Nega-tive Consequences

Unintentionally frightening a child can have some undesireable results. (Continued from QW's message board)


 "Oh, hello!"
Out of habit, she bobbed a curtsey and smiled at the archer hero warmly.
"You don't seem like you're from around here. Can I help you?"
She clasped her hands over her pink frilly dress as she waited eagerly for a response.

Quiverwing started to respond automatically, removing his plumed hat as he turned to bow to the little lady. "Do I look that out of place, miss? I assure--" His voice dropped to dead silence when he straightened up again, holding his hat to his chest.
From the expression on his face along with his unblinking stare, the red headed girl may as well have been a shambling zombie puppy.

Gosalyn blinked her big, emerald eyes and tilted her head to the side. "Is everything alright, sir?"
She did in fact recognise that it was a Darkwing. But she was quite knowledgeable in different dimensions and different Darkwings. And she knew for a fact that he wasn't her Darkwing... or her... guardian.

Quiverwing Duck flinched and took a step back when the girl spoke again, his eyes opening even wider. He had his hat clutched in both hands now, as if keeping it pressed to his chest would prevent his hammering heart from popping out through his sternum.
When he finally spoke again, his voice was pitched almost an octave higher. "Gosalyn?" From the way he said her name, he clearly did not expect the answer to be 'yes'.

Gosslyn looked concerned and moved closer towards him.
"Yes?" she said in response to him calling her name. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. Shall I get help?"

Quiverwing immediately took another step back, defensively maintaining the distance between himself and an obviously harmless child.
"N-no. I'm fine," lied Quiverwing, clearing his throat to get his voice back to its usual register. "Where did you... where's your home? Are you lost?"

Gosalyn looked a little hurt at the drake's behaviour. What did she do?
She shrugged a little at his question. "Well, yes and no. I live in a similar world with my guardian, Negaduck. Almost everything looks the same, but nicer!" she smiled happily. Then she looked concerned again. "Are you sure you're okay? What's your name?"

"<i>Negaduck?</i>" Quiverwing repeated, in a tone that was both incredulous and mortified. The tension suddenly left his shoulders and his arms limply dropped to his sides, his hat fluttering out of his grasp.
The green-masked drake just sat on the ground beside his hat, elbows on knees, head clutched in his hands and his eyes shut. In a flat tone, he finally answered her. "I'm Quiverwing Duck. Please excuse my behavior. I didn't mean to be rude."

Gosalyn walked over and hesitantly gave him a comforting hug. Because hugs always make everything better! Unless it was Negaduck. She could never figure out what made him happy. In a non bomb-tossing, puppy kicking, stabby-stabby way.
"What a nice name!" she said. "You know, I actually thought of a name like that once but it didn't quite suit me. Would you like to tell me what's wrong?"
People were never rude without a reason.

It might be that this drake was not a fan of hugs either, because he all but cringed when Gosalyn embraced him. Her words registered through the loud knock-knock going on inside his skull, however, and his eyes popped open.
Turning his head to look at her, Quiverwing said in a quiet and guarded voice, "You... really? You... don't... any sort of masked crime fighting?"

"Well..." she put a finger to her bill. "Maybe when I grow up. There's a lot of time to do things I want to do, after all."
She smiled at him again.
"I wish I was back home. I'd get you hot chocolate with marshmallows. Then we can do something fun to help you feel better."

"What?" Quiverwing was staring blankly at the girl's face, as if her comment about cocoa was lost in some inaudible buzzing. He waved a hand as if to nudge aside the whole concept of hot chocolate, so he could get back to what she had been saying before that.
"N-no, you shouldn't," he said, shaking his head quickly. "And you don't, now... you shouldn't..." The drake's face suddenly lit up with a huge smile, a nervous laugh escaping his throat. "You don't..."

"Huh? Mr. Quiverwing?" she looked even more confused. And very worried. Should she get the hospital on the line after all?
She still couldn't get over the fact that there was an actual hospital! And you can call them! Although she had a feeling her phone wouldn't work in this world. Well, she remembered seeing a phone box while wandering the streets...

"Oh..." Quiverwing held his trembling hands up, his smile vanishing when he saw the worried look on the girl's face. "Shh, shh, it's okay. Everything's okay," he said, his voice soft and soothing. "Everything is okay. You're safe." His hands clasped together as he gave her face a searching look, eyes wide and his brows slightly pinched.

"I know," she said softly, holding one of his hands in both of hers. "But I'm not sure you are. Please, I only want to help. It makes me sad to see you sad."
So does everyone else, for that matter.

Quiverwing carefully folded his other hand over both of hers, his expression melting into a warm, loving smile. "You always make me happy, Gos, every day of my life. You're a beacon in the darkness, with your courage and your spirit." His hand lifted then, to lightly brush over her curled hair. "I don't know what I'd ever do without you."

Aaaand back to confusion. Did he mistake her for his own Gos? She was happy to be petted in return but she shouldn't be mistaken for his daughter.
"Mr. Quiverwing... you've got the wrong girl. I'm not your Gosalyn," she corrected him, looking a little sad when she said those words. He seemed really nice... she wished Negaduck would be nicer to her. From Quiverwing's words, it was apparent he loved his daughter a lot.

The drake's smile faltered a little when the child politely corrected him, his brow furrowing slightly with concern. He laughed a little to brush off the nagging feeling that something was amiss and said, "C'mon, Gos. I <i>know</i> you don't like the mushy stuff, but can't you just indulge your old man now and then? Geez!"

"I... uh..." Gosalyn backed off a little this time. What was going on? Did he somehow mistake her for his kid? But... that never happened to Darkwing. Besides, it was too easy to tell the difference. She was sure Quiverwing's kid was like that too, from his words. Yet, he seemed intent on treating her like his own.
Even if she craved a father's love and attention similar to Negaduck's, she couldn't help feeling something was wrong. And it was scaring her. She still wanted to help, but maybe this job was for someone bigger.
"I think I saw a phone box somewhere over there... I'll help you call for a hospital," she said, backing up some more before turning to run.

Quiverwing looked confused, at first, and then incredibly hurt and even somewhat frightened as the girl moved away from him. "Gos, what--Gosalyn!" He hopped to his feet, holding his arms out to her as she dashed away.
His weight shifted, ready to chase after her, but instead he remained rooted to the spot. Silently, blankly staring at her fleeing form, his expression faded from intense consternation to something mildly troubled, his arms dropping to his sides.
After a little while, he stirred, and picked his hat up from the pavement, not really looking at it or anything else as he brushed it off before putting it back onto his head.

    • Derpface Dork
      Derpface Dork

      An empty street should make anyone quake. well, anyone who has a good head on their shoulders.
      But Launchpad strolled slowly keeping in sight a wide view of the horizon.  And when he didn't have a view he'd jump on one of those empty cars. Making sure that no one could get behind him or sneak up on him.

      He was not used to this place and he didn't know how long it would be before he got attacked.  That's the way it had always been.  No question of whether or not he could live a life in peace.  There were rules they all learned from very young.  Even Gosalyn should know.  Watch your back, don't get boxed in. Don't go out alone unless you are making a run for it.  Don't get jammed in between two places and don't lose the higher ground. 
      There were cars everywhere and everything was super quiet as the sun came up. The cars were unsettling him.  He didn't know if anyone would be coming out or in or bursting in to attack.  He was trying to get his bearings.

      It was different then home.  There were too many people to get control of.  He stopped being able to keep track of them, what they were doing, and what they were planning.

      Back home there were so few people left. And the few cars that weren't underground were the sort that weren't good for much else other then taking cover for gun fire or ranged attacks, or planting a bomb to eject shrapnel. Or just hiding and praying no one found you

      If was just weird that people didn't care to leave their functioning vehicles outside and not trying to hold onto them.
      They were locked good, but a baseball bat could smash them.  With their soft seats and their coconut air freshners and their cup holders... full of cups and not bullets.
      He gave one the once over.  Busting the windows with his bat with a heavy blaring alarm.  No one came for three minutes.
      THe next one was eight blocks away and he did because the glass wouldn't break with one hit.  It looked cool to see the window crack  but not have it bust all over the place.

      He stepped on a sprinkler.  And he got sprayed.  He had a meltdown and yelped like a coward.  He flailed trying to escape the spray.
      It was squirting water in the air to water plants.
      "How dare you make fun of me!"  He shouted at the sprinkler. He pulled the sprinking head and a bit of the piping too.  He tossed it in the hair and hit a line drive a hundred feet away.
      "Stupid guys.  Trying to spray me with poison.  No one gets the drop on Launchpad McQuack."
      He grunted "I guess the acid went bad.  Its just water again."

      He was looking intently and searching for one person.  One quarry in all this weird  complicated dangerous world.  He needed to find Gosalyn all by himself, and he needed to find her before something in this world got her. 

      This place was weird.  Tank tried to explain the nature of this dimension.  In those world even the dumb GOod Guys were bad guys and everyone was fucking up and confusing.  It probably didn't matter as Tank was a dumb nerd and that as long as he could fight anyone off it didn't matter how they acted.  Though it would be tough to figure out how to fight people.

      Since he had screamed and made his position clear pulling up the sprinkler people would know he was here
      "You Gosalyn...."  He shouted again as he walked another few hundred yards, nearly every block. "Gosalyn."
      He kept creeping around the streets and calling the girls name.  She was always getting into trouble.  She had left the house totally unprepared. She forgot her knives and guns and all the important stuff that Launchpad made sure she brought with her.  What if she didn't have any water they could drink?  What if she got attacked by a pack of wild dogs?  The kid was making him stir crazy with how careless she could be.
      "Gosalyn.  It's Launchpad.  Where are you? You dumb little rat!" He couldn't see her yet.

      • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
        (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

        Phonebox, phonebox, phonebox, Launchpad- 

        Wait what? 

        She gasped and froze on the spot, probably giving away her location. 

        • Derpface Dork
          Derpface Dork

          He was getting tired.  "Gosalyn.  Get yer pink little butt out here!  Where are you, ya measley little fleabitten mutt!" He said.  
          He was coming in on her.  Her little easy to see pink dress.  Launchpad was wearing his denim jeans and his denim vest and His hair tied back so tight he couldn't move.  Every inch of his appearence he looked like a greasy punk.
          "Hey Gos...  Gos."

          He had finally seen her.  He raced towards her
          "What did I tell you?"  He said.  
          He vaulted on to hood of the car to get a better view
          "Young Lady you get back here..." He said "What did I tell you about crossing the street?"  He said.
          He practically crunched the car under him.  He was still big and tall and the compact sedan bounced.
          "Get on top of this car right now. Or You'll be sorry."
          He said curtly.

          • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
            (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            Gosalyn flinched as the car groaned under the weight of the giant. That seemed to snap her out of it. 

            She let out a terrified scream and turned around to run back the way she came. 

            She didn't want to go with him... he was going to hurt her. Without Negaduck around he could do whatever he liked to her. 

            • Quiverwing Duck
              Quiverwing Duck

              That scream was like a magical summons. Seconds after it pierced the air, Quiverwing Duck seemed to drop out of nowhere, landing in a three-point crouch to place himself between Gosalyn's fleeing form and whatever was attacking her.

              His bow already in hand, the masked mallard stood upright even as his green cape was still billowing around him from his fall. He swiftly drew an arrow from his quiver, nocking and drawing it, taking aim at the tall figure. "Leave that child alone! This is your only warning to cease your attack before--"

              Quiverwing  went silent mid-sentence, his expression going from a scowl to a wide-eyed stare. He lowered his bow as he said with disbelief, "Launchpad?"

              • Derpface Dork
                Derpface Dork

                "You are running into the line of fire."  Launchpad said

                What was it his mom said to him? Look both ways before you cross the street. And if there are multiple vantage points for active shooters never make a break for it unless there is sufficient area for immediate course correction and you have to avoid projectiles.

                He shouldn't have to catch a bullet for the dumb little girl because she was running directly into a tree line.  If there was anyone in the area they could turn that dumb pink little bow into a red one
                "For god Sakes you dumb brat.  If you are going to go outside at least you could serpentine."

                Next time He really should take a pot shot at her feet. But he didn't bring any small caliber weapons so even a blank shot might take up pavement.

                "SERPENTINE! See if I take any more bullets for you dumb kid.  I swear if you get shot in the face you'll be sorry."

                He said trying to carefully avoid and get a line of site before he chased her down.
                Someone could ump out of the tall tree on the curb.  The roof of the four story house.  This was a dangerous place to be running around.  What if Gosalyn got shot?  He was going to snatch that girl up by the pig tails!  How dare she not listen to him!

                It all went a bit sideways when in one of the vantage points he heard a verbal warning.

                "They got us surrounded!"  His first instinct to duck actually had been beaten into his thick head and he crouched stopped and ran in the opposite direction
                "Who in the crap are you Asshole?  How many of you are there."
                He pulled out his bat.  Knowing immediately that Gosalyn could have been leading them into a trap.  A fight where there were at least five places shooters could hide.

                He crouched down very low to see if he could beat this guys ass or run away like a scared bitch
                "I don't hear a soul so I guess its just you."

                He started to uncrouch
                "Gosalyn where are you..." He shouted "You stay out of this mess. And hide under that big car over there.  Or So help me christ."

                He approached "You are all alone out here.  Two to one." He said "Let me blow off and get that damn little mutt."

                • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                  (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                  Gosalyn wasn't prepared for Quiverwing Duck's sudden appearance, and managed to trip when she turned instinctively, scrapping her knee. 

                  She looked up, her eyes wide at the hero, now telling her tormentor to leave her alone. She did not listen to a word her Launchpad said, choosing to stay down. Her knee hurt, and the ground felt pretty nice... 

                  "Do be careful, Quiverwing!" she called out shakily, making clear which side she was on. 

                  • Quiverwing Duck
                    Quiverwing Duck

                    Quiverwing was just standing there looking incredulous, one of his eyes squinting, his beak slightly open. The arrow got shoved back into the quiver as he watched Launchpad first try to evade him, and then start to stalk towards him.

                    With an extended arm and his palm turned upwards, Quiverwing gestured up and down at the much taller drake, trying to wordlessly convey his perplexity at that behavior, not to mention that outfit.

                    Finally, Quiverwing spat out, "What."

                    Glancing back over his shoulder, the sight of Gosalyn on the ground made the mallard refocus on the actual situation. Looking back to this strange Launchpad, Quiverwing growled, "I will not allow you to harm her. Back. Off."

                    • Derpface Dork
                      Derpface Dork

                      "If I wanted to harm her I would need a bigger bat. That little loudmouth. She's got a thick head.  I'd probably need to get a chainsaw to get through to her. Always running off." He said "Now I gotta kill some stupid guy and I don't even give a crap about because she doesn't take anything seriously."

                      He was fuming
                      "You think that your Dad is going to let you get away with that!"  He growled at Gosalyn. "You think I am not going to tell your Dad you were running around here.  I'm telling him everything. You are on thin ice with him girl."

                      He could swoop in and grab her.  If the range wasn't so bullshit.  As long as he was far, he'd be fucked. The guy would snipe him between the eyes before he could get her

                      She was literally next to him and he couldn't even snag her.  It was tantalizing to try to avoid the arrow. Bash his face in and grab her.  That wound on her knee was just a scratch.  THough he knew they could

                      "You're that fake Darkwing Duck that Negaduck hates."  He said "The one that tried to stop us from having fun and couldn't even take a punch from Honker"

                      He wondered if he would run into him here

                      Launchpad got a creepy feeling when the guy didn't say much and carefully mirrored his footing and combat stance. He got to thinking

                      If this was a backwards universe maybe this Darkwing hated Gosalyn.  

                      It would make sense.  Negaduck treated Gosalyn like a normal little kid, yelled at her. Called her names, stole her toys and burned them  What would an EVIL psycho do to the girl?  One from an opposite universe.  If Negaduck didn't kill her and helped look after her, maybe this one would try to eat her... Or worse.

                      He was trying to suss out what this situation was "That guy was fat and crabby and whined about everything and cried like a little girl.  Maybe you are Evil Darkwing Duck." he said. 'I think you could kick a few kids in the face."

                      He said "Why you holding back?"

                      • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                        (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                        Gosalyn winced once more, but she stayed right behind Quiverwing, hoping he'd protect her. She felt tears brim her eyes at Launchpad's cruel words and tried to blink them away. 

                        Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe Negaduck would understand. He always understood before. 

                        ...if grumbling or yelling at her or throwing a Negatantrum meant understanding that is... 

                        But she wasn't afraid of those. She was certain he would never mean her any harm. Launchpad, on the other hand... she'd always try to avoid him or stay away. He was always forcing her into horrible things and punishing her if she refused to do anything. Which she always had. 

                        "He's not like that!" she protested to Launchpad. Why was he so mean? "Leave us alone, please." 

                        • Quiverwing Duck
                          Quiverwing Duck

                          "Ah... I'm not Darkwing Duck," Quiverwing supplied with faux helpfulness, his voice taking on a light, saccharine lilt. "Although I'm starting to get a good idea as to whom you might be." He gave Launchpad a tight little smile as he put his bow onto his back, leaving him unarmed.

                          Spreading his gloved hands, he pleasantly said, "While I don't know why you're terrorizing dear little Gosalyn," he inclined his head slightly to indicate the cowering girl behind him. "I'd like to make something perfectly clear."

                          His hands closed into fists so tightly and abruptly, his knuckles cracked like a brace of firecrackers. The friendly look dropped from his face like a stone off a sheer cliff, replaced by a narrow-eyed sneer, his voice melting into a menacing purr. "If you try to harm even a single feather on that child, I will beat you so hard you'll be singin' hymns for the next ten Sundays, pal."

                          • Derpface Dork
                            Derpface Dork

                            "A NUTSHOT joke. Well I guess you aren't that whiny failure" He growled 

                            "These dead guys have the worst attitude problem. " He hit his bat. "Giving me a chance to run away. Sorry. That girl is Negaduck's property."

                            You just hang back you dumb mutt". He said "You can't handle the messy kills yet."

                            He knew he could grab Gosalyn and run in all the time this dumb guy was giving them.  Negaduck said it was fun to watch the prey squirm before he went in for the kill.  Maybe this guy was sadistic too.

                            "You know your dad gets so mad when you don't do what you are told.but I can talk with the guy, reason with Negaduck" he said to Gosalyn.

                            "After all you are helping me with the trash." He pulled out another bat.

                            HE was wielding two bats. With nails and screws pounded in catching the light with sticky gore. A simple rudimentary and impromptu weapon from a similar man illconcieved and not thoughtful.

                            "You are going to regret being a double. I am gonna pretend that you are Darkwing anyway." He said 

                            "GOSALYN Your dad will be so excited you helped kill Darkwing Duck. He might even tell you you did a good job. "

                            He knew He had a single chance to make the move to run and snatch Gosalyn. "By the time I am done with you... you'll be the double of a pound of hamburger"

                            • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                              (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                              Quiverwing was so strong and protective. Gosalyn actually felt a small twinge of jealousy for whichever Gosalyn he belonged to. She must be really lucky. But the jealousy didn't linger long. He was defending her. Just like Darkwing Duck did for her, despite having just met. It made her feel... special. Even for a moment. 

                              She paled and shook her head when Launchpad promised to tell Negaduck she 'helped' kill this hero. 

                              "I'm going to do no such thing! You can't make me hurt someone!" she exclaimed, tears falling down her face. 

                              She started to get flashbacks to times Launchpad hurt those she refused to hurt or rob. She forgot she wasn't there anymore. She forgot who was defending her. She forgot he could fight. And she blindly dashed in front of Quiverwing and held her arms out, hoping she could shield him or give him enough time to run. 

                              She could take whatever punishment Launchpad gave her later. At least she could protect someone for once in her life. 

                              • Quiverwing Duck
                                Quiverwing Duck

                                "Pretend? You can close your eyes and think of England for all I care, bucko." Quiverwing's hands jabbed in behind his back, under his cape, and reemerged with some gleaming bits of metal. The brass knuckles he produced twirled around his index fingers in a showy move, although before he actually wore them, Gosalyn was dashing in front of him.

                                Without giving any actual thought to his reaction, Quiverwing instinctively lunged with reflexes like a striking snake. The arm that scooped around the girl dropped its weapon and he pulled her in against his chest, his body turning to keep her shielded. The wrist of his other arm flicked and those brass knuckles settle into place, gleaming on his fist, raised defensively and ready to strike if Launchpad swung his weapons.

                                • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                  (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                  Gosalyn let out a squeak of surprise when Quiverwing grabbed her and held her against him protectively. She was stunned for a moment, before taking hold of his shirt securely, the other arm moving around him so she couldn't fall off. Although, she couldn't possibly see how he'd ever let that happen. 

                                  She'd been in Darkwing's arms before, but this felt stronger and sturdier. 

                                  "Please... don't get hurt," she whispered to him softly. 

                                  • Derpface Dork
                                    Derpface Dork

                                    Launchpad growled "You dumb stupid little girl.  I am going to wear you like a fur coat.  You think that I can't rip you both to pieces.  You always get in the way."

                                    He couldn't believe this stupid little girl.  Did she have to always be in the most dangerous place ever?  Quiverwing could be a cannibal and kidnapper or a encyclopaedia salesman for all she know, going to kill her to stop Negaduck's evil plan.  In  between the guy he needed to kill and his weapon
                                    "Gosalyn you won't be hurting him if you just stand off to the side and cry like a baby.  I'm used to it by now." He said "I won't even tell Negaduck that you are a big coward who is afraid of a little blood."

                                    He was trying to bargain with Gosalyn.  Make her see that doing what Negaduck says was the only way through this situation.  It was the only way they all would make it out.

                                    "You see this guy you are so careful to protect. He needs to hide behind a little girl to feel good about himself." He said "People that don't fight are weak.  And they will bring you down to their pathetic level.  And Negaduck... he is not gonna ever forgive that. This is what so called nice people do. They use people and get them killed." He said "Everyone who was nice to me wanted something that was worse the I could imagine...  And usually it was a warm body shield to get in the way."  He hissed at Gosalyn.

                                    He glowered at the fighter "You feel glad a little girl has to save the day.  You are pathetic."

                                    "I might just take your head, by itself, if Gosalyn had brought the big knife."  He hissed "I am going to make you-"

                                    He was raving but the second the kid was in play his careful planning became hesitation. And macho threats slowly morphed into an appeal to the little girl's reason

                                    "What man lets a little girl involved in a fight?"

                                    • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                      (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                      Too bad Gosalyn was actually very smart, under that cutesy exterior both he and Negaduck tried to destroy. And she could tell the difference between right and wrong. 

                                      No matter how much she loved her guardian... she couldn't let him have his evil, nefarious ways. 

                                      She just snuggled into Quiverwing, ignoring Launchpad trying to feed those lies to her. 

                                      His last words got to her, though. 

                                      "YOU FORCED ME INTO MANY OF YOUR FIGHTS!" she turned and yelled at Launchpad, then gasped and covered her bill, shocked that she blurted that out like that. 

                                      • Quiverwing Duck
                                        Quiverwing Duck

                                        Quiverwing had his green cape partially covering Gosalyn now as well, his arm hugging her securely to his chest, his body turned to keep her as far away from the raving Launchpad as possible.

                                        Needless to say, this was not a position Quiverwing Duck particularly favored being in. However, it was also not the first time he had been forced to take up a defensive, protective stance while holding a small child.

                                        The green-masked drake's eyes narrowed, and then narrowed further. When Gosalyn had her outburst, he just gave her an extra squeeze to comfort her as he calmly said to Launchpad, "You might wanna ask yourself that question, and keep in mind that you aren't the one she went to."

                                        • Derpface Dork
                                          Derpface Dork

                                          "I don't need a kid to like me.  I am a grownup."  He said "And I never needed you to save my life." He said "You feel something when some adorable tyke looks up you with adoring eyes."
                                          He was a little annoyed and baited.  And really really unstable "The only good parent lets their kid learn things for themselves."  He said "A child that walks away.   And Negaduck is a very good parent in that respect.  He's not hiding nothing from this noisy little brat.

                                          "Now put that dumb kid down or I will smack her bill to the other side of this well watered cul-de-sac."  He brought the bat to Gosalyn's cheek.  Not even brushing or tapping it.

                                          He actually drops a bat and chokes up on the only one. For more power the a normal hit, but a tighter area of impact.  Not an efective technique for dual weilding anything. And he just showed a pressure point.

                                          "Negaduck needs that Girl.  So if you want to use her as a human shield.  I suggest you hold her above your neck.

                                          Neck blows are fucking nasty things.

                                          Launchpad was trying hard to find his pressure point .  He was not above trying to figure out how to mindscrew a guy.  But a monster who would use a kid to stay safe was not a normal sane guy

                                          "You asked for it."
                                          He swung the bat missing Gos's face (Though not her hair and trying to get this strangers head off in one blow.  He whiffed it and let the bat sail hundred of yards in the air like a golf ball.  With a hit like that from such a large guy Missing could knock a guy off his feet.  
                                          At least he had lost his weapon

                                          "Drop the kid you lazy bastard!"

                                          • Quiverwing Duck
                                            Quiverwing Duck

                                            The masked mallard brought in his other arm when Launchpad swung, to hover his hand protectively over Gosalyn as he ducked back. With the bigger drake momentarily disarmed, Quiverwing flung his free arm to the side to dislodge his brass knuckles, throwing himself backwards into a handspring.

                                            Make that a series of fast one-handed backwards handsprings, and hopefully Gosalyn would not get motion sick from the sudden acrobatics. Running would be simpler, of course, but far less stylish; also, it would not give him the kind of momentum he needed to pull off his next trick.

                                            When he launched himself up into the air, tucked into a backflip with his body curled around the child, Quiverwing got an impressive amount of height out of it. His free arm whipped back to grab not only his bow but an arrow from his quiver.

                                            Good thing he'd spent some time figuring out single-armed archery.

                                            The one-handed nocking was smooth, and by the time he grabbed the fletched end of the arrow in his beak and extended his arm to draw his bow, he was upright and unfolding in mid-air. He opened his mouth, firing the projectile at Launchpad. As it sailed towards the tall drake, the blunt canister head popped open, exploding outwards into a spreading net.

                                            As Quiverwing dropped, he put his bow-clutching arm around Gosalyn as well, hugging her as he landed on his feet.

                                            • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                              (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                              Gosalyn buried her face into Quiverwing's chest as he started to fight, but she oddly felt safe. She knew this man wouldn't hurt her, or let her be hurt. 

                                              She barely noticed the series of wild stunts he was pulling off in order to fight, as well as keep her safe. Her body definitely noticed, but she had a pretty strong stomach. Just like any other Gosalyn. But she continued to keep her eyes shut and cling on to Quiverwing, knowing she could trust him. 

                                              Noticing he was now holding her with both hands, she opened one eye and looked up at him curiously, then turning behind her to see what had happened. 

                                              • Derpface Dork
                                                Derpface Dork

                                                Launchpad was growling mad frustrated and had his leg tangled in a web of netting.  It was not the best net canon but enough to buy them a minutes reaction time.  He waved his arm trying to peal it off his leg.  He was still on his feet

                                                "Let go of the Girl, Stranger." He repeated "This isn't about her."  He was insistant.  He circle in to face him.  This could go on for hours if something didn't change but he wasn't going to give in.  And yet even subconsciously he was guarding his actions.  It all felt subdued and panicked.

                                                The two of them were working around the obstacle.  It couldn't occur to Launchpad that anyone was really protecting the girl. That would be too ridiculous to comprehend.  He knew he couldn't, whether it was his single minded mission for Negaduck or some distasteful pyschological compunction to not actually hit the girl.

                                                "You are going to break her neck flipping like that."

                                                • Quiverwing Duck
                                                  Quiverwing Duck

                                                  Quiverwing put his bow onto his back, and lifted his plumed hat to Launchpad. "Au contraire. It's all about her." Dropping his hat back onto his head, he murmured quietly, "Hold your breath, sweetheart."

                                                  There was an eruption of inky, dark purple smoke around the drake and the child in his arms. Most of the time when Quiverwing pulled that trick, he just seemed to vanish into nothingness. This would be the point of view that Launchpad was treated to.

                                                  Gosalyn, however, got to experience what it took to dissolve into the shadows; in this case, it involved ducking down low, some diving and rolling to get to cover, and then some very hard but quiet running to flee from that last seen location.

                                                  • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                                    (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                                    Gosalyn did as she was told, drawing in a deep breath before Quiverwing threw that smoke bomb. She almost let her breath out in shock but she managed to control herself, holding on tightly to the hero as he made a quick getaway. 

                                                    • Derpface Dork
                                                      Derpface Dork

                                                      It was then Secret Darkwing just poisoned him. Launchpad's heart went in his stomach. Negaduck would gas the crap out of an untenable situation. He didn't like to use them. When he had to run.  And Negaduck was  He hoped it only stank as mustard gas, neurotoxins, and pollution were often in the gas. The only courtesy that Negaduck gave to his enemies was an unpleasant odor.  The old nutcase wondered if he should add strawberry so his victims might smell too deeply by accident and drop dead.  He held his breath at the sight of smoke.
                                                      He grabbed the black rag around his face, before he breathed again.  It smelt vaporous perhaps a sting of ozone or superheated steam.  Even the poison smelled good here in this crazy world.  He tried to hold his breath and tried to get near his bat, But still wouldn't stoop to pick it up just yet.

                                                      He fingered the grenades on his belt.  They were all affixed.  He only bought three, but they were fun.  He grabbed one and squeezed his fingers around it.  He grit his teeth trying to get his fingers to unclasp the thing he gripped out of memory.  He was reaching for them before he even thought about what he was doing.

                                                      Light up the Smoke, bro.  Lets see if he could hide if everything is on fire.

                                                      He thought to himself and he had to pry open his fingers.  He tried not to breath which was making his head and fury worse.
                                                      He let them go... He had to wait until he saw everything.

                                                      He said "Let the Girl go.  She can't breath this.  She got little lungs!"  He said "She'll get pneumonia you.." He tried not to shout or breath, which made the air in his lungs shrink which made him panic.