The Boys are in Town and the Chips are Down

Somewhere in the back of his mind Gladstone was aware that he had at one time had a very serious threat made against something precious to him.  Namely his own personal self, he had been told in no uncertain terms that if he ever returned to Las Vegas that there wouldn't be enough of him left to ship home in a champagne flute. 


But... somehow he was here.  He stared out at the skyline from his high roller suite.  SHUSH had pulled some strings to get him diplomatic immunity (so to speak) and now... well, he was here, in one piece, no nutrabullet or champagne flute in sight, and it was weird.  Jacob had given him the broad strokes of what the plan was over the phone but insisted that they meet here to go over the specifics.  Jacob had called him. HIM. To help. Gosh.  Something about a poker game... well, specifically winning a poker game. It only made sense that he'd been tapped to help. He was unstoppable in his element, and boy was this ever his element.   But even still, he was nervous.  The last time he'd been here hadn't been great toward the end, what with the threats, and the last adventure he'd gone on with Agent Mallard had left him... well... he wouldn't like to repeat the last leg of that little trip anytime soon. Not to mention that temptation and Vegas went hand in hand. And with a good thing waiting for him back in St. Canard he was feeling the pressure.  He was going to have his work cut out for him to behave himself and not fall back into old habits.


Now... all he needed was Jacob to show up-he self consciously fixed his cravat- and for even a hint of the no doubt sexy international intrigue he was about to be tossed into.


But hopefully not too sexy.  He put his hand to his forehead.  Oh.. he was screwed.


    • Negaduck's Biggest Stan
      Negaduck's Biggest Stan

      Oh yes. Not a lucky break at all. Perish the thought.

      The banter in the agent's earpiece would go on for a while.  It appeared as if one of the contestants was running late so there was time to kill.  It seemed the more Gladstone shot October down (gently mind you) the more fascinated she became in him.  What a cruel little game his luck was playing.  But not shortly after yet another drink was stolen from the gander did the final participant arrive and the poker game began.

      There was a breathy voice suddenly in both drakes ears as October had leaned in to whisper to Gladstone. 

      "I hope you're ready to lose."

      Gladstone had retorted something cheeky but Jacob's attention would be drawn to the sudden change in the woman he was watching on the screen. At the same time the phrase was uttered she put all of her remaining tokens in, pulled the arm, lost and got up from her chair before she calmly walked to the stairwell, looked around and opened the door. As she moved she took a firm grip on her hair as she slipped through the door and pulled the wig off.  Jacob was allowed one quick look at her but it was enough. October Amberleigh disappeared off the screens into the stairwell. 

      • DarkwingPsycho

        Jacob thought Gladstone was doing a fine job of playing hard to get.  It was working to lure in October's trust.  It was completely intentional, right?  Jacob smiled to himself as he remembered how uncomfortable the gander had looked with so much showgirl attention.  Gladstone must really like Lilly.

        His thoughts drifted to a particular woman whose name he had neglected to confess earlier, but his thoughts dispersed when his target moved.  The way she suddenly dumped her tokens, moved surreptitiously toward the stairwell,

        He was already moving in that direction.  "Gladstone," he said urgently into the comm, then sighed with a slight eyeroll.  "Envyman.  You're still with Miss Amberleigh, right?  Confirm."

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          Negaduck's Biggest Stan

          The cards hit the table and were barely still for a moment before the players peeked at their hand. Chips rattled and bets were made. It was almost like a song, and Gladstone liked this beat.  He drummed his fingers on the felt tabletop feeling a little giddy.  Gambling felt so good. It was a problem. A serious problem.  The trash talk was flying across the table between the egret who was hiding behind mirrored sunglasses now and the tardy turtle who looked as if he was three thousand years old who continually adjusted the brim of his bucket hat. They had good poker faces. Serious players. Gladstone was just grinning the entire time. His hand was immaculate.  He raised the bet and the others folded… except for October. She was grinning too, her delicate fingers sliding a pile of chips forward to match his bet. The thrill was almost too loud to hear the question in his ear.  He blinked and confusion flickered across his face. October laughed.

          “What’s the matter? Scared G?”

          “No Ms. Amberleigh-“ Yes she’s still here, what kind of question was that? “-I just don’t know why you’re so eager to throw so much money away when you know you’ll lose.”

          “But I won’t lose G.  I always get what I want.”

          He felt her tail coil around his ankle and he looked fixedly at the dealer again.

          "We'll let the cards be the judge of that." he said levelly, trying to ignore what was happening beneath the table.

          The dealer flipped their cards.  Tie.  He stared.

          “Players split the pot.” The dealer separated the chips and returned them to October and Gladstone.

          What in the…


          Meanwhile as the agent would enter the stairwell the other October had vanished through he'd find the coat and wig discarded in a corner with the sound of footsteps ringing swiftly down the steps.

          Through the earpiece Jacob could hear the feline’s voice through Gladstone’s mic.

          “Well, it seems we’re both just getting warmed up, better watch your toes Gman.”

          The footsteps paused and a  voice, not in his ear but far below answered.

          "'Gman'? Are you kidding me? You're sure? Ugh. Don't answer. I read you." There was a beep of a key card and a door being slammed shut.

          • DarkwingPsycho

            When the footsteps paused, so did he.  At the sound of the voice - a voice very alike Miss Amberleigh's - he frowned.  What the devil was going on here?  And it seemed she had her own feed of the events...through the kitty-cat herself.  He decided not to fill in Gladstone just now, he had enough to deal with it sounded like keeping October occupied.

            Once he heard the door slam, he resumed his pace, moving swiftly to the door and swiping the all-access card he'd been given by the owner.  Whomever this was also seemed to have unlimited access.  Had she stolen it or engineered her own?  He was intrigued.

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              Negaduck's Biggest Stan

              The next hand was dealt and he was feeling  more than a little unsettled. What with the tie and no answer from Jacob... and the tail working it's way steadily up his leg. First thing was first, he slid his hand surreptitiously under the table and uncurled the amorous appendage from his own. He tossed it aside without looking at her but he could feel her eyes on him.  Why didn't she blink?  Cats. The basest part of his being was telling him that a predator was hunting him.  Yes. No kidding.  How unfortunate that he didn't want to be caught. ...well... the sensible parts of him didn't want to be caught.  He was still a living, breathing man... and she was lovely. Trying to hide it he let a slow breath drag out of him. She was messing with him, she had to be. The time came to either up the ante or fold and he pushed a stack of chips into the pot at the same time October did. 

              "Well G, will you show your luck to me this time? I'm dying to see it."

              "Good things come to those who wait, Ms. Amberleigh."

              But no, seriously luck.  Let's not do this.  If you could focus on the game and not the ladies. That'd be great.


              Before Jacob disengaged the lock two gunshots popped off in the room beyond. 

              The floor was one he knew held the vaults but it was not known to the public or even listed so on any maps.  When he'd go through the door there would be no bodies, only shot out security cameras.  A flick of a tail disappearing around a corner as well as the sound of someone sprinting echoed off the walls. Where were the security guards?  What in the world was going on here?  The woman's voice was barely audible as she ran.

              "So no seriously, Gladstone Gander? Is he as handsome in real life as he is in the papers?"

              "Oh definitely. And I am so good at waiting." -October replied to two conversations at once in his ear.

              "You get to have all the fun!" 

              • DarkwingPsycho

                Jacob frowned at the cameras and the fleeing person.  Why was she running?  Did she know he was tailing her?  He was generally so good at that kind of thing, that couldn't possibly be it.  She must be on some type of timeframe.

                If he didn't also run, he'd lose her and he knew it.  So he, too, took off at a sprint, though he wasn't quite up to speed due to the injuries he had sustained on his and Gladstone's last escapade.  Still, he was closing the distance between them at a slow rate.  In spite of himself, he smirked.  "Say Envyman," he panted.  "You've got yourself a fan club."

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                  Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                  Not that Jacob would know but the feline he was currently tailing had no idea he was there. She was dashing down the hall like a bolt of lightning, someone would notice the security team was missing soon and her window was closing far too fast. She skidded to a halt in front of a large metal vault door and paused a moment to catch her breath.

                  “Alright, I’m going in. Win me some money sis... or if not at least steal a kiss.”

                  She hiked up her skirt revealing a black band around her thigh that nearly blended in with her fur. She removed a small black box, wire and keypad from the band and stuck it over the closest mechanical lock. After a few button presses a rhythmic clunking started from within the door.

                  The woman let out a calming breath when suddenly her ears twitched. Footsteps, Jacob’s footsteps were approaching. Her feline hearing was dulled by the noises from the vault but she was almost certain she heard them. Quick as a flash she reloaded her derringer and ducked behind a partial wall hoping she was only hearing things. She didn’t want to freak out her sister so she did not relay that she might have company.

                  Meanwhile up at the pokertable Gladstone tried to process his sudden fan club status with a dull sigh.

                  “Of course I do.” He muttered sullenly, now of all times when he didn’t want one. ...maybe Lilly could be the president?

                  “Are you practicing our vows?” October grinned at him as she pushed a stack of chips into the center of the table, doubling his bet. “Why don’t we just fast forward to the fun part?” She leaned forward and grabbed his lapels pulling him roughly toward her.

                  He had no excuse. He panicked. Simultaneously he turned his head and tried to stand at the same time causing their heads to crack together earpiece to earpiece. A sharp wave of feedback split through all their heads. Gladstone winced and covered his agonized ear October did the same.

                  AUTUMN what happened?! You kissed him didn’t you?! Oh my god tell me you kissed him!” The cat by vault hissed urgently.... into all of their ears.

                  Something in the collision scrambled the frequencies.

                  Gladstone felt his eyes widen before he tried to reign in his surprise. That most certainly was NOT Jacob’s voice. Unless... he’d turned into a woman. Which... would really be his luck today.

                  “Sorry-“ he smiled weakly at October. “...I like to call that one my ace in the hole.” Jacob... tell me you heard that. In a man’s voice please.

                  “ was terrible. You should rename it and never do it again.” She frowned at him her voice echoed in his earpiece with a slight delay.


                  • DarkwingPsycho

                    Jacob couldn't hear the woman running any longer, so he slowed to a fast walk, gun drawn just in case.  He was rounding a corner toward where the vault sat when suddenly an ear-splitting screech drilled through his tympanic membrane.  He stifled a grunt of pain, then heard Gladstone's echoing voice, as if there were more than one frequency going.

                    He wasn't sure if he should respond or not, but the boy sounded panicked beneath the attempted calm.  The agent felt confident enough in himself that he could work things out later if it went too far south.

                    "Well," he purred, smoothly, stepping around the corner and noticing the abandoned equipment.  "What have we here?  A cat burglar...?  How cliché..."

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                      Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                      Oh there was Jacob. Hello crisis avert- why was October staring at him like that?

                      "Bets please?" prompted the dealer.

                      "If you two just want to forfeit and get a room just go." Snapped the egret.

                      "Um-" Gladstone was wondering if he should continue with the ruse until he was grabbed again and October pressed herself against his mouth.  Well... her hand did. Her eyes narrowed at him dangerously.

                      The 'cat burglar'  leveled her gun on the mallard.

                      "What can I say G man, why reinvent the wheel?" She purred right back, so many voices echoing in her ear. "What are you going to do about it? You probably know my sister is upstairs right now."

                      "With your precious golden goose." October growled and Gladstone felt his blood chill. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat... was going on? "If you make any trouble I'll tear his pretty little face clean off."

                      "Mphemhgh." Gladstone retorted valiantly.  The other occupants of the room were staring at them in complete confusion. But a bet was low key made about whether a face was actually  being ripped off tonight. 

                      The sister with Jacob smiled at him, it was lovely smile, she was a lovely girl, other than the fact that she was threatening him and Gladstone.. and stealing from this casino.

                      Ah yes. Stealing.

                      As if on cue the door stopped clunking and a telltale click announced the locks had been bypassed.  She didn't look at it, she kept her calm eyes on him.

                      "So what's it going to be handsome? Are you going to make this difficult?" 


                      • DarkwingPsycho

                        Jacob raised a brow at the petite thief before him.  "'G-man'?"  He wasn't sure if she'd been talking about Gladstone or him, but G-man could also mean "government man," so he went with that.  "Well now...I haven't heard that in quite a while.  However, I am well versed in the G-spot...I can show you, if you like..."

                        A brief flash of a boyish smirk, his gun also aimed at her.  "Difficult is my m.o., dear girl."  He fired fast, and instead of a bullet, a grappling hook shot out and snatched her weapon...and her hand since the weapon was so tiny.

                        Without giving her a chance to fire, he yanked the rope toward him and she flailed like a yo-yo into his arms.  He spun with her and did a dip, grinning at her charmingly.  "Shall we dance?"

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                          Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                          Despite himself, and his currently muffled mouth Gladstone let out an enthusiastic: "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!" at Jacob's G-reat come back. 'October' or apparently Autumn was not impressed. All pretenses and acts were dropped when she heard a gunshot in  her ear and her sister let out a startled cry. No. NO. She did the only desperate thing she could do, she grabbed Gladstone by the throat and physically slammed him down onto the poker table. Chips and cards went flying as he had the wind knocked out of him. The other players stood in indignation but the mood changed altogether when she crawled on top of him and pressed a knife to a portion of his throat that wasn't already covered by her hand.

                          "Let my sister go." She snarled as the dealer and the other players scattered (grabbing some chips for the road). "Or I will slit his throat... Tell him Gander."

                          "Well-" he wheezed. "-she's certainly going to try Ace."


                          With the sounds of a less dashing assault happening in her ear the cat currently in Jacob's embrace seemed to come to her senses. My wasn't he... everything? Goodness.


                          "G-man, you're real smooth.  A girl could really get swept up in all this attention if she wasn't careful." She smiled and still in the dip she send  a jab to his midsection before attempting to roll out of the hold.


                          • DarkwingPsycho

                            Jacob's smug smile didn't waver.  He clicked a button on the gun to release the hook on the cat's hand, aiming to "interrogate" her, but her hand moved fast.  He grunted in surprise and loosed her, but he was fast, too.  His hand shot out to grab a fleeing wrist.

                            "Not so fast, kitten."  He pulled her back in toward him and aimed his gun at her head.  "I'm afraid if you want your sister in one piece, then you're going to have to surrender my friend up there.  You see...I can't let you steal from this casino...but there are other ways to get some kicks..."  His voice took on a suggestive quality, although his grip was very serious.

                            • Negaduck's Biggest Stan
                              Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                              Autumn narrowed her eyes her chest heaving angrily. Gladstone was politely trying not to stare.  Instead he carefully walked his hand along the table and grabbed a handful of chips.

                              "We need what's in that vault." She growled. "Eve, talk to me."

                              "He's gotta gun, for all his sweet talking. Vault it is open though." 

                              "Hm, flying dutchman?"

                              "Too close."

                              "How about Odette making waffles?"

                              "He's really... very tall?"

                              "Tall... Baked Alaska with a lemon twist?"

                              "Are you having a stroke?" Gladstone asked her as the nonsense washed over him in close proximity. The knife pressed against his throat and he rested his head back in a show of surrender. "Fine fine, suggest Whoop di  doo bouncy ball on a Sunday with sparklers next." 

                              "He's funny." Eve smirked.

                              "Don't encourage him." Autumn did not smirk. "Mister G-man it seems we're at an impasse here, again we need what is in that vault, you have my sister and I have your friend. Do you feel like opening negotiations?"

                              • DarkwingPsycho

                                Jacob smirked a little in spite of himself, too, and started walking Eve toward the vault.  "I'm open to suggestions..." he rumbled.  "You seem awfully fixated on this particular vault in a city swimming with them.  What's so special about this one?"  His beak was right next to Eve's ear, and his voice was low and sultry.  He still had a pretty good grip on her, though.

                                • Negaduck's Biggest Stan
                                  Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                                  Autumn paused probably thinking about how awkward a position she was literally in. Even more so at the way Gladstone was looking at Her expectantly. 

                                  Thankfuly Eve was, oddly, was less flustered. 

                                  “Well, okay, how about this G-man?”  Eve’s tail flicked playfully between his legs as he herded her. “You and I have a bit of radio silence, you look the other way and you never see us again?”


                                  Gladstone shook his head as much as he could being pinned down by the throat.  Top marks. Head of the class. Jacob Mallard God tier status.


                                  The accolades might have kept stacking if the door to the high stakes poker room burst open. And my oh my weren’t those ANGRY looking men. Autumn grabbed her bargaining chip and dragged him into a lovey human sheild position.


                                  poker but i-“ croaked Gladstone.

                                  The end of the phrase was obscured by rapid gunshots.

                                  • DarkwingPsycho

                                    At Eve's suggestion, Jacob grinned impishly, sliding his bill very subtly along her jawline in a way to make her shiver.  " about after you tell me what I want to know?"

                                    It was then that he heard Gladstone's half-spoken phrase.  Immediately he let go of Eve.

                                    "Sorry, my dear, we'll have to table this for later.  Do help yourself; I'm sure we'll meet again..."

                                    He turned and sprinted back the way he'd come, but not before scooping up her derringer.

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                                      Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                                      Gladstone was not a fan of being manhandled, even if the 'man' was a lady.  An addendum to that statement, manhandling in the sense that he was currently literally being held against his will as well physically held in front of a firing squad with automatic weapons. Other scenarios were totally okay for being manhandled. His arms flung up to shield his face as the rounds continued firing, because... priorities. But the bullets punched through everything around them except them.  Autumn hauled him behind a convenient pillar and shoved him against it roughly before stabbing the knife hard into his... shirt collar.

                                      "Why did it have to be you?" She shook her head at him looking devastated. It was impossible to reply to such a face.  "It could have been anyone else and this would have gone fine..." 

                                      "I'm... sorry?'

                                      She shook her head and hiked her skirt up and he held up his hands as if to ward off the inevitable. Despite herself Autumn smiled and pulled a handgun out of her garter. Ah. His hands were still up because... well gun. The cat leaned quickly out of cover returning fire but it was no use. There were too many... 

                                      "Eve- just go." 

                                      "Don't you dare! You fight!" there was a moment of silence. " NO! Make HIM fight!"

                                      Gladstone's eyes widened and Autumn's expression matched his own. She laughed to herself and forced the gun into his hand, he tried to toss it away but she closed her hands around his, forcing his hold on the weapon to remain. 

                                      "This is why you're the smart one Eve." Autumn patted Gladstone's chest, claws poking into his flesh as she did so. "Now Mr. Gander, heads and hearts if you would be so kind. Or if you're feeling generous just gun arms? Quickly."

                                      "I-Argh-" The claws dug in deeper. 


                                      As Jacob made his way back up the stairs he'd soon been chased by Eve, her earpiece dangling out in the open and her voice not coming through his frequency as she shouted at after him. She had a small parcel in her hands as she dashed up the stairs toward him.

                                      "G-man! Wait for me! Please- we need your help! Let me help you, we can get them both out of there. Those goons, I know who sent them. The asshole who is holding our other sister for ransom. Please... I can't lose another sister because of this mess!"  No seductive pretenses, she held such a vulnerable gaze on him she looked less of a vile temptress and more of a desperate kitten. "I need my gun.  Please."

                                      • DarkwingPsycho

                                        Instantly he thought the small package to be some sort of bomb, because SHUSH agent.  But she didn't seem to be trying to throw it at him.  Instead she was...pleading with him?

                                        He had to keep running for Gladstone, but he did acknowledge her by calling over his shoulder, "If your brand of help is getting me shot, I'll pass!"  He was quiet for a few long strides, then continued, "You have another sister?  Well, if they're both as charming as you are, I'm in trouble."

                                        Not the time, Jacob.  Not the time.

                                        Back to business.  "How do I know you won't shoot me with it as soon as you have it back?"

                                        • Negaduck's Biggest Stan
                                          Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                                          Eve bounded up the stairs suddenly beside him. Cat like reflexes you know...

                                          "You left me. I got what I needed and came to you, why would I do that if I didn't legitimately think we needed your help?  We're in over our heads.  I could have shot you or at least tried to at least a dozen times down there. But I didn't..."


                                          Clearly. As the bullets chewed away at the pillar that provided cover for the duo upstairs, Autumn's claws dug deeper and deeper into the gander's chest eventually drawing blood. What a coward.  These men were going to kill him too, their obvious lack of interest of accuracy spoke to that. What was he playing at?  

                                          "Can I make a counter offer?" Gladstone didn't wait for an answer but lifted his free hand which was filled with poker chips and deposited all but one into his practically full pockets.  "Heads and hearts was it?" He  positioned the little disc in his grip and closed his eyes. With her very close proximity Autumn could feel his heart hammering against his ribs.

                                          With no ceremony or flourish at all he threw the poker chip harshly over his shoulder and waited.

                                          • DarkwingPsycho

                                            He glanced at the small package.  "Okay, look," he panted, weaving in and out of patrons now that they were back on the casino floor and heading toward the private poker room.  "You tell me what's in that box, I'll give you your gun.  Deal?"

                                            A few seconds later, Eve and Jacob charged into the room, guns aiming for their marks.  Jacob could see Autumn gripping Gladstone and Gladstone...holding a gun?  He was just running up behind them with he got hit in the eye by a poker chip.

                                            The unexpected blow caused Jacob to jerk his aim blindly, and as a reflex he fired - hitting one of the men straight between the eyes.  How lucky.

                                            "Since when do you use guns?" he asked from behind them, rubbing his eye.  My it was getting crowded behind this pillar.

                                            • Negaduck's Biggest Stan
                                              Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                                              It was a shame that the only thing Jacob had arrived in time for was to be pegged in the eye by a chip. The minutes leading up to this no doubt annoying turn of events had been… well spectacular.

                                              The chip was thrown, and it hit one of the precariously placed cocktails that had been abandoned on the table, making it fall to the ground smashing broken glass and precious libations all over one of the goon’s fancy shoes. He tried to dance away to protect the high polished shine and as a result bumped into one of his fellow thugs just as he was about to take an unobstructed shot at Autumn but instead his aim was skewed and hit a  floor to ceiling mirror. Shards of glass exploded out of the concussion like a splash of razor glitter.  Of the eight gunmen, seven were able to shield themselves effectively but one staggered backwards clutching his bleeding face.  He would not be alone in his misery for very long.  In his blinded state the injured man stumbled into one of the player stools and got his foot tangled in the legs. With a cry he fell like a house of cards, the stool still crammed on his appendage that he kicked out wildly in his rapid descent.  Two gunmen were cracked with the stool in the chaos. The first was smacked in the small of the back and pitched forward slamming his head hard against the poker table sending a spray of chips and playing cards in all directions.  The second had been hit in the stomach and was winded and he took a few dazed steps backwards on the cards that now littered the floor and slipped crashing to the ground with a “thud” of skull on solid ground.  The original chip during all this was rolling merrily along the table and was jettisoned back skyward by a lucky hit from one of the other chips that was recently and violently disturbed. It shot up as a livid bear was passing and it smacked him smartly on the knuckles of his gun hand.  The bear’s yelp of pain was accented by the clattering of a gun hitting the ground and instantly firing. The bullet hit another man’s foot who shrieked and hopped on the spot.

                                              And it was after hitting the bear’s knuckles that the lucky little projectile had acquainted itself with a friendly face.  But such was the positioning that it may have seemed as if the gander had just thrown it.  Gladstone clapped his eyes shut as a body hit the floor out of the corner of his eye.

                                              Autumn did not even notice that Jacob had arrived, she was staring at Gladstone in absolute horror.  WHAT WAS HE?  WHO COULD- HOW DID- but Eve threw herself on her sister in a crushing hug. Had to notice their company now.  At Jacob’s words Gladstone opened his eyes again, and was about to argue that the gun was very clearly being physically held to his hand and if someone could please get this knife out of his very pretty shirt collar that would be VERY NICE.  But a stealthy approach instead resulted in a pistol being jammed to his temple instead as a goon slid around the pillar himself.  He growled as he pulled the trigger and Gladstone’s eyes squeezed shut again.



                                              The thug stared at his gun, aimed it at the poker table and fired.


                                              Then back to Gladstone’s temple.


                                              The whole scene took only a few seconds, but it felt like far too long to the goose.

                                              Could one of you, see your way to maybe stop him from trying to kill me? Thanks.

                                              • DarkwingPsycho

                                                Jacob obliged twofold.  He reached out and yanked the knife from Gladstone's shirt collar only to plunge it directly into the would-be assassin's forehead.  Luckily blood didn't start spurting from the wound until the guy had hit the floor.

                                                The agent looked at Gladstone blithely.  "I see you cleaned up nicely."  Meaning way to go taking out a roomful of thugs.  "Oh, Eve - Gladstone Gander.  Gladstone - Eve.  She is our cat burglar...and we're going to help her."

                                                • Negaduck's Biggest Stan
                                                  Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                                                  Ah yes, no blood splash yes, that was good otherwise that would have been horrific. Good thing they were all streetwise hardened folks, so close proximity manslaughter  wouldn’t faze them- oh. Oh no wait.

                                                  The color drained from Gladstone’s face as the body fell away and his eyes rolled back into his head just as he was being introduced. He crumpled entirely fainting on the spot. Happily Autumn was still holding into him so he didn’t hit the ground so much as just slump against the pillar as she held him up.

                                                  “Real tough guy this friend of yours.” Eve glanced at the very dead man, then looked to Jacob. “You’re intense G-Man.”

                                                  • DarkwingPsycho

                                                    Jacob frowned a little and leaned forward to give Gladstone a few slaps on the cheeks.  They'd been through so much on their last adventure, lots of gruesome torture and fighting, that Jacob was surprised at how much a little brain and blood debris got to him.  But then, he had to remember that Gladstone was a civilian, and generally kept his hands clean of this type of thing.

                                                    "He's tougher than he seems," Jacob assured her, although he was smirking a little.  Then he straightened, looking between the two of them.  Twins.  "So tell me about this sister of yours and what - exactly - is going on here."

                                                    • Negaduck's Biggest Stan
                                                      Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                                                      While Jacob’s trail of destruction when he was attempting to rescue his charge from FOWL was in fact very bloody, the only blood Gladstone had witnessed drawn was his own. He’d only seen one other act of intentional terminal violence in his life and it involved a werewolf, a silver bracelet, and a very, very, angry Matthew Halden. The slapping roused him and he blinked until his gaze focused on Jacob.

                                                      “Sorry...” he said weakly. “Not... really used to this.” Don’t look at the blood that was slowly creeping toward his feet. Don’t look. Okay, focus.

                                                      The downed and unarmed gunmen started to collect themselves and Eve grabbed Jacob’s hand.

                                                      “Not here, we have to go. Autumn-“

                                                      The twin who held Gladstone nodded, took the gun from his unresisting hand, and tugged on him.

                                                      “Let’s go Trickshot. We’re going to draw a lot of attention so I hope you boys can run fast.”

                                                      The cats and their respective avians ran full tilt past the gunmen, out of the high stakes poker room, and into the casino.

                                                      “G-man there is something big going down, I don’t know all the details but we’re clearly being hunted. My sisters and I have been hitting the other casinos, I’m sure you’re aware of the details of that, for weeks. And this was the last real mark before we were supposed to have fulfilled our obligation.” Eve suddenly stopped and listened carefully her ears twitching as the bells and whistles of the machines rang out around them. She took a hard left and pulled him along Autumn and Gladstone right on their heels. “Get us out of here and I’ll tell you everything I know.”

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