Sweet dreams and sweet schemes

(OOC: Reserved for Lilly, Matthew, and Piper.)

The Halden house was an impressive affair, secure in its own statelyness without being needlessly gaudy and flashy.

It was also, currently, mostly dark, with just a few lights on in the upper windows.

"Are you still up? It's very late." Knocking on the door softly, Matthew peeked into Lilly's room.

"Hm? Oh, sorry uncle. I lost track of time."

He smiled. "Do you think you'll lose track of it again tonight?"

"I've finished my book, so no," she smiled back, putting her things away. "Good night, uncle."

"Good night, princess."

It was just as well there was nobody around to ask him why HE was still up. It would make working late on certain... assignments very hard.

Just a few more statements to go over, and then he'd... he'd...

Fall asleep at his desk, is what he would do, leaving nothing but the faint glow of the desk lamp in the night.

    • Piper/ Jade
      Piper/ Jade

      While others drifted off to sleep, Jade's mind drifted off to.. schemes.

      Primarily her simply plan of bypassing the creme de la creme of st Canard and focusing her thieving on more... subtle targets.

      She couldn't compete with Negaduck's gang. That was fact. She also was taking bit of a break from smuggling since she'd become a target.

      ... it was a downgrade but still...

      Lightly running up to the house, Jade slipped around until she found a nice, low window. Pulling out her glass cutter she set about working, making a hole large enough to slip her hand through to unlock.

      No alarm?

      Nice. Or someone forgot to set it. She was unaware that not all the occupants inside were not in bed-- however one might believe it with the lack of lights being in. Easing the window up, the slender duckette pulled herself in and landed silently on the floor.

      Waiting for her eyes to adjust, she waited and listened-- silence greeted her. A wicked little grin crossed her features and she practically purred in delight.

      Moving with stealthy confidence, she began to stalk about, searching for small knick knacks that might bring her some cash. Mostly she focused on anything that was on display or behind glass.

      • Lilly Teal
        Lilly Teal

        The decor had certainly been done by someone with good taste and an eye for excellent quality. There weren't exactly expensive jewels under glass and priceless vases on pedestals, but the little ornamental boxes on the mantelpiece were visibly far from cheap tat, for example. It wasn't a patch on the really high class homes of St. Canard, populated by people who dripped with furs and diamonds and liked to fill their living rooms with priceless art for people to be impressed by.

        Or maybe the owner of the house was more sensible, and liked to use safes more than display cases. Of course, if someone wanted to try carrying off some heavy, valuable books or wrestle with a wall painting or carpet, that was their call. But the smaller things were definitely more subtle. Piper likely knew the worth of the pretty little ornaments she would see, and knew that something didn't HAVE to have a diamond the size of your nose on it to be an expensive display piece. Sometimes a certain style of craftsmanship could be incredibly valuable, especially if you knew the kind of people who payed very good money for it.

        Huh. A silver bracelet forgotten on one of the side-tables. Finally, something obviously shiny.

        And when there was one bit of shiny jewellery, surely there must be more?

        • Piper/ Jade
          Piper/ Jade

          Picking up the bracelet, Jade tilted her head and smiled softly. "Mmm..." she tucked it into her pouch.

          Silver liked to be worn, and since this was shiny, that meant there was someone who liked to wear it.

          And where there was one, there was bound to be others... slipping quietly through the house, Jade used logic to figure out her plan. Jewelry was kept in intimate places... bedrooms primarily. She bypassed all the nice art and heavy books. First door...

          This was the dangerous part. She slowly, very slowly, turned the knob and pushed the doors open in effort to make no noise. She would glanced in, and if it looked like a bedroom, she would listen to see if anyone was in there.

          • Lilly Teal
            Lilly Teal

            It was a slow, painful process, that yielded...

            a study.

            Well rats.

            Possibly the bedrooms were on the upper floor. So softly did she glance her way in that the shadow slumped over the desk didn't hear a thing. Obscured from the door by the back of the chair, it was as if the room was completely empty.

            And sadly, completely empty of pretty shinies.

            Matthew shifted slightly in his sleep. Still hidden from the door, the gentle noise in an apparently empty room was a slightly eerie effect.

            • Piper/ Jade
              Piper/ Jade

              Oblivious to the company, Jade snooped and snuck to no avail. Nothin' Boo. In her disappointment she took a dangerous moment to pout-- and fix her hair in the reflection of a window. If only she knew.

              Silently, she made her way out of the study and noticed the stairs to the next level.

              Stairs always creaked. Every teenager sneak-in-later-at-night movie proved as much. On literal tip-toe she slowly began to make her way up, holding into the banister in case she had to shift her weight quickly.


              • Lilly Teal
                Lilly Teal

                It was a dangerous moment, though the consequences of it would make themselves apparent later.

                Upstairs, all was peace. In fact it felt oddly empty for a bedroom floor. Where was the presence of sleeping bodies?

                Let's see what's behiiiiiind, door number one!

                A body!

                The room was a sweet, comfortable affair, and Lilly slept comfortably. Turned towards the door, her face was settled in a natural expeession of sweet good nature, and zero guilt or angst to plague her sleep. So there was not much tossing and turning. What a shame. She loved company.

                Possibly not the sort of company that came uninvited at night, but still, company.

                • Piper/ Jade
                  Piper/ Jade

                  Jade thought about it for a moment, crouching low in the doorway... bingo.

                  Likely the owner of the bracelet she found...

                  She looked around as best she could, trying to navigate to anything that looked similar to a jewelry box. After a moment, her legs flexed a bit and she began to move into the room, using her hands to nearly crawl.

                  Anything to keep her lower than eye level, just in case the woman woke up.

                  Amazingly, she barely made a whisper with her motion. She was good.

                  • Lilly Teal
                    Lilly Teal

                    Fate was smiling on her, the soft, thick carpet obscuring the noise of her movements even more. She passed like a shadow.

                    There, next to the dressing table, lay a solid, wooden box with a delicate filigree inlay embedded into the wood. The decoration was delicate enough, but the solid, sensible edges of the box didn't seem to point to something the young lady would choose for herself. Clearly the choice of someone less trusting.

                    The real question was, was the owner of the box trusting enough to leave it unlocked? Should she try it, Piper would, quite unfortunately, find that tonight was one of those exceptions where Lilly had remembered that her uncle always told her to lock up her things.

                    • Piper/ Jade
                      Piper/ Jade

                      She would try it, because that was what made her good.

                      Slipping a couple lock picking tools from her pouch, she started going to work. It was a delicate task, especially considering she had to be quiet as well.

                      But... she could just take the box too.

                      File that away for plan B. Her little duck tail wiggled with anticipation as she worked, a small smile on her bill. She loved this part... the thrill of possibly getting caught. She kept an ear open for the woman behind her, all the while her eyes fixed on the little lock. Her hands shifted as she adjusted the angle to trip the mechanism.

                      'Come on baby...' she though, biting her bottom lip.

                      • Lilly Teal
                        Lilly Teal

                        There are some people so sensitive (or paranoid), that it doesn't take them long to sense the presence of another person, even in sleep.

                        Matthew was one of those.

                        Lilly... really wasn't. But when the box came unlocked, there was a brief, sharp, click of a sound that managed to penetrate her dreams all the same.

                        "Mmgh. H'lo?" she mumbled sleepily, lifting her head a bit. "Uncle?"

                        • Piper/ Jade
                          Piper/ Jade

                          Jade ducked down quickly and slipped closer to the bed to avoid being spotted. Out of line of sight. Flattening against the carpet she waited... controlling her breathing.

                          Silence would hopefully lull the woman back to sleep.

                          And if needed, she could slip under the bed to wait. Damn, so close!

                          • Lilly Teal
                            Lilly Teal


                            That was the sound of someone dropping their face back into the pillow with a groan.

                            "Somethn' shorting..." that's what that crack was, that's all it-

                            Suddenly, she snapped upright in the bed. "Short?!" Thankfully for Piper, she just managed to restrain herself from swinging her legs out of bed as she fumbled for the light on her side table. Plenty of noisy fumbling to disguise, say, a sneaky cat burglar as she slipped under the bed.

                            Breathing rather harder than normal for being woken up from a peaceful sleep, Lilly finally managed to flip the light on.

                            "... oh. Nothing." With audible relief, she sagged back into the bed, causing the base of it to shift a little. "No sparks."

                            Breathe deeply now. No smoke anywhere.

                            After a brief moment to compose herself, she flicked the light back off and tried to will herself back into a relaxing sleep. Ugh. Don't you just hate it when you suddenly wake up at night? Takes foreeeeeeveeeeerr.

                            • Piper/ Jade
                              Piper/ Jade

                              Under the bed she went!

                              Jade watched and listened to the person above her shift around and flick on her lights. Thankfully the bed frame was high quality and didn't shift under the weight of its occupant-- She was protected from squishings.

                              There was a moment where Jade excitedly thought that she'd be able to get back to work quickly but the noise from above proved otherwise.

                              Shifting slightly, Jade folded her arms and rested her head on her arms. Eyelids lowered, she looked towards the door and waited.

                              Damn. Damn. Daaaamn.


                              Don't fall asleep.

                              ... she was falling asleep.

                              • Lilly Teal
                                Lilly Teal

                                N'aaaaw. Who's a sleepy wittle cat burglar?

                                Is it you? Is it youuuu?


                                Did Piper actually fall asleep at some point? It was hard to tell. Nevertheless, luck was on her side, and by the time her attention was back on the situation, in was still fairly night, and the breathing in the bed above her was slow and even.

                                Even so. That was a little too close.

                                • Piper/ Jade
                                  Piper/ Jade

                                  She was rather adorable, drooling and all.

                                  Listening for a moment, Jade decided it was time to move.

                                  She slipped out easily from under the bed, crept back to the dresser and opened the box. Without looking, she grabbed whatever she could secret away in her hand, and gently closed it again.

                                  Door. Now. Move.

                                  She had to get out of here. Now.

                                  • Lilly Teal
                                    Lilly Teal

                                    That was a sensible idea. Get out of here as fast as possible before anything complicated matters.

                                    At the bottom of the stairs, things got complicated. A strong hand reached out from a large, dark shape in the darkness and closed around her wrist with commendable speed.

                                    "Ah. You seem to be lost," a warm voice said with extreme politeness.

                                    • Piper/ Jade
                                      Piper/ Jade

                                      There was a long pause wherein the small thief froze in place. Her response to the situation was a small squeak.

                                      That was it. A squeak. Smooth. Okay, to be fair she was still a wee bit sleepy.

                                      Catching her breath, Jade looked over at the hand, then followed the arm up to the figure. Tilting her chin down, and looking up through her eyelashes, she tried to pull her puppy-dog eyes.

                                      It worked.



                                      • Lilly Teal
                                        Lilly Teal


                                        I mean... really?

                                        With his free hand, Matthew flicked on the light. A handsome face looked down at her, not looking amused at all.

                                        "Not that I would mind giving you a tour, but perhaps you should pick more normal visiting hours." His voice was deep and warm, and he was clearly not making it threatening. Yet. Just lightly stating the facts in a gentle tone, his grip gentle but very firm.

                                        You've done a very stupid thing, was the unspoken implication behind the gentle handling. Don't make it worse.

                                        "Do you mind showing me what you've got held so tightly?"

                                        • Piper/ Jade
                                          Piper/ Jade

                                          Well it was worth a try... though there was no hiding her disappointment.

                                          "Normal visiting hours tends to put a damper on my shenanigans." She admitted, her eyes squinting slightly at the light. She allowed herself to relax, figuring there was no need to waste more energy by being tense.

                                          She took in her .... host? Yeah, host, and realized that compliance was then best option at this point. He was far too large for her to really overpower, and she hadn't missed that he was being polite-- for now. With a glance at her hand, she nodded. "S'pose I am curious myself what is in there."

                                          ... did you just admit you don't even know what you took?

                                          You did.

                                          Well. An honest thief? In any event she opened her hand, turning it upright so she didn't drop whatever she held.

                                          • Lilly Teal
                                            Lilly Teal

                                            Stranger things have happened.

                                            In the centre of Piper's gloved palm lay a little wooden nightingale pendant. Perhaps a little swoop of filigree might have given it some market value, and the fine golden chain was definitely excellent quality. But it was just, for the most part, beautifully carved and polished wood. Pretty, but not particularly shiny or valuable looking.

                                            Boo. Had to grab the dud out of the box.

                                            Matthew's rather kind eyes darkened to a significant degree.

                                            "I'll have that back. Did you take anything else from her room?" I see a pouch.

                                            • Piper/ Jade
                                              Piper/ Jade

                                              She handed the pendent back. "Well, not from the room... was kinda left out in the open... downstairs... all alone..." like she was justifying her taking it.

                                              Little tug.

                                              "Um... I need both hands." You know, to open that pouch. "Unless... you'd like to reach in?" Shifted her hip invitingly.

                                              Now you stop that, you...

                                              What could she say, she could never miss a chance to flirt a bit.

                                              • Lilly Teal
                                                Lilly Teal

                                                He smiled.

                                                "I'm sorry. I don't trust you with your hands free as far as I could throw you."

                                                And I think I could throw you pretty far.

                                                "So, I beg your pardon." Leaning over slightly, though with a respectable distance, he gently opened the pouch and extracted the bracelet.

                                                "I shall have to tell her to stop being so careless. Still. I suppose it's my fault, forgetting to set the alarm."

                                                Slipping the jewellery into his own pocket, he looked down at Piper again.

                                                "Well young lady. What do you suggest I do with you?"

                                                • Piper/ Jade
                                                  Piper/ Jade

                                                  "Well, you've already riled through my pouches..." grin. "I think that has earned a drink. Or dinner. Or a polite walking to the door, and we can even forgo the goodnight kiss?"

                                                  Let me go, I was honest.

                                                  Would it fly? Well, worth a try. Another tug at her arm. 

                                                  "Although that is a funny statement... can't trust me when I have been honest. Granted, there is no point lying when one is so red-handedly caught but..." Was she seriously going to argue that particular point, standing in a stranger's house, caught by said stranger with jewelry not belonging to her?


                                                  • Lilly Teal
                                                    Lilly Teal

                                                    "I make it a point not to trust anyone who has broken into my house. Your honesty after being caught doesn't erase that. Though it does save you from broken fingers."

                                                    That... didn't entirely sound like he was joking. The 'joke' had a bit of hard edge to it, suggesting she not test him on this issue.

                                                    "I'm very protective of what belongs to me, you see. Now, I'm curious. Why this house, when there are much more attractive options?"

                                                    • Piper/ Jade
                                                      Piper/ Jade

                                                      "Fair enough." She said softly. Then to the rest of his statement...

                                                      "If they're attractive it's for a reason." she said bluntly. "And if they are attractive, it's more likely they have better defenses... and there's no point in robbing a place that everyone is already eyeing." Huff. "I try not to be silly and aim for the same hit that every other idiot crook in St. Canard is aiming for."

                                                      How do you really feel there, Jade?

                                                      "Clearly wrong." she added, glancing up. "Lesson learned."

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