions. 

                                          She looked curious when he reported the findings. 

                                          "But I was sure I saw 'im... I mean, who else wears an enormous hat like 'e does?" she frowned a little. "Maybe 'e got 'is feet 'urt and needed to wear shoes? Quackerjack got 'im good with Legos zat one time." 

                                          Poor Darkwing. He had to wear those awful pink booties. Although... it did match the inside of his cape. 

                                          "I saw spiky fur too," she added. "They looked like zis..." she traced how she'd seen the spikes, up and down on her shoulders. 

                                          Harmonizer... Harm, those are shoulder spikes. 

                                          • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                            Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                            "Well, there's Negaduck," Gosalyn offered when Harmonizer was remarking about people who wear hats as large as Darkwing.  "But he hasn't been around for months..."

                                            The redhead looked over Harmonizer with interest.  "Heeeeey, that's not fur!" she cried, coming to a conclusion that struck a fearful nerve in her center.  "Those are spikes!  And he if was wearing those...and boots...and his hat...that means...he's turned into Darkwarrior!"  She looked immediately miserably even with the mask covering her face.

                                            • Quiverwing Duck
                                              Quiverwing Duck

                                              At this dramatic revelation, Quiverwing Duck and Harmonizer regarded Gosalyn blankly, then looked at each other, and then back at the duckling without saying a word.

                                              Finally, Quiverwing said, "Who?"

                                              • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                                Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                                Gosalyn sighed, but quickly summed up the story for them so they could get on board.  "Darkwarrior Duck is who he became in the future after I kinda sorta stowed away on Quackerjack's time top!  He thought I ran away and got even stricter than he is now!  The penalty for everything was death, even the cops were scared of him!"  She looked between the two heroes pleadingly.  "We've gotta help him!"

                                                • Harmonizer

                                                   Harmonizer listened quietly, both shocked at the story and sad that a child had to go through all that. 

                                                  "But... I don't understand. You're 'ere, so Darkweeng should not become Darkwarrior..." she said uncertainly. 

                                                  Unless Darkwing's fate had always been to become Darkwarrior... but Harmonizer didn't want to think that. She didn't want to believe the sweet, sometimes pig-headed but well-meaning hero could become a monster like that. 

                                                  "We 'ave to find 'im, now," she said. "Maybe SHUSH can 'elp." 

                                                  • Drake Mallard
                                                    Drake Mallard

                                                    The robot made a clang noise when it was smacked into. "INTRUDER!" It shouted in its robotic voice as it reached for Launchpad with it's metal arms.

                                                    Darkwarrior spun around setting his sights on the sidekick after hearing the commotion.

                                                    "Oh. It's you. The too soft hearted sidekick." He narrowed his red glowing eyes into slits. He remembered how his sidekick had abandoned him when he decided to use new methods to keep the city safe. "How much did you? Nevermind. Catch him!" He ordered the robot.

                                                    "Launchpad!" Darkwing only managed to squeak in his hoarse voice. "Leave him alone! He hasn't done anything wrong!"

                                                    "He's done plenty wrong! He left when I needed him the most!" The drake snarled and then grinned as his anger lessened suddenly. "You see Darkwing. Being a hero is a lonely business. Besides. You never wanted a sidekick anyways. You said so yourself. You work alone."

                                                    The robot nabbed Launchpad and lifted him into the air to restrain him.

                                                    "If you excuse me. I have an old friend I need to see." Darkwarrior tappd a hidden button in his costume and it became a simple looking watch which revealed a rather frail old duck underneath. "I will be back soon. If either of them try to escape, kill them." He turned to grab some files he had printed out from the super computer.

                                                    Darkwing hung there in defeat after the future fiend had gone. "Launchpad I'm sorry." He really hoped he hadn't taken those words to heart.


                                                    An elderly drake with file folders stuffed under his arm entered SHUSH headquarters at some point. He had an ID badge which allowed him to pass through security with no issues.

                                                    "Excuse me?" He asked the nearest most unsuspecting agent he could find. "I'm looking for Director J. Gander Hooter's office. I have some information about the strange occurrence earlier with a machine that he might like to see."

                                                    • Launchpad McQuack
                                                      Launchpad McQuack

                                                      “Yipe!” Launchpad ducked, ran, and swatted at the duck faced robot, but he was soon snatched up and suspended in front of his friend and the foe.

                                                      “I don’t suppose we could talk this out over coffee?” He grinned nervously at Darkwarrior. He blanched when the older drake ordered the robot to kill him if he tried to escape. “What! Whoa. Neat costume change. Does that come with a snack dispenser?”

                                                      Now’s not the time to think with your stomach, LP.

                                                      Once the older drake left, Launchpad looked at Darkwing with wide eyes. “Who was that guy?”

                                                      He did not question Darkwarrior’s statement about Darkwing never wanting a sidekick. Even though that revelation would sting later after it had time to sink in, Launchpad already knew Darkwing could barely tolerate him some days. Launchpad knew he was more of a nuisance than an asset during some criminal takedowns, and that Darkwing was perfectly capable of catching small time crooks on his own. He stuck around because Drake was his best friend, and because Launchpad was needed for more than just ego-boosting and flying.

                                                      He managed a small smile. “Glad to see you’re okay, DW. J. Gander’s been looking for you. Hey! Maybe we’ll get lucky and a Flashquack will find us.”

                                                      He wriggled and grunted a little and glanced up at his captor.

                                                      “Easy, Pal, no need to get murderous. I’m not trying to escape. Could you do me a favor? I’ve got an itch between my shoulder blades- If you move me toward that corner there, I can scratch it and stop squirming on ya.”

                                                      And maybe figure out a way to use the wall as leverage and try to crash the robot, but we won’t mention that.