A woman scorned...

((Reserved at this time for Piper (and nips), Jacob, Lilly (et al) and Gladstone. PM either myself or Jacob if you wanna slip in.))

She wasn’t stupid by any stretch of the word. NegaPiper was actually quite intelligent, and she knew that once Jacob had sent her off, chances were, he’d not return for her.

Regardless, she had waited. Patiently at first, but then over time she grew angry, and bitter. How could he not see her worth? She was the ultimate partner... submissive to just the right degree, playful, sexy... desired. Her hair was full bodied and wild, her green eyes full of playfulness and sin, and her body... well... on it’s own it was soft and curved. She seemed to accentuate her shape with revealing as much of it as she could, without actually showing it all.

So what was this guy’s problem?!

Rather than sit around, NPiper started seeking. Asked the right questions, charmed the right people... eventually she was able to piece together where the mallard had wandered off to. It was no secret in the negaverse that there were portals that lead to other places, but finding one... that was near impossible. His Lordship has seen to it that they were kept secret and hidden. Probably to keep nutcases like her from hopping over, and running amok.

The problem was, nutcases like her tended to find ways to get what they wanted. And she wanted Jacob... if for no other reason than to make him pay for standing her up. It took time, though. Lots of time before she was even able to locate a portal. Then it took even more time to wait for the right moment to try sneaking through. She had very nearly given up when the guard who was assigned... fell asleep.

It couldn’t be that simple... could it?

Quietly... NPiper tip-toed for the portal... slooowly... almost.... yes!

Once in diving distance, she jumped through— just in time to learn a cough-snort from the guard as he awoke. But nothing seemed amiss, as the little duckette was gone by the time he opened his eyes.

NPiper landed on the other side in a less than graceful manner. “o...ooow...” Well, it was probably the softest concrete there was to hope for. Sitting up. She rubbed her sore shoulder and looked around. It was.... clear...? No fog of pollution... no crumbling buildings. Everything was in one piece— the lights even worked.

“What in the hell?” In her whole life, she had never known St. Canard to be whole... it was a cesspool of destruction and crime. This place... this place gave her the creeps.

Pulling her miniskirt down so it just barely covered her properly, she surveyed— it looked familiar, but it wasn’t familiar. “wait... isn’t that... querido Quetzal?” She muttered. It looked different... but the alleyway beside it— she was highly familiar with that area. She did a lot of business there.

It was a start. She made her way into the club.

    • Lilly Teal
      Lilly Teal

      It was still early, so the club was filled not with patrons, but people rehearsing, people working on wires, people restocking the bar, and any friends of the aforementioned who felt like hanging out in the casual atmosphere before the place was officially open.

      Well. Casual for the friends. The people practicing were still a bit hectic.

      From across the club, almost as soon as NPiper had come in, a happy, warm and loving voice called her name.


      Now Lilly didn't know Piper all too well. She wanted to, but they just never seemed to have the time to do so. Still, she liked her, as she tended to like everyone, and was very happy to see her.

      In fact.

      In FACT.

      Walking up speedily, she threw her arms around her in a close hug. "It's been a while!"

      • Piper/ Jade
        Piper/ Jade

        “Has it...?” She drawled out softly, returning the hug not out of affection, but in order to keep this person close. Pulling back slightly, she cupped Lilly’s face, examining it... her eyelashes lowered a bit in recognition. She had seen this woman before.

        No clue where though... 

        NPiper smiled lazily, “By chance...” she asked, her thumb stroking the woman’s cheek feathers gently. “Do you know a Jacob?” Oh please say yes...

        • Gladstone Gander
          Gladstone Gander

          Did someone mention slacking off while other people worked- er... “hanging out”? Both were Gladstone’s bread and butter and being the kind and loving friend that he was he’d never dream of withholding his presence from them.


          He had been hanging back listening to the soundcheck when Lilly, as she often did, caught his eye. The woman she embraced was admittedly eye catching as well. That was a lot of close contact going on there, he’d have to get closer to... investigate.


          “Lillypad, once again, how are all your friends so beautiful? I’m beginning to suspect you’re all a new race sent to destroy us weak willed men.”

          • Lilly Teal
            Lilly Teal

            Lilly tilted her head a little, a smile still on her face. You're acting a little weird, honey. And your clothes.

            Well, maybe it was something Oz was trying. The new look and the new attitude were probably a trial run to see if they could move more drinks. But she did it so well, wow, so naturally. Great acting. Top marks.

            "You look so pretty today." Slutty but... still pretty! "Did you do something with your hair? I love it. Can I touch it-"

            Wait, she was asking questions. And Gladstone was talking too.

            "I do. If we mean the same Jacob?"

            Wait, Gladstone was talking. So many things happening at once.

            "Gladstone! Hi!" she still hadn't moved her arms from around Piper. The other duckette seemed to want to continue the hug, so why not keep it going? "Oh you. Flattering every woman you meet. Piper, this is Gladstone. Gladstone, this is Piper, she's a friend. Sort of. On the way to being good friends, I hope."

            • Piper/ Jade
              Piper/ Jade

              Her eyes were practically sparkling at the potential confirmation... “Where..?”.. and then a pause at the lavish flattery that was rightfully passed in her direction from Gladstone. It naturally derailed her from her goal. She eyed the male for a moment, taking him in... a bit streamline and slick for her taste, but she was not picky by any means.

              ”A pleasure.” She said, silkily, then to Lilly, NPiper leaned in slightly— intimately. “Well, darling,” she purred, “we can certainly be as friendly as you would like.” Her hand slipped down from Lilly’s back to her rear, where the unwitting woman received a firm squeeze.

              Yes. Friends.

              Oh the damage that she was doing to an unknowing duckette.

              • Gladstone Gander
                Gladstone Gander


                One one hand. Woah.

                On the other hand: like... woah.

                There was a strange battle happening inside him of jealousy and arousal. Damn this race of superwomen! 

                Should he step in? He looked to Lilly for input. These wily females. 

                • Lilly Teal
                  Lilly Teal

                  The wily female had gone very red, not sure what was happening.

                  "Aha. That's... you're acting veryeeeek!" She squeaked at the squeeze. Isn't that what rubber ducks are supposed to do?

                  She tried to disentangle herself from Piper very carefully, taking a step back. "That's... ah, certainly friendly." Aw she looked so adorably embarrassed and confused. "Sorry, you were looking for someone? The really nice man with the cane?"

                  To be entirely fair, Lilly could be talking about anyone when she called them 'really nice'. Literally anyone.

                  • Piper/ Jade
                    Piper/ Jade

                    Aww, she didn't want to play anymore? What a tease... throwing herself at people and leading her on with suggestions of friendliness... and now she was going to act shy?

                    Well played.

                    But at the mention of looking for someone NPiper easily shifted her mood. "Yes." She started playing with one of her thick locks of hair. "By chance, would you know where I can find him? He missed an appointment with me."

                    • Gladstone Gander
                      Gladstone Gander

                      Gladstone was not one to be speechless. But.. he'd make an exception this one time.

                      His eyes traveled between the two of them his eyebrow raising at the shift from overly "friendly" to missed "appointments".  This was a strange woman.  Astute observation. Full marks.

                      • Lilly Teal
                        Lilly Teal

                        Lilly shook her head.

                        "I do wish I could help, dear, but I don't think I've ever seen him visit here." He might have before, to visit Piper, but with one thing and another she hadn't seen it for herself.

                        "He does come by the shop every now and again. My uncle knows how to contact him if you like."

                        Uncle Matthew would be happy to give out the numbers of his business contacts, right?

                        "Shall I call him up and ask? Oh! You can sit and have a drink in the meantime!"

                        It'll be a change being on this side of the counter, won't it?

                        "Darryl is about to take a break anyway, and I'm sure Gladstone wouldn't mind keeping you company." She looked at Gladstone and gave him a winning 'oh please won't you?' smile. "So you won't be waiting alone!"

                        • Piper/ Jade
                          Piper/ Jade

                          She frowned slightly... but at the mention of drinks, her mood brightened. “well, I suppose I could stand for a bit of refreshment... and calling would be better than chasing...” after all, she was the one who should be pursued. Not the other way around.

                           NPiper slid over to Gladstone now, taking his arm— without bothering to wait and see if he was interested, “And with such fine company...” she turned her face up towards him, smiling in a wicked fashion. You poor unsuspecting lad. “lets find a darkened corner to occupy, hm?”

                          She didn’t know who Darryl was, and she didn’t really care... but it was clear to her that she was being mistaken for someone else. That was fine, so long as she got her hands on the jerk who stood her up.

                          • Gladstone Gander
                            Gladstone Gander

                            Gladstone was in the process of lifting his arm in an effort to offer it to the woman when it was hooked. He lifted his eyebrows at Lilly. Well, isn't she a go getter? 

                            "By all means." In a graceful motion he swept her off toward a quiet corner of the bar that had a prime view of all the comings and goings. He slid his arm out of hers and since everyone was preoccupied with preparing for the evening no one was able to stop him from getting behind the bar. Top shelf anyone?  He dug out two glasses and started brewing a concoction without a single question.  A bit of a go getter himself it seemed.  The drink splashed into the glasses and he slid one into NPiper's hand with a smile. "So, Piper is it? What's this Jacob character guilty of to warrant such a heated pursuit?" 

                            • Lilly Teal
                              Lilly Teal

                              "Hello hello, is there drinks on?" Darryl grinned from under his messy hair, entirely shattering whatever intimacy there might have been in the area or the conversation. "Don't mind me, I'm just passing through for a glass."

                              There was a small pause as he registered who Gladstone was serving.

                              "Pips, did you do something weird with your hair? And your clothes?" Like... lose half of them?

                              • Piper/ Jade
                                Piper/ Jade

                                “He stood me up.” She pouted adorably to Gladstone, only to be interrupted by someone. NPiper could barely register who it was at first since he was seeming more interested in drinks than anything. However, when he addressed her, she had a moment to study him.

                                “...no.” She said, quiet honestly. He reminded her of someone too...

                                Someone she’d wanted to have fun with in the past...

                                Setting her glass down, she reached up and without hesitation, pushed his hair back away from his face. Tilting her head to the side, she continued to watch him in an analytical manner before finally asking, “You don’t happen to play with knives, do you?”

                                • Gladstone Gander
                                  Gladstone Gander

                                  “Stood you up? That’s a capital offense in some parts. You know I-“

                                  But what he knew would remain a mystery as Darryl made the scene. Gladstone lifted the martini shaker to him in a wordless offer to fill the recently unearthed glass. And once again a formidable eyebrow perked up at the overly familiar methods of NPiper.

                                  Was there some kind of “Disarming and Disjointed Conversations for Seductive Singles” convention in town? If so they were missing their keynote speaker.

                                  • Lilly Teal
                                    Lilly Teal

                                    "I work with knives when I need to, Pips. I don't play with them." Darryl rolled his eyes and nudged her hand away from his face, knocking his glasses half off and forcing him to adjust them.

                                    You know, without the glasses, though it was a subtle change, the resemblance to the drake she might have known was even more striking.

                                    "I don't need you sassing me about my work when I'm on break." Turning to Gladstone, he lifted his glass and accepted the drink with a grateful nod. "What's with you today? The boss put you up to this? Oh my God this is really good..."

                                    Did you mix this, Gladstone? Marry me.

                                    • Piper/ Jade
                                      Piper/ Jade

                                      “Nobody put  me up to anything... but I am always taking suggestions...” she’d seen it, the face she knew. and while Darryl was distracted with his drink, she reached over and snatched his glasses clean off his face. 

                                      “Especially from you...” she said seductively— god it was practically a purr. “And since I am not busy at the moment, maybe you could show me your work?” She walked her fingers up his arm, smiling in a wicked way, and looking at him through her long lashes. It didn’t escape her that this drake was not the one she knew from before— but her ego also believed that she was able to twist anyone into conforming to her kind of darkness.

                                      Poor Gladstone... or lucky Gladstone?

                                      ((OOC: what is it about Oz that has these two convinced he’d push wee Pips into this?Lol))

                                      • Gladstone Gander
                                        Gladstone Gander

                                        Well at least someone appreciated his gift for libations. He gave Darryl a little salute. Yes I'm great I know, do go on.

                                        And suddenly he was an outsider to the conversation again. This girl seriously had some kind of sex mad ADHD. Was that a thing? Even if it wasn't, it was extremely impressive. He wasn't too insulted in all honesty.  In his personal opinion if trying to keep a conversation on track was too much like work it was more than likely not worth his trouble.




                                        He leaned back against the shelves of liquor bottles to watch what was surely going to be an interesting show.

                                        • Lilly Teal
                                          Lilly Teal

                                          I can't show you anything if I can't SEE, woman!

                                          Okay, that was an exaggeration. He wasn't blind without them, but having them snatched off like that was still very disorientating, and he stared at her fingers with a furrowed brow.

                                          "Glasses. Give them back." Oh me oh my, giving orders are we? "When did YOU get so grabby? Have you both been drinking a while already?"

                                          • Piper/ Jade
                                            Piper/ Jade

                                            ((I am gonna apologize right now for this... friendly reminder that NPips is not suitable for children))


                                            She let out a small, playful growl... “telling me what to do?” That never worked— at least not the way it was intended. “And I will have you know, I have not had a drop of liquor... but let’s remedy that.” She picked up her neglected drink and started to down it.

                                            Without pause.

                                            aaaand it was gone.

                                            ”Well...’ she said, putting her glass down. “that certainly was tasty...” Gladstone was back on the radar. “i have a suggestion... we can play a nice game of dentist and gynecologist.. you two can be the medical professionals, and me the patient.”

                                            • Gladstone Gander
                                              Gladstone Gander

                                              Back on the radar and currently mid drink his first suave response was to choke.

                                              His second suave response was to try and cough the burning alcohol out of his sinuses and lungs.

                                              The third suave response was to utter the three word combination that drove every woman mad with lust.

                                              "I'm sorry, what?"

                                              • Lilly Teal
                                                Lilly Teal

                                                "What did you put in her drink, Gladstone?" Darryl gave his own drink a very suspicious look, as if he was sure he was hallucinating. But it was really tasty.

                                                He finished off the last of it. "... nothing wrong with mine." So maybe it's just something wrong with Piper. "But that's. Uh. A suggestion and a half."

                                                This was probably the worst and most embarrassing possible time for Lilly to look in after her phone call. So she did.

                                                "Hi!" Popping up behind Piper out of practically nowhere and almost giving Darryl a heart attack, she put her hands on the other woman's shoulders, having either entirely forgotten about the earlier episode or too distracted to remember it. "I'm sorry honey, Uncle's not picking up. Must be in a meeting. Practice is nearly over, do you want to come home with me and catch him as soon as he's free to ask?"

                                                What don't invite her home do you know how that sounds?

                                                • Piper/ Jade
                                                  Piper/ Jade

                                                  She looked so very eager, “Well the dentist—“ oh no, interrupted by a random Lilly appearing. NPiper looked crestfallen at her opportunity to explain her master plan. Especially given the initial reactions to the invitation.

                                                  But at the physical contact on her shoulders, she shivered a bit. What? Her neck and shoulders were sensitive. Lilly reminded her that she was here on a mission... but it would seem that luck was not on her side. Tipping her head back, she looked up at Lilly with a frown— then a grin, “Well... we could use a nurse too...”

                                                  Oh lord.

                                                  ”Your place sounds lovely... would the physicians like to join us?” She chuckled darkly, picking up her empty glass and eyeing it. “and could I have another? It really went down well.”

                                                  she dangled Darryl’s glasses near him. Oh, that’s right you wanted these right? Well, come get ‘em...

                                                  • Gladstone Gander
                                                    Gladstone Gander

                                                    Gladstone eyed his own glass when questioned about his ingredients. Words once again failing him he just shrugged.   And then... the explanation began. He was a rapt student ready to hear the itinerary for the semester, what even was this woman? But wait, Lilly!  Don't get too close to that penis flytrap, or vulvasaur for you Pokemon fans. 

                                                    He started making wide "NO" motions with his hands as soon as NPiper's attention was off him but Lilly was probably too polite by half to not look directly at the person she was talking to at all times. Instead he started to whispering to Darryl.

                                                    "Where does she come up with this stuff? And I don't mean to sound over protective-" yes you do "-but I'm not leaving little Lilly alone with this-" the glass was presented and he melted into a big smile so easily it was almost like he meant it. Almost. "-imaginative, lovely young woman." The cocktail was refilled and in an effort to have a free hand should he need it-for protection of course-he drained his own so fast he couldn't even enjoy it.

                                                    • Lilly Teal
                                                      Lilly Teal

                                                      "Mmm. Good point." Piper was acting incredibly weird, and he still wasn't sure how much of it was play-acting or if she'd decided to indulge in something earlier in the day that wasn't going well with the drinks.

                                                      Darryl reached over to snatch at his glasses with irritation. "Might as well. I need to stretch out my back, so let's go before-"

                                                      "Lighting check! We need to run through tonight's routine!"

                                                      He groaned. "Too late. I have to stay. I'll catch up, I guess."

                                                      Don't... do anything I wouldn't do? I think?

                                                      Lilly had absolutely no idea what was going on, least of all any shoulder sensitivity going on, and she gave the shoulders a happy little squeeze. "Yay. Aw... well, Gladstone can still come, won't you?"

                                                      Haha, physicians and nurses, what? Was Piper feeling unwell? It might explain the strange behaviour. She put a hand on her forehead. Well you're not warm. So we should be good to walk outside even with... what you're wearing.

                                                      "If you're not feeling too well I'll take care of it back home." I shall take care of you, friend! We'll have some pain killers and hot drinks and snacks while you wait.